Bosch Dishwasher Review & Opinions After 8 Months Ownership

The Bosch stainless steel dishwasher is great! It is very quiet and does an excellent job cleaning dishes! I recommend using the little gel cap detergent tabs for this dishwasher. They work well, are not messy and are not over-priced anymore. I also recommend keeping the drying solution refilled as well. I purchased this dishwasher around eight months ago and am super happy that I did. It has greatly exceeded my expectations! Bosch is a German company that makes high-quality appliances. I can’t remember what the model number for this dishwasher is but it’s one of the lower-end Bosch models and works great! I can’t see why there would be a reason to purchase a more expensive model. I filmed this video in 1080P HD with a Panasonic Lumix TS3 camera. Enjoy and please feel free to check out my other videos too!


Bliss says:

If only u open up and show us the work it has done on yr dishes. 🙁

Abraham Becerra says:

cascade sucks

GodDay b says:

RINSING DISHES BEFORE WASH IN DISHWASHER??? Whats the point then? I never rinse dishes! Just remove big pieces of food!

Jazy99963 says:

“Warsh” ??? LOL. “It *waRshes* the dishes…”

Waco KidSC says:

The handle molded into the exterior plastic cover is a bad design. My SHE55M model broke after 2 years and 5 months. Check this out before you buy. Watch if the handle flexes when you open it and if it is made of plastic. If so, beware and look for another model

BroccoliQueefed says:

You people are nuts! Did you ever stop to think you’re using too light of a cycle. I never rinse my dishes before I put them in my BOSCH and when the machine finishes it looks like someone has polished my glassware by hand. Everything is spotless. I use AutoWash PowerScrub and very rarely, LightWash. QuickWash doesn’t work well at all for huge load of dishes that are greasy or full of debris.

Jens Müller says:

Hello Irix! I´m from Germany and i have to tell you that you have to use salt. Your dishwasher door is full with calk.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@31449724 Which brand do you recommend?

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@KrisMcIrl Thanks yeah for some reason mine does though….very seldom. Mine might be defective. Thanks for feedback!

fomomoto3 says:

so which model are you talking about? A good review but you left out the most important info.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@arlaborneman Does yours leak or just not work at all?

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@daviddelasho Dries great for me!

dferg1204 says:

What model Bosch is this? And how much was it?

Oivey2000 says:

Dishes didn’t dry well due to Bosch’s “condensation” drying method, and the self-cleaning filter was a pain because, if you didn’t clean it well, the entire inside would smell.  Replaced it with a KitchenAid that both dries & has a self-cleaning filter.  No problems.  Love it.

Charu Sunder says:

Hi,After having filled the salt dispenser with salt the firsttime as per instructions in the manual,i find the indicator light is still on.on checking the dispenser again to reload with salt, i find theres water in the dispenser. how do i fill in the salt. is it normal to see filled water in the salt dispenser.Bosch representatives need to explain these details to the customer.otherwise i am happy with the machine.Thanks

KrisMcIrl says:

Great video but just one thing. There is no design flaw. The dishwasher will not start a cycle until the door is fully closed. So even if you switch it on while the door is open, nothing will happen until the door is fully shut.

Dani Fair says:

I think I will get a Kitchen Aid dishwasher, but if it is energy efficient, the dishes won’t be rinsed!

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@bogdannb Just be sure to use the Cascade or similar gel tabs. Otherwise, it’ll gunk up after a few washes. This is a great dishwasher!

Rita Martin says:

Add a little Lemishine and it will get rid of the white residue on the stainless steel interior. We’ve had our lower end Bosch for 13 years and love it. No problems until couple days ago.  Today we  replaced the circulation pump impeller. $80 part but time-consuming job. We’re back in business hopefully for a few more years.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@BroccoliBeefed Cool thank you for the tip!

BroccoliQueefed says:

Looks like you have lime scale problems. Occasionally adding washing soda and vinegar to the rinses will help. Don’t use that much– 2 grams of washing soda. Tsp of vinegar

And I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say design flaw. Crazy people. The machine won’t operate unless the door is closed.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Cool. Which Kitchen Aid do you use?

Chuck Barlow says:

I wasted $800 on a Bosch. The only plus is it’s quiet. Glasses have to always be checked for splooge. It doesn’t dry. The GEs and Amana that I owned over the years were noisy, but the dishes came out clean. I fell for the German Engineering BS ONCE will never buy another one.

TibbyATL says:

How well does it dry? Particularly for containers with “lips”?

Abraham Becerra says:

i I live in mexico and buy finish podwer made in germany (imported), i try cascade gel and cascade gel pacs and do not work well ,finish is the best

Steve Farrand says:

What model is that?

Bill Boswell says:

I too have a Bosch dishwasher less than a year old, but I have developed a slogan for it “if you want it to come out clean—-you better put it in clean, but I have been spoiled by Kitchen Aid……..

ec fan says:

The interior sure does look dirty; never had a dw that ever looked like that! Also don’t like the filter thing. After watching several videos on Bosch, I don’t want one. Thanks for your review!

Unto Ryodi says:

Dishwashers only do one thing. They spray around powerful jets of water. Soap is the magic that does the cleaning. Dont over clean your dishes before you put them in as the enzymes need dirt to work on. On Bosch since they dont have a hard food grinder, always clean the filter at the bottom. Use the pods not powder and always keep the rinse aid full. If you dont have it full run a quick rinse only cycle and wait till you have it full in couple of days to run a full cycle. Hope this little bit helps. Unski a.k.a Dlamini

Pauline Perrins says:

After using my new Bosch Ascenta for one year I have to say this is the most useless piece of equipment I have ever had. Absolutely never never never gets the all the dishes clean, At this time I maybe fill 2/3 still does not get the dishes clean.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:


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