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When our dishwasher died a year ago we had to decide whether to go with a cheap Sears replacement or follow Consumer Report’s advice and go with a more expensive Bosch dishwasher. We went with the Bosch 300 Series machine and its time to report on whether it was a good use of money.

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Mike W says:

I have one also.  I have found that they dry much better if you use jet dry or the like.  Unlike the older models, there is no large heating element to dry the dishes.  It relies on the stainless steel tub.  The tub cools much more quickly than the dishes and the water vapor condensates and runs into the sump.  That is why you hear them discharge water at the beginning of a cleaning cycle.

KrisMcIrl says:

Great video. You would have fitted everything in if you had put some of the smaller bowls on the top rack. Then the plastic boxes on top of the bowls or cups. It will still wash fine

Grasomat says:

you should not put wooden things in a dishwasher.


I hate my new Bosch 800.  I can’t get enough dishes in it. The dishes are not clean. I wish I put the $200 into a repair on my old GE.  What good is a dishwasher that you have to wash the dishes first then have to do 2 loads.  Forget the 3rd top draw the silverware is all spotted orange.  Do not buy this dishwasher unless you bought your dishes in Europe.  American dishes don’t fit. In the instruction manual they have 10 tea cups with 10 saucers no room for coffee mugs or bowls.  If you are thinking of this dishwasher take dishes to the store with you, you will see they don’t fit.

Mark Harman says:

You’ve wasted money on a crappy dishwasher.  So much for Consumer Reports

Alexandra C says:

Don’t put wooden utensils in a dishwasher!

Gwen Matkey says:

I really, really dislike this dishwasher for many reasons, but especially because of the inability to secure any rounded items such as bowls or pots and pans. All the tines are slanted and close together so only standard dishes and glasses fit. The instruction book addresses placement of only dishes, glasses and cups and not these other things. Maddening. The silverware basket is very small and reaches to the back of the dishwasher forcing you to pull the bottom drawer out full length each time you want to throw in a fork or knife, etc. I think this is the feature I dislike the most. The inside walls are a very dark gray so that is also a problem in a small kitchen without a lot of bright light such as in an apartment. I consider this appliance to be very user unfriendly. Other irksome problems and the instruction booklet is not complete on several questions.

BroccoliBeefed says:

We have a Bosch SHE55M12UC (2010). It’s ok, but there are a few pet peeves to think about
1. The only cycle that gives a pre-rinse are the Power Scrub and Auto Wash cycles. If you don’t rinse your dishes before you put them in a dishwasher, this pre-rinse cycle is important. This is why people end up with stinky dishes if they use the other cycles.

2. The Quick Wash cycle is virtually useless – too short and doesn’t clean well

3. It seems to be designed for people that can’t break the habit of pre-rinsing their dishes. I’ve never manually pre-rinsed my dishes

4. It has no rinse/hold cycle.

5. Front panel cannot withstand constant pressure of opening and closing, and pops off after awhile  (they have since redesigned this design disaster)

6. It does not finish rinse the dishes well. I don’t want Jet Dry or detergent residues left on and dried onto my dishes :/. I have to manually run another rinse or two when the machine is done.

7. For hard water areas, one detergent tab simply isn’t enough.

8. There is no way to set the machine to turn of the LED light at the end. It stays on and reads 0 and the previous cycle you selected is lit.

RA Jones says:

Are you still happy with this dishwasher?

Zachary Young says:

+EpicReviewGuys , you were concerned when you first bought the unit about the water on the tub interior, and even questioned whether that would lead to mold/mildew. Is that still a concern?

Darker Binding says:

That packaged detergent tablet contains far more detergent than you actually need in this washer, especially with the level of soil I saw on your first review. We typically use no more than 1 tablespoon of detergent (the tab has the equal of about 3x that much). Other than reducing detergent cost significantly, you put a lot less detergent into the environment and your machine and everything in it will thank you. Excessive detergent will affect the finish of glasses/etc and causes extra wear on many parts in the machine.

Save some money and give your machine a break with a bit less detergent. 😉

GP Singh Kushwah says:

I’m hoping you’ll all have some good advice for me.
I have a Bosch SHX68T55UC/02 dishwasher. I purchased it in November 2014 but just started using it. From day one it is pumping water outside. I got the air gap changed, even though it was new, Garbage Dispenser is also new. not sure what the problem is.

azad3044 says:

SHE43R55UC. 24 ” Recessed Handle Dishwasher 300 Series- Stainless steel

Jeremy Kozuback says:

Great video & follow up.

The reason why you cannot get as much on the top shelf is that you are leaving way too much room between your dishes. Just like on the bottom rack, Bosch assumes you will cram them together. Bowls do well on the bottom or the top rack, don’t worry it will definitely get them clean.

Also leave your door slightly open when not in use, so your water evaporates, similar to what you should do with your front load washing machine. Many people complain that mildew builds up, but if you leave the door open, no issues.

Lastly my advice is also to keep your ladles & spoons sideways, no food build up on them that way.

Our Bosch just died after 4 years but we bought it was second hand (for $50). $400-500 CDN to fix or $750 to replace…. tough decisions ahead.

Vikram Magoo says:

Where is the actual demo of how effectively it cleans? You already placed almost cleaned utensils in the rack….if this is the amount effort we are going to clean the utensils before placing them into the dishwasher then it requires a little more effort to clean the utensils manually instead wasting so much of time and electricity.

Morris Falker says:

Parris, this is your dishwasher speaking: you eat and drink too much. LOL

Kameel Huseffi says:

Dude you are awesome to do a follow up

glenfieldmathk1 says:

The Filter is self cleaning – which is the reason why it doesn’t seem to clog up much. Every 2nd month it should be removed and wiped for those larger items that are stuck.
My Neff (made by Bosch) is over 10years old, and has only ever needed 1 minor repair in its life.

(You don’t have to pre-rinse the dishes, it can do this for you , and will rinse first if soiling is detected, you’ll save more water that way too, as less time with the tap/spray running)

jewllake says:

Thanks for all your info. after watching your first video on the dishwasher, I’m going to try to milk my 2004 Kitchen Aide Superba dishwasher as long as I can. That thing cleans everything. It cost me 1,600 back then.

• Christina Huynh • says:

New intro!!

1258stdavid says:

Here’s a little tip that I found useful. Run your hot water sink tap for till the water gets hot before you turn on your Bosch. It doesn’t have to deal with all the cold water in your pipes and it does cut down the wash cycle time and is easier on your dishwasher.
This applies to all dishwashers
Also try a little vinegar for the spot cleaner, it works and doesn’t do the environmental damage that you mentioned that the Europeans are concerned about.

Wayne Methorst says:

great review and follow up 1 year after appreciated!

andreo says:

I just picked up one of these to replace a Kenmore that wouldn’t clean any longer. I was originally going to pick up a GE washer but after seeing the price on the Bosh and stainless interior I made an impulse buy for the Bosh. As is normal with impulse buys I just wanted to see if I made a horrible mistake or not. 

mja2035 says:

We get our Bosch next week, hope it’s as good as we think it is. 

mark fontaine says:

try    fairy tabs   as finish  tablets  are always  a   ” hit  n miss”   with washing

Betsy Oman says:

My folks had a dishwasher when I was a teenager. I haven’t had one in 31 years of marriage. When I was growing up, we never rinsed the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. I don’t see why people do that now. If pre-rinsing was necessary, I wouldn’t see the value of having a dishwasher. I do think that a good scrape of food scraps would be a good idea, but pre-rinsing seems rediculous. As for the dishes getting dry, it seems like if you run the dishwasher before you go to bed, you could open it up and pull the racks out so that the dishes could air dry by morning. You wouldn’t need to run the drying part of the cycle. Same goes for doing a load before you leave in the morning. Let them wash, then stop the load and open up and let them air dry.

Ted C says:

What about pots and pans

Frank Newberry says:

Your voice reminds me of KTLA’s Tom Hatten.

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