Full demo of Bosch dishwasher SMS40M52EU

Please see my fairly detailed demo of Bosch Dishwasher SMS40M52EU. I have shown only one longer wash cycle in the demo. This is for all my friends and relatives in India and all those who would want to buy a dishwasher but have lots of doubts. I hope I have covered most of the issues. Please leave your comments and share your thoughts below. Thank you.


Sangeeta Vaze says:

Nice Demo! thanks a lot. maids are really unbearable day by day. thanks will go for machine

Chaitra Nilogal says:

Excellent video madam!!! So informative and descriptive. Thanks a ton.

Arup Chatterjee says:

Madam thanks for the excellent review. In many reviews I’m reading that aluminium utensils can not be used as it turns black. Can you please share your experience?

sana raheem says:

why everyone puts in already rinsed dishes and pots. whats the use . i have read that only big chunks are supposed to be removed prerinsing is not required.
very good review though

DPS says:

Hi.. All the dishes looked clean to me. I mean there was no stains or grease on them. Can we get our actual vessels cleaned? Just by removing all the left over and load in, i mean??? Will it work?? Im planning to buy it for my mum, maid is torturing my mom a lot

Pratyush Singh says:

Thanks Bhuvana..i am going to buy this or advanced version for my mother in India ..

Sulochana Bhate says:


siddhartha says:

thank you mam for you wonderful and honest review about the dishwasher.
I bought it today solely trusting your video and after watching it many times … I will post my video as well .
thank you again
happy washing and keep posting.

a rahul says:

Thank you madam for this wonderful and informative video. I have always had my doubts on using a dishwasher for indian vessels and kept postponing the purchase. Your demo has helped a lot. Now I have decided to buy one.

vidhu bala says:


Shivashankar Srinivas says:

thanks for your response sister..you have neatly explained all the points…I am sure even the company people can’t be so clear in their presentation…thanks once again


you know about bosch kitchen hobs and chimmanies

Ramana Murthy says:

Thanks, Madam, just one question: does it require a high-pressure water supply like a washing machine? Anyways, till now I thought dish washers are not useful for Indian cooking. Your video helps a lot. – Regards

sabuj sarkar says:

We had purchased BOSCH dishwasher on 25.10.2016 but from the very first day we found that after wash (after 1.5 hrs + 0.5 hrs) there is a white layer in each and every utensils, when contacted BOSCH they informed this machine will not work since the TDS of water in your area is high which machine cannot handle.However, the BOSCH team came twice at our place before purchase/installation and every time they assured/promised us complete care for any issues. Also in between they made us to extended the warranty for another 2 years. Now, we are not able to use the utensils after washing. BOSCH is refusing for any service/ visit. If any one can suggest where to refer the issue.

james bond says:

Thank you very much for your effort to enlighten us

Michelle Choudhury says:

can we wash hard anodised and non stick utensils in a standard dishwasher?

Doug Cassidy says:

I know, right!? I am facing many many problems, with my servants, as well. They are not punctual, or they do a bad job, or they dont even exist.

Meenal Sardesai says:

1) Does it need a continuous water flow ?
2) Does it hav a system like washing machine regarding inlet and outlet of the dishwasher

reema singh says:

Really good to see vedio. Decision vedio by u … Thank u

Abhi says:

could you please tell why to use a full mode when we can make it in half time using Vario speed mode? also what is the budget for all these salt ,rinse aid and detergent per month and power consumption approximately?also what happens if the machine gets switched off in the middle of the cycle?is it automatic like washing machine……it starts from where it stops in the cycle?
Hope you got what I am asking for? My English is bad

shyamala nuthalapaty says:

thank you for the reply

Giorgos kapnidis says:

πλυντηριο για να πλένει τοίχους πρέπει να της προτείνει κάποιος

shyamala nuthalapaty says:

hi Bhuvana A, can dishwasher cleans idli making plates too ?

Tanushree Ganguly says:

Explanation is really a helpful one

bhargava dendukuri says:


Satyender Kumar says:

First of all thank you mam for the demo. Really helped. Just one thing before proceeding . Any idea about the amount of water used in one cycle. Thank you so much.

Bhavna Shethia says:

how many bill…cm?

er.khurshed ahmed says:

talk in hindi

mahera nadeem says:

bhavna ji can you tell me the monthly expenses for dishwasher…
i am planning to buy one..
i am mother of three having a lot of back pain…

Raja Sekhar Allu says:

Very Nice demo, madam. my wife always complains that the maid is not cleaning the utensils properly. perhaps with this her problem will get addressed. however, my wife says that water droplets remains on the backside curves of the spoons. did you experience it. we will go for it. Thanks again madam for a nice demo covering all the points.

mitika amin says:

Hello Mam, this is really nice product and loved the way you have presented.
I would like to know about aluminium utensils specially kadhai kind of things. Is that comfortable to use the same in dishwasher.

Supriya Rachapalli says:

hi mam does it clean dosa pan n kadais

Sulochana Bhate says:

I like this vidio

Sreejith says:

What if one doesn’t have enough utensils? Like a family of 2 ???

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