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Consumer Reports rates Bosch as the best dishwasher- but the user reviews are terrible. Why? What is the real story? Our old dishwasher recently broke and we decided to go with a new Bosch. Here are the results of loading it up and the first wash. And here are the specs at Amazon-

CC- Closed Captioned


John Hurley says:

I’d be embarrassed to show on film my kitchen if it looked like that. Besides counter tops being piled which he says was due to lack of dishwasher, the floor is disgusting and notice the gunk dripping/running off window sill ledge.

geom404 says:

Good video. I agree with everything he said.

Abadi Production says:

is it German made or collected in Turkey as in the middle east?

cabaretampere says:

Thank you for not mentioning the model number.

Barbara McIntire says:

I would like to know specifically how the Bosch silverware baskets are designed. If you look closely, you will see on either end that there are different levels for your utensils. Turn the basket over and look at it. I use those ends for long utensils such as knives, serving utensils, etc., and the ones in the center I use for forks and spoons. Also, the openings are different sizes. I was just wondering what the manufacturer had in mind.
I use my dishwasher every other day and the cycle is one hour forty minutes.

ludwigvanification says:

“I really don’t get the water conservation deal. I can see if you live in a desert, but here in Cincinnati, we’ve never had a drought bad enough to have any sort of rationing or whatever. Also, you really don’t use water. You only borrow it. You wash your dishes and it gets drained out to the local sewer municipality that treats it and puts it back. You drink it, you put it back in the system. It’s a no loss situation. Even what goes up in steam comes back to earth in the form of rain…” Ruel Smith

ERR! Wrong! that is the hydro-logic cycle you’ve described. Which is not actually how it works when your pumping more water out of deep water well aquifers than you put back in each year. Peak-Water “Maude Barlow” Mother Fuckers!!!

Dorothy Giansiracusa says:

Thanks. You answered a lot of questions I was having.

Iskander Makhmudov says:

we need followup, don’t you think?

Geraldine Knapowski says:

I have had my Bosch for almost 3 years. I love it. What I is to eliminate the wet dishes, I open the door and use a rolled up kitchen towel to keep it propped and sometimes the only thing that is wet, is some times plastic containers. I will set my dishwasher at delay at Auto, @ hr 25 min. But even if it runs from 8:30 and 9: I am usually am still up, so I then shut it off and put the towel in place till I get up in the morning. It works for me. My pride and joy in the kitchen.

jccoolwood says:

You may want to clean your floor, too.

stevey jones says:

i had an amazing experience with the danby dishwasher , here is it’s video ID if you want to check it out : v = TI8yT1PG0AA

Frank Newberry says:

Cats would love the red dot on the floor if it moved.

Phonzo Cisne says:

Use vinegar as rinse aid it works :)!

Libs worstnghtmare says:

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Hazelmary Jackson says:

The problem I have found is that on the rotating arms which spins and spray water, sometimes small items of food (eg rice grains) can get stuck in the holes and stop it spraying the dishes fully. You can remove the arms by unscrewing (top one and bottom one) and tap them on the sink to clear these scraps if this happens.

Richard Baciocco says:

If your in America just buy a maytag they dry your dishes and don’t have a filter. Bosch dish racks are terrible.

Mike Sabo says:

How come you put in clean dishes? They don’t look dirty at all…

Vikram Magoo says:

Too much of talk and zero demo

Sa sH says:

what an interesting accent…. where is this accent from?

Libs worstnghtmare says:

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Oivey2000 says:

I purchased a Bosch a year ago.  It cleaned very well & was whisper quiet. In fact, sometimes you couldn’t even tell it was running it was that quiet.  However, most of my dishes were wet when I went to put them away even though Consumer Reports rates some models good at drying.  The European condensation drying system I was informed.  Then, the interior of my dishwasher started to smell.  Bosch models do not have a self-cleaning filter so I started removing it/washing it out every other load but it was virtually impossible to get all of the particles out of the fine mesh filter and the smell kept up…the inside smelled like a garbage can.  I finally figured I’d learned an expensive lesson & replaced it with a Kitchen Aid with “Pro Dry” & a self-cleaning filter.  Quiet.  No smell.  Dishes dry as a bone.  Very happy.

Ashreya Pathak says:

Your dishes are already clean even before you are putting them up for cleaning

Susan McBrine says:

So can’t get third rack out. Or open it all way in my brand new Bosch 500

Mark Harman says:

It’s also obvious that you’ve rinsed your dishes.  If you’re going to do that, why use a dishwasher in the first place?

Omid H says:


Terrie Powers says:

best video so far, I know it’s old but I’ve never had a dishwasher so I don’t even know how things are done.

M Huneycutt says:

HELP! I have the exact model and the washer beeps at the end of the cycle. Very annoying when you have little kids trying to nap or doing a load at night and hear the beeping noise!

Maxwill2 Maximum says:

We just bought an 800 stainless steel model (2015) with third rack for utensils, spatulas, whisks, etc. Looks great, but we haven’t filled it enough yet to run it. I was hoping for tips for best loading methods. Liked how he showed how to clean the filter. Dude needs to clean his kitchen floor, though.  Ugh.

JP jp says:

you make amazing review.. wish you made all the reviews. you explained so well! even though you didn’t give a perfect review for bosch, i give the way you presented a perfect 10+

mohammad rasouli says:

i want to compare some models of home appliances with each other in famous brands such as BOSCH, SAMSUNG ,… as a university research in two years .
we choosed some models of BOSCH brand as followings and need their test reports according to IEC 60335-X-Y.(it don’t need even you stamp them just results is important) and also test report for energy lable (electricity consumption) as any standard in the world such as ISIRI 10637.
1-Range Hood:DWK098G661, DWK098G61, DWB09W652
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3-OVEN: HB675BS1, HBG632TS1, HMG6764, CMG633B

Who can help me?
best regards

Nolan Riordan says:

my dish washer takes 2hrs and 15min

Jeanie Roper says:

read the instruction book there is a way to silence the beep

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