Before you buy a dishwasher

There are many things to consider when purchasing a dishwasher. For example, you have to think about the dimensions, the appearance and of course quietness. And don’t forget about key features such as rack flexibility and tub material. Here, Grand Appliance and TV Racine Manager, Kevan Haarsma discusses each of these topics in greater detail, to give you the proper knowledge and confidence before buying your next dishwasher.


mike miller says:

He’s cute.

RV Beginner Winnebago Adventurer '97 says:

Very good update for people, read consumer reports for information, not necessarily atings…read reviews onlike like home depot and lowes, which has a LOT of choices, and they had 11% off the week i purchased my dishwasher!

Rock Chops says:

Most things aren’t dishwasher safe,money better spent on a nice farm basin sink that will last a lifetime and spring faucet.

Can. We. Reach. 22 millónSubs Crayfish says:

Also , what is all this crap about savings? What are you saving if you have to run the dishwasher twice to get your dishes clean? Amazing how people are obsessively brainwashed with this notion. I want performance and savings. The only way it’s possible is with an older appliance. I have compared my power bill beginning with the new appliance against the old ones and it’s not even 30 cents worth of difference.thats another myth.we live on a place filled with water, it shouldn’t be an issue. All these government regulations make life miserable for the business and consumer

Jeffrey Richardson says:

Linda and Debbie’s…

Can. We. Reach. 22 millónSubs Crayfish says:

Before you buy a dishwasher buy vintage because these new pieces of crap stainless steel coated appliances are not worth the money. They are cheaply made

Phyllis Snook says:

Very good video; you speak directly to consumers, with clear & concise words! I have a granite countertop and was worried it would damage it but was told at Lowes that if I bought one with a SS inside, I’d have no problems!

Ben Payne says:

thanks very much. brief and clearly expressed.

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