GE GDT550HSD0SS Dishwasher Review

This is the latest GE dishwasher model. It is a stainless dishwasher and is designed to be installed underneath the countertop. I’m very impressed with the quality construction and abundance of room for utensils inside of this dishwasher! The controls are also hidden, which makes this stainless steel dishwasher look great in a kitchen! This is my first video reviews of this GE dishwasher and I’ll post a follow-up review after I begin using it! Filmed with iPhone 5 camera in 1080P HD.


GE Appliances says:

So glad to hear you like your new dishwasher! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Thanks, Megan

James Beecroft says:

My wife and I just bought this dishwasher. Now I’m just waiting for the installation. Hopefully it is as quiet and dependable as you said yours. 

bogdannb b says:

So Bosch died 🙁

sittingby thepool says:

We just bought this model and we can’t get the door to stay shut. Did you have this problem?

Lawson Poling says:

Tango Hotel Alpha November Kilo – Yankee Oscar Uniform!

Robert Leblanc says:

That nice plastic trim on the top of the door surrounding the function buttons is the first thing that will be broken.  We went through 2 in 16 months.  Since it’s “trim”, it’s not covered under extended warranty and costs $51 delivered.  The door hangs much lower than most and it becomes almost impossible not to kick that plate while unloading the dishwasher.  We have grown to dislike the ergonomics of this dishwasher more than any other we’ve ever owned.  

Michael V says:

I own this same model and I am replacing it 2 years later.  The bottom gasket will grow mold on it, the door seals will come off causing leaks, It no longer gets hot to dry the dishes like it use to.  I even had the heating element replaced same results.  If you have tall items on the bottom it will block the soap and it will sit on the door and you have to run it again because the soap is stuck on the door and in the silverware basket. The only positive thing I can say about this dishwasher is that it’s quiet. 

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@bogdannb b Yup but after completely removing it we discovered that it had a dent in the top and the back of it had been improperly retrofitted during installation.

Rebecca Labat Michaud says:

How would you remove the door’s inside liner to get to the controls inside?

LestonDr says:

Thanks for the video.  Just started installing mine and wondered how far back under the counter to mount it.

Julie Hazel says:

I bought mine two years ago and it is down again.  The first time was covered and it worked after it was fixed,  Out of warranty now and the water inlet valve is broken.  Do not buy this.  I spoke with a person at the store from which I purchased the dishwasher.  He told me that this model was very popular when it was released and GE [or whatever subsidiary] ran out of parts from the original distributor.  The distributor found subpar replacements and they made it to the showroom. They do not make these anymore.  If you see one – don’t buy it.

mmjj2007 says:

Sam – Sierra Tom- Tango

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@IrixGuy Had I not had it for so long, I would have built a case for the retailer than installed it to replace for free. I was too tired of dealing with it and accepted the loss. The problem was not the Bosch. The problem was an improper installation that permanently damaged it.

Big Daddy says:

11/2/ I6- I bought a used GE model #-gdft720sgfobb from a family member .It’s basicly the same model as this one here it has a Black front instead .It’s about a year old .It’ has the same identical push button display .now here’s my dilemma .I finally got it put in with everything’s .Now I opened the door and i pulled out the top rack and it came all the way until it almost fell on the floor i caught so it probably was not in the track right all along .I can’t for the life of me get it back on the tracks now .How do get it go back on the blanking tracks. I’ve tried everything possible to get it to go on the guide tracks it simply refuses to even start to slide back on the two rails . if anyone knows how to get the this blanking thing back on the tracks I would greatly appreciate it signed super frustrated .

Ned Richards says:

I hope you still like this dishwasher. I installed one this past summer and am looking forward to replacing it as soon as possible. It’s flimsy, loud, and poorly designed on the interior (can’t fit wine glasses in the top!). The soap doesn’t dissolve on a regular basis – even when I use liquid soap! Our builder put this in – surely to save himself some money. Complete garbage for the price, I’m afraid.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Yup but then the impeller motor died. I decided to cut my losses and buy a new dishwasher with a warranty. Appliance repair person visit+part cost+installation cost with the uncertainty of having no warranty made me get this one. I love this GE dishwasher so far. It’s quiet and left the first batch of dishes looking spotless! Hopefully this bullish trend will continue LOL.

27ftWhaler says:

The BIG problem with this model and several other GE models is with the trim/bezel that surrounds the control pad. It only goes part way around the side edges so that it is VERY easy to catch on clothes when you close the door. When you catch it on clothes…which you will do, it bends and breaks off. After replacing it for the 3rd time, I now just leave it off. It looks bad but still works. Replacing it is a chore since you need to remove the dishwasher and disassemble the door.

Billy Bobby says:

Nearly everyone has problems with these cheap dishwashers from GE.

Only people that buy them are apartment owners and new construction. Why? CHEAP.

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