Bosch Dishwasher Review – IS IT WORTH THE PRICE? SHE Series 👈

Review of a Bosch Dishwasher – SHE46C. Find out what happens after 6 or 7 years of use! Is it worth the high price?
Here’s the link for the Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher I purchased:

Bosch is known for its high-end appliances. This stainless steel dishwasher is sleek and energy star rated.


ivan jason says:

Slim dishwasher

Tim Mark says:

Any update on your new dishwasher

shoshonite says:

I have a SHE45M…it leaks a lot and the pump has problems evacuating the dirty water.  Its about 6-7 years old.  I’m busy diagnosing the impeller pump system.  It replaced a maytag that was recalled.  Sigh.  Can’t figure out why it won’t pump out.  I tried the reset and cleared the lines.  Removed the seeds in the impeller.  Maybe it jammed the motor and it burned out.  The thing washes..but leaves behind all the water.  I detect a distinct humming at the end of the cycle and there seems to be a residual magnetic effect applied to the little impeller shaft.  Maybe its the capacitor…maybe it’s a circuit board issue…not advancing to pump at the end of the cycle.  It’s been OK.  Slow and quiet…but a leaker…drip drip drip…watch that door.

Karl Pearson says:

We just replaced a Bosch similar to the one in the video with a newer model. The old one lasted 11 years. That’s common when you spend a little more and get a model that’s closer to the top of their line. And yes, they are definitely worth the price. The old Bosch was very quiet, and our new Bosch is even quieter. We can’t hear it running while we are having regular conversation. My wife and I are “empty nesters” and we don’t talk loudly. This woman doesn’t understand how Bosch dishwashers work. They sense the dirt in the dishwasher as the water exits, and clean accordingly. If you rinse off your dishes, like you typically need to do on other brands, it won’t get your dishes as clean because it quits washing too soon. Don’t blame the dishwasher because you don’t follow directions. And another thing. This woman chose the lower end Bosch, which doesn’t have the quick wash. Both of ours have that feature.

We have very hard water, and even with a whole-home water softener, which softens the water about as well as can be achieved in this area, we have to add rinse aids, and washing aids to the washer. Doing the right thing for the conditions where you live will make all the difference.

Our experience with Bosch is diametrically opposed to hers, and frankly, her experience is because of user error, period. The dishwasher we replaced was a Frigidaire gallery, and it was their top-of-the-line model. It was at least twice as loud, and we replaced the touch panel 3 times in it, and frankly, we’ll only buy Bosch from now on. Of course, we research and buy the model with the best stats. Such as, this Bosch is in the top 1% for water savings, which when you live on the Western slopes of the Rocky Mountains and have been in a drought period for a decade or so, saving water is the ultimate goal.

The only thing we had go wrong with our old Bosch was the bottom rack got a knife cut and if I’d known, I could have put silicone in the cut and saved about one inch of the side bar from rusting, then breaking off. It did not change the functionality of the dishwasher.

As for the rotation of the top sprayer arm? If the holes got plugged up, that pipe leading to it has become partially plugged, and the flow isn’t high enough to force it to spin. Those spin because of water pressure which is entirely responsible for the rotation. No rotation, check water pressure. Why didn’t you tell us what material was plugging the top sprayer arm’s holes? I suspect it had nothing to do with the soap, and everything to do with what was put in the dishwasher. Because I understand that these dishwashers don’t have, or need, a disposer built in, I would think that paper, or something similar, got in the dishwasher and was turned to small particles, but as they built up, caused the whole issue.

I’m sorry for the experience, but as I said, I believe it was user error. So, my apologies, and good luck with the Frigidaire. Honest. I wouldn’t own one of those, as I said above…

m hughes says:

just replaced my kitchenaid for same reason choper went out and pump didnt have enough pressure to force water out the top my wife mad but maybe the nature of appliances today. kitchenaid was supposed to be best at the time

David van der Zande says:

The only quality brands left are Miele and Asko. They will last you around 10-14 years.

mark fontaine says:


O01dude 45 says:

no its not worth it cause of the horrible racking system!!!!

Garry Burgess says:

I had a lot of problems with my Bosch, and I’m eventually going to replace it with Meale. The computer board had to be changed, yet the replacement already doesn’t work properly either, so it never finishes the cycle until I open and close the door. My racks are fine after 10 years. But several times I had draining issues.

Yen Cho says:

I have an inexpensive Maytag dishwasher about 9 years old with the shortest amount of time to clean.. my dishes came out clean.

Mark Steven says:

more screaming baby’s please

Alice Hyperdiamondz says:

after about 5 to 7 years the heat exchanger and pressure chamber system on these bosch and seimenss get super clogged no matter what you do. This messes with the float system and stops the machine draining old water and receiving new water so the machine uses the same water constantly which gets dirtier and dirtier causing more and more debris to accumulate in the system. Its relativlly easy to sort out there is a video here

JIM Sutton says:


Daniel Woods says:

What about the filter? At the bottom of the dishwasher…your supposed to manually clean it

O01dude 45 says:

get a samsung!!!!

Darker Binding says:

We have this machine and have had none of the issues you report. One of the biggest causes of wear and tear in washers is excessive detergent use. So many people are using either the detergent companies “recommended” amount or using the tabs which have 3x the detergent that you need. We put 1 tablespoon (approx) of granulated detergent in this model and it cleans very well and there have been no issues with either cleaning or reliability.

Zona Films says:

i want one

Abhi Alvi says:

I am thinking about to buy a new Dishwasher. But not sure what would be the best for everything. Have spent a lot of time on reviews but it almost seems like a draw right now. Review this Video to be honest my confusion is clear, Thanks.

Brendan Garvie says:

Just replaced a 14 year old Bosch. I looked at Miele , Akso (?) and Whirlpool. Price plus features, equalled another Bosch. The Miele was a close second. I’m sure if you sell a million dishwashers, your going to get the odd bad one. 6-7 years is on the low end of a life cycle, but most only last a decade. Her review just sounds like sour grapes.

lucaseq77 says:

7 years and dishwasher didn’t break is excellent. Clogged jets may be caused by not cleaning filter often, which would be your fault. I have to agree that racks feel flimsy, but if you are not overloading them, I just don’t see the reason for them to break. Bosh dishwashers are the best quality on the market. They also make rebranded models for Sears, Fridgidale, and other companies. I can almost guarantee you that the new one will have more issues, and won’t last as long. In general, 10 year dishwasher should be replaced. They don’t make them the way they used to. The biggest issues with dishwashers would be pump that stopped working or leaks from under. Things like clogged jets, clogged filters or broken racks are most definitely user errors, and not quality issues. Thanks for sharing.

Kerry Hales says:

My friend had a Bosch go out. The electronic panel fried up for no reason. It was 5 years old. I talked him into a Whirlpool.

Zona Films says:

that is fancy!!!

George Viveiros says:

if she thinks bosch sucks wait till she uses the fridgadaire gallery there real junk and do a poor washing job

JIM Sutton says:


nomebear says:

The neighbor’s Bosch has broken and I think that it can be fixed. It’s 27 years old.

jwathas says:

Wow, the power scrub cyle on your Bosch takes half the time that ours does. Our Bosch is 5 years old and the power scrub on ours takes over 2 hours!!!

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