FRIGIDAIRE GALLERY Dishwasher FGID2466 Top Control Product Review 👈

Review of the Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher FGID2466QF Stainless Steel Top Control Built-in Dishwasher with Orbit Clean Spray Arm
Here’s the review for the Bosch dishwasher this replaced:

Product description from the manufacturer:
Frigidaire Gallery 24″ Dishwasher – Less Energy for Excellent Cleaning

The stainless-steel 24-inch Frigidaire Gallery built-in dishwasher FGID2466Q is built with American pride and offers excellent cleaning performance. With OrbitClean™ technology, it provides four times more water coverage for a superior clean. The Aqua Surge™ technology adjusts water pressure based on washing needs and adds the SaharaDry™ feature for a one time wash, one time dry experience. The Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel door is stay-put and integrated with display. This dishwasher also boasts an ultra quiet performance, and its eco-friendly cycles use less energy without compromising cleaning performance.

Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel resists fingerprints and smudges so it’s easy to clean
OrbitClean™ technology provides 4 times more water coverage for excellent cleaning performance
Aqua Surge™ technology adjusts water pressure based on washing needs
SaharaDry™ provides exceptional drying so there’s no need to towel-dry before putting dishes away
DishSense™ technology automatically adjusts the cycle time based on how much cleaning your dishes need
Quick Wash washes a full load of dishes in 34 minutes so you can do the million other things you have to do
Adjustable upper rack helps you fit tall or odd shaped items in for washing
Large capacity, tall-tub dishwasher fits up to 12 place settings so you can wash more at once


Peppino Lamont says:

how/where does the soap go?? Explain all the doodads inside…like what you put where and when?? Thanks…dishwashing for dummies

Corinne Spruck says:

eriver code help

fredludd says:

Thanks for this video. It answered a few questions for me.

Just2Intense says:

I have the exact same model bought it brand new in 2013 & because I already knew these new appliances look fancy but are cheaply made REGARDLESS OF BRAND I’ve only used my dw about 10x to keep it sanitary since purchasing.  It’s been used primarily as a very expensive drain board (LOL) for the last 3 yrs & guess what…….the bitch just broke!  I also knew to get a extended warranty & the repairman is due here next week.  If my kitchen cabinetry did have a designated space for a dw I would never bother to own one cause nothing is built to last anymore.

Daniel Woods says:


Olivia GlaSS says:

yes, this is another piece of crap, that will work for you for a year or two….
nice intro, but wait until you start using it and all the error messages come up.
Guarantee you, it will last even shorter then your Bosch.
ANd we used to have simple dishwashers that lasted 15 years.
Maybe next time i will look for the cheapest dishwasher, since i will have to replace it in 2-3 years anyway.

Daniel Woods says:

I bet you put the babies bottels and cups in the top rack! Hmm, shocker!

Kameel Huseffi says:

Good follow up…………..
………………………. BOSCH is a COMPANY aiming at people who think saving electricity will save the planet………………… we were given ‘coal’ to improve our lives. If it wasn’t for the Noah’s flood…………. none of us would be here. He had mercy on humans, not resources !

Mandy Roland says:

if you hold down the power plus and rinse only buttons for 7 seconds with the door open, they will light up and that will set the indicator lights to stay on during use. You can repeat to turn them off.

bigpain97 says:

Stay away from Maytag

SMBBG Hustlegang says:

since it’s so quiet I’m not sure if it’s even on. Is there a certain way of turning it on that you guarantee every time that it’s working??

P Allen Searle says:

I have this same dishwasher. The second time I used it, while it was running, I pulled open the door to add some dishes. Now the door won’t close completely. There seems to be something blocking the silver latch from going in the catch.  I reset the breaker but it didn’t do anything……….Any ideas???

Susan Milam says:

Would have liked to see how to load the dishes and how to use the delay start.

Zona Films says:

nice looking

xGUDDAx says:

I just bought this

rick cantrell says:

Great review thx for this

david bui says:

mine broke down after 2 months., used it about 5 times

medranofamilyCA says:

We just purchased this one at Home Depot along with matching range/stove and microwave. They all had great reviews. Any updates on it as of April 2017? I understand that you can install this with the display slightly sticking out so you can see it or mount it flush (as you had it). I suppose if you have a countertop that sticks out, like most do, you will have the problem of not having a display to look at. Hopefully thats not a big issue for us. Either way, Im sure it will be better than this old one we are currently using…lol! Thanks for posting this video.

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