What is a Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

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Join Marc and Morgan as they discuss the features, capabilities and components of super-automatic espresso machines. Learn key terms associated with super-automatics such as “bean to cup” and “one touch”. Automatically steam and froth milk for a latte, macchiato or cappuccino right in the comfort of your own home!


Zlatan Radojevic says:

that was very helpful

Hant420 says:

i was thinking of the tassimo and other coffee makers and thought i want to combine these with the high end essprasso machines and make the most awesome coffee maker ever but thanks to youtube i found this vid and my dream of making the most awesome coffee maker has now been crushed thank u guys lol but really they r way better than my idea 🙂

maria I says:

no tip jar or attitude. LMAO!

Whole Latte Love says:

Hi, thanks for joining us! We do not have a video on the Expobar Athena machine. But you can find a ton of information on this machine on our website by clicking on the link in the description and using the search bar to locate the Expobar Athena Espresso Machine.

Ludmila Gornitsky says:

Hi, what kind of coffee beans/brands are best to use?

Steven Coffee says:

very helpful, i’m subscribing to your page now!

Ryan Morgan says:

that was SUPER thorough and very helpful, thank you

Donna Taylor says:

Hello again,
is there a machine that let’s you control the temperature of the milk? we would like one that does the grinding,tamping,and discarding of the grounds automatically. We can’t seem to find one. is there one available?

saamssonn _898 says:

But witch one is the best even though all of them look and sound amazing from how you explained their abilities.Cause for me personally I love very hot cappuccino such as the white chocolate witch brewer do you recommend.

Aslo Aso says:

You left out the Breville Oracle espresso machine

Noonooooo says:

am glad i watched this

Expedition987654321 says:

Does the coffee taste better than technivorm coffee?

MakeupDrShari Smith says:

I appreciate you sharing. I am new to making my own espresso and considering purchasing a machine. This was very helpful.

William Bonney says:

I want one that’s awesome

Lily Chao says:

If you want an iced drink, say a latte or macchiato do you just put it over ice? If so wouldn’t it taste watered down? Also, have you heard of the Korinto Super Automatic Espresso Brewer? Are they a good machine? Thanks.

Whole Latte Love says:

Glad you found the video helpful! Let us know if you have any questions 🙂

Donna Taylor says:

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I read the reviews on the one that makes 2 lattes at the same time. it seems like one of the reviewers couldn’t get it too make both drinks at the same time. That worries me..lol Im leaning towards the Jura Impressa Z9 TFT. It’s a little more than my budget,but I’m hoping it will be well worth it. Thank you for your help!!

Ayenalm Shigute says:

Waww very God wear are u send me your contains

Kargadan says:

thank you very helpful

real or fake finder Virgin90. says:

* steam

Mega Petra says:

you forgot the delonghi ec 860 😀

Donna Taylor says:

Thanks so much for your help. We actually bought the Giga 5 last week,but sadly, returned it. The lattes were coming out at 120 degrees. My husband read through everything,and had everything turned up on high too. We are not the type of people who like our drinks Super Hot. We like ours at 140 degrees. Since the Giga 5 couldn’t give us that,we are searching again. We will look into the one you suggested. Thanks so much!

Family Fun and Kids Entertainment says:

cool shared

Ton Van dijk says:

What can I do when the machine has no power? He is right connected but after two years, there is no power when I put on the button.

Nick F says:

These people know there coffee. All I do is dump coffee, strain it, and drink. o.o

Rola Fawzeya says:

i have a similar machine called SEVERIN Piccola , small but very powerfull . 
i think its like the Jura not sure but better than others i suppose

Ton Van dijk says:

Sorry I forgoy to tell that I have the Saeco Intella one touch cappuccino
Hope you know what I can do.

Whole Latte Love says:

It does depend on how much you want to spend. The Gaggia Accademia is a great all-in-one machine for that price point. Feel free to give one of our sales reps a call if you’re looking for additional information. 1-888-411-5282 option 1.

The PrimaDonna S Deluxe is not available in the U.S.

Donna Taylor says:

Hello,my husband makes our lattes in the morning. Each cup has 2 ahots. Is there any machine that can make these drinks without him having to make each latte separately? Budget up to 3k. Thanks so much!

real or fake finder Virgin90. says:


real or fake finder Virgin90. says:

thanks for the geat vedio , iam searching for the best and the cheepest prcie for an espresso machine with team service

Roman Smolkin says:

Where can I get that glass coffee cup that you are showing a latte in, in the beginning of the video. I’ve looked everywhere for some of those wide coffee cups in glass, and can’t find a set.

Davide Campanello says:

Thank you.  Well done, with all my questions answered.

Mohammed Riad says:

is the water tank made from Polystyrene???

Whole Latte Love says:

lol super-automatic machines really are awesome! Thanks for watching!

Stephanie Hamilton says:

What’s that awesome looking copper machine with the eagle on it in the background?

Shyla Smith says:

my gran dama stopped working yesterday for the first time in 4 years of coffee, lattes and cappuccinos  3 and 4 times daily 
. A blue light illuminates de 3 rectangle bottoms that you press for expresso, cappuccino or latte. Everything else is shut down. unplugged and plugged in several times to try to boost the machine. cleaned the parts that are removable. what next? who in the US (florida) is capable of giving me a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Thanks. RMM

Charlie Chan says:

All the videos about automatic coffee machines,which one do u like the best?does it depend on how much you want to spend?
Is the Delonghi Primadonna S Deluxe available in the U.S?

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