18″ Compact Portable Dishwasher Setup and Demo – Kenmore Review

Owning a dishwasher is very helpful, and even in small spaces, a portable model is a great option. Here’s a demo of my portable Kenmore dishwasher, which works great, and saves time and effort.


tracy hernandez says:

Great video… I’m actually looking to purchase a portable dishwasher and thus was extremely helpful to see the loading and cleaning of the dishes. And I agree with your statement about not understanding friends that have dishwashers and don’t use them! I especially hate when parents have dishwashers but make kids wash by hand…. They think it wastes water/electric. Not only are they wrong as dishwashers use less water than handwashing but dishwashers clean well and sanitize on right setting. Anyway can’t wait to get my dishwasher!!! BTW… Love the Mario cup!!!

Angel Walker says:

You did an excellent job showing us how to use it. Your video was very informative and helpful. Thank you.

Sharon Peek says:

This was an excellent video! I was raised washing dishes by hand, and thought no dishwasher could outdo me, but you have totally sold me on a unit like this. Thanks!

Dougc3157 says:

Good job, but you shouldn’t put anything over the tines as you did on the top rack with the cuos. This machine has 2 level washing action with the center tower that comes uo and sprays the dishes in the upper rack. You can find a owners manual for the machine on the Internet that will tell you everything you need to know about your new machine, good luck with it.

poisonesse says:

Excellent video, you did a good job showing this appliance off to it’s best! I actually owned a similar dishwasher years ago, when I would have needed to remove cabinets to put in a regular dishwasher, and it did an excellent job! And it also seconds as extra countertop space when cooking or entertaining! And yes, I too, loved my portable dishwasher! One thing you neglected to mention though, is that they suggest you run your water in the faucet until it’s hot before starting the cycle, it saves on energy heating the water with the washer. But still, great video!

Ruth Presti says:

Thank you so much for this helpful video. I live alone in a tiny house, so I never thought I would bother with a dishwasher, but I am noticing that with age, my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, and I am finding that I miss more and more smudges, blobs, whatever, so I think this is the answer.

Alfredo de Jesus Viso says:

I love dishwashers.

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