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Grimly gorgeous and violently entertaining, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is one of the finest games released so far this year.


Adam Miller says:

It said “brief nudity” at the start. I expected Kevin to whop his schlong out or something.

SSGSuperSonicGaming says:

yep sure do its such an epic game

Sergey Lebedev says:

Так вот то, что взломал русский)

Hazim Kinani says:

Want this on Xbox one !!!

MirroredWinds says:

@lTheRealDealGamingl both of those games are on xbox live too.

Bearthon Le Fou says:

strange game :l

Tim's Escapist Adventures says:

Sad to say this game never got much love. Just replayed it lately and I have to say, it’s still one of the best indie games I have ever played.

ZoanBlade90 says:


James Smith says:

An unauthorised pc port has been leaked, get it while u can

stave says:

3 actually, but one guy dropped out.

XVI says:

Please come to Ps Vita

Nightcast9 says:

Looks like an emo kid’s facebook page. Gameplay looks great, though.

Verrou says:

Just got this two days ago. Finished Yuki’s single player story on Normal, currently blasting through Ninja difficulty. Doing a co-op playthrough on Normal with my little brother, great fun too.
This game has fast-paced, intuitive combat, an awesome dark artstyle, ridiculously barbaric weapons (holy crap, a giant syringe?!) and attacks, tons of replay value due to the higher difficulties, and awesome modes like Arcade (challenges) and Dish Challenge (survival).
Best ten bucks I ever spent! =D

Chris Anderson says:

lol I see a derp face avatar :O

socillizt4life says:

I thought the 1st dead dishwasher was badass but EVERYBODY SHOULD OWN THIS GAME!!

apokaliptoh says:

I had this on 360. How do I get it on my xbox 1

techn0FTW says:

@jpta162 NOTHING is better than Ninja Baseball Batman. It is the most epic title ever.

reese ben says:

this game was bad ass and got over look please bring it back

Kenneth Wind Spaziani says:

SKA just announced a PC DIRECTORS CUT version right after the pc port rip

TheRealDeal says:

ps3 players can get shank 1 and shank 2 which i think are better

bluehairghost says:

it does
and if you’re willing to play t just PM me and i’ll add you

Lexus M says:

just downloaded this tonight, this game is siiiiiick! must buy!

Antonio Hernandez says:

This is when i start crying for owning a PS3…

Naedeslus says:

This game gives me a hard on.

techn0FTW says:

Pleeeeeeease port this or something to PS3. I really want it.

furyberserk says:

2:29 yuki is wearing something different and earlier, you showed two dishwashers with different masks. I can understand if the second was online, but was the first one I stated also? If not, how do I unlock the costumes. I want the red skull. I take it that you can get it in story?

Omid Muhammadi says:

Omid khan

Nick San says:

i love this game and really hope that they remake it for next gen

Gamecube Controller says:

i’m confused, I only remember Yuki and the dishwasher, how do you get the blue eyed and skull mask guys?

Colin The Gamer says:

this game is like a 2D devil may cry.

Vigne Slade says:

sorry , too emo for my taste …srsly … look at my avatar … then look at yours….. this is game for emos

Billy McCowwow says:

when did he leave? also he mostly helped with the trailers and stuff like that…

Lucas Martine says:

one of the best from XBLA

RavenX364 says:

@Rocketfist15 I strongly recommend you to play Dead Samurai before Vampire Smile due to some story elements in the second game

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