Top 5 Best Automatic Coffee Machines of 2018

Top 5 best bean to cup coffee machines of 2018. Review picks for winners in 5 categories of super automatic espresso machines: Best Value, One-Touch machines, Most Versatile, Style & Design and High Capacity. Plus honorable mentions in each category. These machines make latte, cappuccino, espresso, coffee and more from whole bean coffee ground fresh for every cup.

Learn more about the winners:
Best Value: Gaggia Brera

One-Touch: Gaggia Accademia:

Most Versatile: Jura Giga 5

Style & Design: Jura A1 in Piano White

High Capacity: Gaggia Anima XL

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Ahmad As says:

Hey mark , amazing review. What do you think of jura e8 ?

U Can't Drive UK says:

@wholelattelove Which bean to cup machine gives you the most grind settings for espresso? I’d like to focus on being able to dial in the ‘perfect’ grind for a better taste.

Jorge Corbera says:

Very thorough review and I’ve been enjoying them. I currently have a Saeco Odea Giro and want something similar, maybe a step up. The grinder motor just stopped working so I’m going for something reliable and resilient. What do you suggest? Thanks!

Anjuli M says:

Thank you. However, it is still very overwhelming/confusing for me to figure out what Semi automatic or automatic Espresso machine to get for the first time buyers? I’m not looking for ALL bells and whistles. We’re mainly drip coffee drinkers but, we do enjoy Americano and latte. What we’re looking for Mostly – (1) Makes Good espresso of course. (2) Ease of use and cleaning/maintenance (3) Doesn’t take forever to brew as we’re in a rush in the mornings and use travel mugs. (4) Milk frothing is good to have (5) anything else is bonus.

What would You recommend we look into getting for first time buyers? Do they make regular coffee? Thank you 🙂

WestUCoog says:

The Gaggia Academia is just a rebodied Saeco Excelsis Evo. Good, because the new Excelsis is terrible.

Ou8y2k2 says:

“Accademia” should be the one that takes 8 years to make.

DegenerateProduction says:

Flow dial I think I love you…

LoKi says:

When you come for an unbiased review but they just promote their sponsor again.

Matthew Iannatto says:

Hello! How many cups should the Accademia yield before having to change the drip tray?

Love your videos, by the way!

Todd T says:

I would like to see a comparison of which makes the best espresso and coffee, taste wise. I am also curious about the espresso shot size. I only drink double espressos and found super auto shot to be a bit weak. Was setting up a Jura (that I recommended for a friend) and found as I was dialing in the grinder for greater intensity and flavour, the vibe pump would dead head and stall when I went too fine. I was very familiar with the beans as I brought them, and they were fresh from one of the local roasters I deal with.

Curious as to who had the best temperatures and stability for superior taste.

Good espresso for good mixed drinks…

Val Zavedyuk says:

Hi there, what about the Miele cm6350. What are your thoughts?

Marcel LeMay says:

I love my gaggia accademia. Mine is probably 7 or 8 years old now, and we use it daily. It’s been one of my favorite purchases ever and has paid for itself many times over compared to buying coffee at Starbucks. Plus Starbucks can’t even come close for a quality cup of coffee compared to what I make at home.

MrChittyChad says:

$1500 for the one touch machine… Ouch.

Roasting Thyme says:

Amazing! I spent 45 min at Starbucks yesterday waiting for my coffee. I don’t have that time to waste. I’d also like to learn the cappuccino art. Be fun when I have guests.

hayan moualla says:

Thanks Mark, as usual great work reviewing and guiding customers through the many options for great coffee.
I have a question though regarding super-automatic machines. Is there any rational basis for my fear of brewing my daily espresso in plastic, since all super-automatic machine have brew units made of plastic, which will be exposed to 200 degree temperature while brewing? Is there any data on the type of plastic used to make brew units in super-automatics? I’ve been wanting to buy the Accademia for a few months now, but hesitating due to this fear. I Have looked at a Breville dual boiler or Oracle merely because I am thinking the brewing heat is in metal brew head. Any comment or data? Thanks a lot.

SherifEgypt says:

Hey Mark,
Good vid as usual.
I’ve G. Brera based on ur recommendation 1.5 yrs ago, and it’s still performing amazingly as good as new after, almost, exceeding 5000 essos.
More interesting, few days ago I’d something hard ((Looks like nutshell)) stuck in its grinder. The machine stopped the cycle promptly & gave a warning “Without burning the grinder” which is a smart feature adds to the value of the machine.
It gets even more amazing, when I tell u that I could disassemble the machine & the grinder to get rid of this hard thing from between the burrs of the grinder, and then reassemble it without watching any reviews or how tos, or even having the right set of screwdrivers “hex heads.” It’s so easy & intuitive, thank you.

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