Bosch® 500 Quiet Series Dishwasher Review

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This dishwasher

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Alexandra C says:

Thank you! This is the kind of review I have been searching for!

Roy Feng says:

For those who were confused these are some corrections:
1. Bosch only has 2 lineups: Mainline and Benchmark
2. No such thing as “micro-decibel,” it’s actually dBa for appliances
3. Flow through water heater, not in wall, the only time it gets hot is if you use the Sanitize option, due to government electrical standards
4. The handlebar itself is not 24 inches, the industry standard width for dishwashers is 24 inches
5. Only three wash arms, no spray from rear
6. Sound deadening: stainless steel tub, bitumen (tar like substance) and cotton blanket. The plastic arms are irrelevant, the design of the arms’ water jets are crucial as water only sprays onto dishes according to Bosch
7. Bosch recommends tablet-form Cascade detergent
8. If your stainless steel tub is staining because you thought dumping detergent all over the door panel was a good idea, that actually means you don’t have high quality SS such as standard 18/8 or 18/10 grade.

Julie Ceo says:

Excellent review!

Matt H says:

So what made a couple of 15 year olds review a dishwasher?

LGwash1 says:

Actually the heating element is inside the pump. It’s a trough flow heater, like on electric showers.

cia3a says:

This is an excellent review. What is the model # of your Bosch 500 series?

spedtedd7 says:

Year and half later have you had any issues?

Elizabeth Dulebohn says:

I love my new bosch only have it for a few weeks so it is to early to have any complaints so great . does a great job

speedoflite1 says:

Does a trouble-free great job; efficiently & quietly.

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