How to Load the Dishwasher Properly

It’s the subject of many debates at home – just how do you load a dishwasher properly? In this edition of the Laura Report we will review how to properly load your dishwasher and provide you with some other tips so you get the most out of your dishwasher.


CMCNestT says:

I bought a very large multi-pack of Miele tabs when I purchased my DW 5 years ago. And I break the tabs in half for each load so I just finished using them. They worked just fine.

ThaGG2 says:

Yeah Laura I’m looking at your top rack

catlarry says:

Is that a stove above the dishwasher?

BroccoliQueefed says:

Why do people need videos like this? it’s common sense.

One of things she did wrong was loading the tall glass in the corner

non-descript influence says:

I’d bang you, Laura!

Anon521 says:

who the hell has time to follow all this shit
of course you could marry a broad like this to do the dishes

HyperU2 says:

Yeah, yeah, but how do you cook on that stove top without your pans falling to the floor?

Juan claudio Esparrago says:

tang ina mo pang tamad lng yan…kamay lng gamit namin pag nag huhugas ng plato sigurado pang malinis..

Miley onDisney says:

Great for carburetors and intake manifolds, too.

electricsub says:

I just had a visit with the dishwasher wizard! Thanks for all the insights!

happy family says:

I was thinking of using my dish washer,but it seams like alot more work. I’ll stick to my hands

wontonzilla says:

If the top has a softer wash why put soup bowls up there? And don’t prewash? What about 2day old caked on chili in my bowl?

MrLh180275 says:

I agree re the pre rinse

MICHGO1 says:


92xl says:

I know my dishwasher is properly loaded when shes had 3 or 4 drinks!

Seth Johnson says:

I think I’m in love…

jimmyfly says:

Hot, and definitely knows her way around the kitchen. Perfect wife material.

jennifer86010 says:

IMPORTANT: Once loaded, TWIRL THE WASHING ARM above your lower rack dishes to make sure it has free movement in a complete circle. If a dish or implement is sticking up, it can block the movement of the washing arm and your dishes will not be clean.

hello there good guy! says:

its midnight and i dont even have a dishwasher. tf am i doing here

Rockslide says:

Wow, this was really, really helpful. Thank you!

Donald Santoro says:

You guys commenting on the video, or, rather, critiquing the video (being polite), should consider making your own video.

Pratyusha R says:

Very much useful

wlexxx says:

so how do you know how much food to ‘add’ in case they are not ‘dirty enough’? plz advise

Brad Saint George says:

1:58 -Buys a $1,500 dishwasher… suggests we “hand wash” some of our dishes. LOL

auaiao9 says:

I have lived in my house nearly 17 years and I have never used the dishwasher. I guess it doesn’t work anymore.

Malik Casper says:

Good JOB

copyrat says:

would you bang?

David Sherbert says:

I put dishes in it, fill it with suds, and press start…..what wrong with that?

CalebEmbry says:

What is Hand wash??

Gale Hess says:

don’t rinse, new tech in soap and DW target with enzymes, science, sorry

Bite Hunger Back says:

Idk is it just me? I always rinse before I put the dishes in.

Evan Taucher says:

how the fuck did i get here

ebandru nesku says:

show pussy

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