Here’s what to look for as you shop for your next dishwasher

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Finding the right machine to clean up your kitchen can be intimidating. We’re here to help.

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Austendo says:

I was always wondering what dishwasher I will need for my life, the decision is unbearably tough to make, I couldn’t go on my own.
Thank you CNET for making such an informative video on dishwashers.

Kenji Yagi says:

With the home prices being $1m+ in the bay area (where Cnet is), if you are planning to live in your house for a long time, don’t waste time debating over $500 or $1500… remember when your realtor told you to overbid by $50k just in case… right.. now just get the best one.

Decade says:

Make longer more informative videos dammit!

Patrick Massey says:

stainless GE new. stainless inside. 500 CDN. new. shitty tho.

Joseph Dawson says:

It is 2017… Why can’t we have ones that have a standard wall plug for power and simple and standard water fittings. I shouldn’t need to have a plumber or electrician to connect a dishwasher. We have standard hookups for laundry washers and have had so for years. So if installing a new laundry washer is simple and standard why can’t we do the same with dishwashers?

Arnav Patri says:

You need to make sure that the dishwasher has a good kickstand and doesn’t fall over when pushed.

themrjones says:

I thought this was consumer reports for a minute

Gordon Freeman says:

Does cnet know most of their viewer demographic can’t afford to own a home let alone their own appliances?

Ali Hassan Mirza says:

You need a gym membership before a dishwasher fat ass!

secret says:

use ur hand to wash it. it is not a restaurant

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