KitchenAid Dishwasher Review 🍽🍴🥄🍽🍴🥄

My 1995 KitchenAid dishwasher finally died so I looked for a new one. The only one that met my standards was another KitchenAid dishwasher. This video shows the old and the new, features of the new one, and exactly how well the new one cleans. I love the ability to not use the heat cycle but use a Sanitizing Rinse instead. That means if there is still food left on the dishes, the sanitizing rinse won’t bake on the residue like a heat cycle would.

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KitchenAid Dishwashers
This seems to be most similar to the one I bought but I think mine has fewer of these features for the flatware tray:[KDFE104DSS]-406914/KDFE104DSS/

Lowe’s Installation Services
KitchenAid replacement parts and repair parts on Amazon:

Highly personal opinions. Just me expressing my thoughts and opinions. Watch the others in the series #1000Days #TownselTips #KimTownsel


Ryan Christensen says:

I just bought this unused/new condition at a best buy outlet for $275 plus tax stainless steel version. It had a big dent on the top back left that was easily popped out by hitting it with my hand from inside Lol! It was a steal considering they had several of the same model on the floor with worse damage on the front panel for more than the price I paid >$400!

Jeffrey Richardson says:

When I bought my home for one hundred and thirty thousand dollars, this was the first appliance that broke.

Andre Grizzle says:

Great review thanks!

Washer Dream says:

I don’t like USA style dishwasher’s. EU styles dishwasher are much better. Like a Asko brand or Miele EU

Brent Audi says:

Do you run your dishwasher everyday? If so, why? Wait till it is loaded to the gills. For a single person, that should take about 7 days. You are killing your dishwasher and using more energy than needed by running it practically empty. Your racks failed in your other dishwasher was from your detergent eating your racks instead of dirty dishes. Don’t pre-wash dishes. Dishwasher detergents are design to attack dirt and oil. If you prewash your dishes your detergents are now attacking your machine. This is why you had the rack rubber fail. It will do the same to your new dishwasher, even faster.

Dboi G says:

You might want to buy new bowls too.

DarkPhantom says:

I was thinking of getting this dishwasher, but a 2.5 hr cycle!!
How do you like it so far?

Jeffrey Richardson says:

My third will be replaced this year!

kenny play says:

Wow your teeth are white

kenny play says:

So why did u get silver and not white?

Todd Eastburn says:

A couple of pointers, if you laid that one bowl that had oatmeal in it flat, it would have come clean instead of standing it on its side. Also after running one full cycle that you like, the next time, you only have to touch the start button to rerun the last cycle, you do not have to keep touching all the other buttons. I have a Kitchenaid and love it. I do not prewash my dishes and only run it about twice a week, they come out clean. For others reading this, you need to use a good brand of dishwasher detergent, not the cheap ones. The cheap detergents do not clean. I use Finish tabs.

Jeffrey Richardson says:

Lowe’s tried to charge me for a dishwasher’s warranty… Where is the dishwasher?

Nicholas Dautel says:

Bought Kitchen Aide dishwasher with stainless steel and will never buy one again. The stainless steel started to rust after 1 year. Then the plastic mechanisms inside the dishwasher start shrinking and cracking then falling apart. Poor quality for such a high price tag. Throwing it out today and buying either a BOSH or LG. They rank the highest in dishwashers rated by consumers and consumer reports organization. Buying American products is so disappointing unless it is SNAP ON or MAC Tools.

Jeffrey Richardson says:

Jacqueline Carver?

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