Bosch 500 vs 800 Dishwasher review

Bosch 500 vs 800 Dishwasher review


Brad S says:

The dishwasher on the left is a 630 series, predecessor to the current 640 series on the right.  Those drop downs are cup shelves, usually see them in the upper rack.

Suburban Spaces says:

Thanks…very helpful!

Bill McCurdy says:

Great review except this is a 300 vs. 500 NOT 500 vs. 800.  We have a 500 and it has the third rack on top.

Fernando Alfaro says:

Thanks for sharing! Regarding energy efficiency, several studies/sources show one can save up to 5,000 gallons of water using a dishwasher vs. washing by hand. See link below. I used to wash by hand, carefully trying not to waste water. Since using my Bosch 800 series, my water bill has decreased noticeably.

Jazy99963 says:

You didn’t know what the wine glass stem holders are for? (Didn’t you read the Owner’s Manual so you would know what all the features are for? I sure hope you read the Owner’s Manual for your CAR! Yikes!)

Joy Devor says:

Thank you for this post- right now they’ve changed the 500 so it has that top rack- would you then recommend it? Also do they get things equally clean? Like if your kids are clearing the table, you know they barely scrape off before they put stuff in the dishwasher so with my GE it comes back out as dirty as it went in. Would they come out clean from your Bosch? Still 2 years later? Thanks!!

PoorPossum says:

Well done… Especially with kids in the background. Helped us on our way to getting one or the other. Question – why was the repair man called out for the 500? PS I have no problem with your style or what you have on your counter (wth!!??)

D Filice says:

Don’t quit your day job to review products:(

monkgroupie says:

I’m getting dizzy with he camera swinging back and forth. But the thing that bothers me is that she’s comparing using dirty dishes. Really???? honestly… Finally what are you comparing? title of video says 500 vs. 800. Then you say 300 vs. 500…

Maximaniac72 says:

I just don’t get why the need for two dishwashers?  Not judging, I really don’t care if you’re a millionaire and have a garage full of Mercedes, it’s just I really don’t understand the need for two of them.  Do you have a lot of kids?  Have big parties?

Traci Marks says:

You may also not know that the filter on the bottom of the dishwashers comes out so that you can clean it in the sink. These dishwashers don’t automatically clean their filters like all other American brands do like GE, Whirlpool etc. You have to take it out and clean it periodically like once a month or so or you will start seeing the dishwasher not clean well. If you see it not cleaning well then take the filter out and clean it. It’s easy peezy. Just look at your manual. It sounds like a lot but it’s not.

Traci Marks says:

Why did you put the glasses on the bottom rack tines? That’s where plates, pots and pans etc. go. I have the Bosch Ascenta and it has the exact same racks as your Bosch 500. Also, it seems that you don’t know that the silverware basket on the 500 model separates into 2. You can use them as the long way that you have them or take them apart and put them back to back to make a big basket style bigger than your 800 silverware holder or you can use them separately just take them apart. You can take them and move them anywhere on the bottom rack to make room for an item such as a casserole dish on the side. The hole that can’t be blocked is the vent and on my ascenta it’s on the left side not the right. That’s the only difference on the inside of the ascenta versus the 500. The silverware tray on the 500 also has the net thingamajig that you flip up and cover the space and then you can put the silverware thru the holes to keep them separated better. You can keep it down and just use it with the open space. It doesn’t seem like you’ve looked at the manual that came with the dishwashers. You really should. Oh yeah the Ascenta like I have doesn’t have a place for salt to soften the water that’s another difference. 

rya says:

The 500 Series has a 3rd rack available too. Also, this 800 is actually an 800 Plus Series-it has the water softener.

Nathan Hladky says:

You can tell if they are running because they put a red laser dot on the ground under the door at the right side. At least my 500 does that.

Lynette Hartmann says:

Thank you for taking the time to upload this review.  I am considering the two dishwashers and I found this very helpful.  Please ignor the idiots commenting with their snide comments.  I thought that this was very helpful!!

Doreen Alexander says:

Thank You for the great video review . I have a Bosch we are  getting a second dishwasher and wasn’t sure which series to purchase  500 or 800.  I’ve made up my mind now the 800 it is. 🙂

Ted C says:

Why do you have 2 dishwashers

Fernando C says:

Thanks for the great comparison between the 500 and 800.  One note, I think the 800 is the 800 plus because you have the water softener.  Also, the 800 should have a red beam the shines to the floor to tell you that it’s running.  Lowes seems to have a pretty good price on the 500 and 800 this week.  Looking at getting one.  Thanks again!

TuBob Shakur says:

This is helpful. Interestingly, Bosch’s website shows that the 500-series dishwasher also has the upper 3rd rack. (It also shows that the bigger upper rack is adjustable up / down, so that you can put bigger glasses in that rack.)  The only apparent difference that I’ve seen between the 500 and 800 is that the 800 has one additional wash cycle.

mark holland says:

Cannot follow anything she is saying… bouncing around, making me dizzy.

livefree says:

at 3:08, the thing you wonder what it’s for is probably for wine glass, cocktail glasses, after it’s folded down.

Sunnyvale877 says:

Wow! She is a energy wasting human… Two dishwasher”s?? At least try two different brands…

evonline says:

Thanks for taking the time to make the video and to post it.  I have been wanting to have a better view of the interior of an 800 and you gave me a good opportunity to do that.  (No one in my city is stocking the 800 series.)

GMoney says:

You should get the Bosch Benchmark series dishwasher that has a built-in water softener. That helps clean much better. I bought that one and love it. It’s worth the money. Plus it has built-in lights. You buy special rock salt made by Finish and pour it in the bottom. It lasts a very long time. You set the dishwasher setting based on your water hardness. My dishes always come out spectacular. If I had to do it all over again, I would buy the same unit. Google: Bosch shx9pt75uc. That’s the model I bought. It is awesome!

Daniel Woods says:

Can you run them at the same time?

Joel Drubin says:

I just purchased the 800 awaiting delivery from Sears.  I am now seeing numerous online complaints about the dishwasher smelling.  Can anyone who owns one comment?

David Turnipseed says:

How old are they?

Rob King says:

2 dishwashers and u say u can’t have it all?! lol

Mark Harman says:

You should have bought Miele.  Dishes are ALWAYS dry and the machine is SILENT!

xxdarkhelmet says:

Stopped watching due to the crying child. I know YouTube isn’t the most professional of settings, but why are you in so much of a hurry to record your review that you cannot attend to your child first? Also, it’s probably a good idea to plan out what you’re going to say during the review instead of just winging it and providing commentary ad hoc.

Tommy Martin says:

Awesome. Thanks. I couldn’t figure out the difference before. 

Mary Weeks says:

had to quit watching got sea sick

Julie says:

They have recently added the 3rd rack as an option on the all models…

azad3044 says:

500 series shx43rl5uc. shx43rl5uc is 48 dba though. this one is 46 dba

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