How to choose the Right Dishwasher. What is the Best Dishwasher? Bosch Whirlpool Dishwasher Reviews

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Here are a couple Dishwashers that I recommend on Amazon (FREE SHIPPING):
1. Fully Featured: Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC –
2. Median Price: Bosch SHE65T55UC –
3. Budget: Amana (made by Whirlpool) –

10 Easy steps you need to take in order to find the PERFECT dishwasher for your house. Information about the size, style, brand and features of new dishwashers.

How to Measure for a new Dishwasher. How to choose the right dishwasher. What is the best dishwasher? Bosch and Whirlpool Dishwasher Reviews and information.


Darker Binding says:

Consumer Reports independent testing showed that Stainless vs Plastic interior had no impact on either drying time or expected lifespan of the machine but did add a not insignificant amount to the cost of the machine.

What do you base the claim in this video that Stainless interiors dry better?

chukkagirl says:

I will never again buy a Kenmore. After less than 3 years use, we have had to replace the control panel a little over 3 months ago, and guess what? The panel went out again one week past the paltry 3 month warranty on the panel, after using the Pot/Pan cycle which was never used and caused the panel to malfunction (this seems to be the problem on the original one as well). So if we want to keep this DW we need to shell out another $250, when we spent $250 3 months ago. So angry.  Kenmore apparently counts on the consumer to do their quality control on their panels — it never occurred to me that I should  have to run all the different cycles so I could see if the panel was fully functional. And of course Sears will do nothing about it — I will NEVER EVER buy a Kenmore again (this one was made for them by Whirlpool), they don’t stand behind their products.

Islam Bessaih says:

awsome job thank you

Michelle Mendonça says:

Oi gente. Aqui no Brasil ainda não temos toda essa variedade de marcas (para máquina lava louças), porém como quase todas as marcas citadas já desenvolvem seus trabalhos por aqui, espero que não demore muito para aportarem com todos esses modelos. Tenho uma Brastemp (whirlpool) que deu defeito logo nos primeiros meses.

Pikachu says:

I’ve always washed dishes by hand but now I’m looking into buying a dishwasher, would you be able to tell me a few current/new dishwashers that are good?

What’s the difference between the built in Dishwashers and the portable dishwashers? Also, you didnt mention Fisher & Paykel in the top 11 list.. what do you think of Fisher & Paykel do they have good reliable dishwashers? Any help or info would be really appreciated, thank you.

Jeanette Solis says:

Thank you, this is very helpful.

Hala El-Zohairy says:

Thank you so much. that was really helpful 🙂

Anonymous says:

I need help please.

My folks used to have a Bosch and it lasted about 10 years, the motherboard went out. We got a new Bosch and they are nice enough to offer a buy back since the warranty is not up. This newer highly reviewed model we have now may have been a lemon. It did not clean nor dry well, the bottom rack would drop off on one side, wrong sized wheels, on and on problems with it.

We are looking into Maytag but there seems to be a control panel burn out quickly issue, that is not good and seems it has not been fixed. I am finding this control panel issue in later and more recent models from Maytag as still a problem.  Other than that, we really have a great interest in the Maytag. But, we do not like the locked in racks on the one model (MDB6949SDH), the MDB4949SDH has removable baskets.  We also see that there is the MDB7949SDH but have not looked at that one yet.

My interest has been open to the Kenmore Elite. I see someone here posted the 12773 as an excellent model and that happened to be the one I am JUST starting to research on.

Any help would be great and whom to buy from.  

We are looking for: Heat dry option, several cleaning options, food chopper and/or self cleaning filter, removable racks, fold down tine(s), adjustable upper rack, cleans and dries well, excellent warranty and customer service, 3rd rack would be nice but not a must, NO silverware placement on the door (want silverware basket or own rack), stainless steel on the inside, white front only, etc.

Thanks for any direction and help anyone can provide.

We really think the store warranty is the best way to go and keeps us dealing with store vs. horror stories I have read online regarding CERTAIN (and SEVERAL) manufacturers. Thoughts?

THANK YOU MR. STEWART for your wonderful video. I have been researching dishwashers for a long time but your inclusive video taught me some things I did not know!!!!!


David DeLasho says:

Informative video but I am surprised that there is no mention of the number of wash arms.


whirl is at bottom of list or is

Karen M says:

did you name the top 11 brands in some sort of order? like bosch being the best or is maytag the best? thanks

patricia rish says:

have had a whirlpool dishwasher for 22 years. Just died. Is whirlpool as good as it was back them

Wizard2be says:

Curious about your thoughts on Miele dishwashers. Or are they beyond a certain price point?

Tahira Ahmad says:


TheSoloAsylum says:

Bosch is the best unit hands down. Yes I own one and have for 10 years.

Steve Korn says:


ranmangolf says:

We have gone through three dishwashers in 19 years. The last one was a Kenmore Elite which lasted almost 5 years before developing a leak which appears to be coming from the middle of the motor area underneath. Any idea if this is worth fixing or what the cost could be? Your thoughts are appreciated. I have been looking at the Bosch Ascenta. I haven’t seen too many complaints about leaks with this dishwasher. I just want a machine that will last.


Hey Jonathan, we ended up purchasing the Kenmore Elite 13409 in white and right now, giving it its very first run. I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks for your time and help. ~Mo

sidhu macroni says:

very good information


Jane B. says:

I wonder why no one ever mentions anything about dishwasher RACKS, which are very expensive to replace! We recently bought a BOSCH because from our research, Bosch is the ONLY dishwasher with STAINLESS STEEL racks (coated in nylon). We are looking forward to NOT having the racks tines rust and break off. Ugh. Wonder why Bosch doesn’t use this info as part of its marketing?

Jonathan Stewart says:

You are so right. Thanks or you input, it is much appreciated.

Ole Hansen says:

When are you reaching the centimeter scale?

FrenshKiss69 says:

Thank you for this quick and informative tube!  Very useful for women who have trouble choosing as you make us focus.   Very pleasant voice, speech rate, tone of voice and vocabulary!  You hired!  ;P

Usha Salgaunker says:
Tihomir Todorov says:

Great job. Spot on bud!

ealamr says:

Thank you. Very helpful

Mark Harman says:

No it isn’t good to look at Consumer Reports.  Very bogus.  If you want the best dishwasher take a look online.  Real people using these machines will tell you what they think about them.  As an appliance tech, I can tell you that the Miele is the best machine hands down!  Very little service is needed and I see LOTS of old ones which is a good sign.  Bosch, Frigidaire, etc… are riddled with bunches of problems that are expensive fixes.


After our first run, the inside of the dishwasher has a ton of moisture (left it closed for a few hours), leaving tops of cups wet.  All the wet and moisture is in the back of the dishwasher and on the door. We used the heat dry option and jet clean rinse. What gives??? Did we make a mistake purchasing this dishwasher??? Is there something we are doing wrong?

MC Clark says:

I just purchased a Dishwasher from a friend and I enjoyed it so much I made a song for it.

Scott Gregory says:

Jonathan, Thanks for commenting on my post, i like what you are doing here, educating the consumer. It is scary how people are afraid to jump in and fix their equipment like we used to. Leaving it to the local repair guy does cost a lot more, so if they want to take that route then they shouldn’t complain about how much it costs. We love the front loaders, they save us a ton of real money in water and electricity since we have a large family & it gets many uses… daily. keep up the good work.

TaskuTV says:

not true

Caitlin Owens says:

kenmore elite is #1 item number 12773  is great. i sell appliances

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