Bosch Dishwasher Review by VersatileVicky | Bosch Dishwasher SMS60L02IN Full Demo India |

Bosch Dishwasher Review / Bosch Dishwasher Unboxing and Full Demo – SMS60L02IN / Best Dishwasher India by Versatile Vicky
Link to buy Detergent Salt Rinse Aid

I got it from Amazon hence providing you the link if you wish to purchase the product online

Video shows unboxing, demo with 2 wash cycles including loading and unloading, few dishwasher settings including child lock function, etc.
I have also shown how to load FINISH brand detergent
(finish powerball) & rinse -aid.
Its an in-depth review and hope this video helps you make a right decision and clear your thoughts related to a dishwasher. Please like, share & subscribe my channel as it takes a lot to make a review!!!

To know more about the product range, visit:


hooria afzal says:


s18thomas says:

i have watched the video, there was something about setting the time, but would like to know : do we have to wait for the dishes to pile up so that the dishwasher can get a better ( full) load? I mean, we usually wash utensils just after meals, right? So is there a setting where only the lunch utensils can be cleaned or is 45 minutes the shortest cycle available? Thanks

Roy George says:

Kindly let me know if in case the power goes off and I need to get my vessels out?

Premkumar R says:

very detailed explanation… thk u so much

Akanksha Rastogi says:

Can we use aluminium utensils too as Siemens says not to use wooden, Tupperware n aluminium

NS J says:

I have been using Bosch Dishwasher since last 2.5 years. It’s an awesome product with very good service. Finish dishwasher detergent ,rinse aid and salt are available online.

Harish k says:

Wht is the difference between SMS60L12IN & SMS60L02IN

Neha Arya says:

can we use liquid vim to wash…?

Richa Shetty says:

Is using hot water for plastic and Tupperware safe?

fat loss srivatsa says:

you didn’t mentioned about power usage and electric bill???

Felicia Mathias says:

awesome far one of the best among dishwasher demo vids…great audio n video quality.thanx for d share

Foumey Mohammed says:

sorry I mean how much

Versatile Vicky says:

Link to buy Detergent Salt Rinse Aid

Radhika S says:



very helpful video

mail readyy says:

can i put ALUMINIUM UTENSILS in bosch dishwasher as i am trying to buy bosch or siemens , but siemens dishwasher strickly avoided aluminium utensils

Sadia k says:

Thank you so much for the great review…i really need this.Just two small queries:

Do we need to use the usual salt we eat everyday and if yes then what’s the quantity?
Is Finish detergent available easily?

shalini singh says:

hi….nice video…want to know the height of the dishwasher as well as you have only told the width…thanks

NatterMax Education says:

I once watched one of your video on Phillips induction cooker and I bought it and now I again somehow came to your video after almost a year and maybe I’m going to buy this product too.

I am making a new Kitchen in a new home. So I am making space for everything that I need in a kitchen. I am giving a totally wooden finish to our kitchen and will make an arrangement for everything like water inlet and outlet electric connections and chimneys for Dishwasher, kitchen hood, oven etc inside these wooden compartments so that they don’t show up and spoil the look of the kitchen.

So I need one detail from you. Do we ever need to clean that outlet pipe? I’m planning to have a separate arrangement for the outlet too just like the inlet where you can just connect the outlet pipe instead of letting it float near the sink. This all arrangement will be inside the wooden compartments. So I am wondering is there any residual food product that comes out of outlet pipe? Because it may chock the outlet and then it will be terribly difficult to clean it as the whole arrangement will be very compact inside wooden compartments.

Girish Gowda says:

What is the cost of the liquid and salt. What would be average cost per wash

Sunil Kamat says:

Great video. Thank you! What happens when there is a power outage? Will it continue once the power is back or should the cycle be restarted?

Pankaj Kashyap says:

i have recently bought it..and to tell
u the is of top notch quality and is easy to use and very efgicirnt in cleaning all utencils

Zeus Virk says:

Any inputs for Bosch SMS 60L 18IN dishwasher

Bhavna Shethia says:

what price??

hooria afzal says:

I started by diet today the 10 kg in 10 days best luck

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