Top 3 Espresso Machines Of 2018

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Alex Landry says:

i just wish i could drop $1,700 on an espresso machine

Abu Meshal says:

Oops … Is there a saeco machine that controls or allocates extraction time and quantity of water?. Thank you

Raven Media says:

Cost wise these aren’t even close, I thought I was going to buy the first one but now im lost.

2019 nurhadi-aldo presiden says:

Is this rocket machine still worth it for now?for commercial?
Sry, im from indonesia

iggyman83 says:

The Italian machines are reliable but clunky old dinosaurs. Buyer beware: they make good coffee but they get in the way and are for enthusiasts only. Whether it’s the 30 minute heat-up time, the messy grinder, the need to dial in beans not only once a day, but throughout it – they are only convenient and fast when making many coffees back to back. In terms of in the cup, a good grinder paired with something like a Breville Barista Express gets you just as good coffee with greater convenience. I actually moved from an Expobar heat exchanger to a Delonghi fully auto due to kids and wanting to spend more time with them and less time with the machine, and wouldn’t go back. While you can get a better shot out of the Expobar, the Delonghi is good enough for my needs and does it automatically. It is also heads and shoulders above pod coffee. I’m wasting less grind, using less coffee (14gms per shot vs 18gms – there’s no channelling in the pressurised chamber so extraction is better) and am enjoying more consistent espresso and milk drinks, and can make weaker coffees for family without re-dialling in my grind. I do lose some customisation, but can still change water temp, dose size, and make whatever I want. The Long function uses lower pressure brewing to make a long coffee (drip style) which is quite nice.

JoseGabelaCuesta says:

Come on, still recomending Silvia in 2018?
Much better options, ECM Casa V just to name one

WeBuild4Life says:

For the same Price, the CC1 is going to be much better than the Silvia

Victor Hall says:

I love my Silvia. The PID add-on is well worth it.

HigherPlanes says:

Mmm, that appartamento would look great in my apartment.

Taylor Surratt says:

I’m a beginner and I purchased a Breville Duo-Temp Pro for around $300. Could y’all do a comparison between the Rancilio Silvia and the Duo-Temp Pro?

Ltvn1968 says:

Well…….in the search for a great espresso I got a bit discouraged at the prices. I finally started looking at hand operated machines and discovered the Flair. There is also a new one out called the Flair Pro. I suggest you take a look at these. Quality all the way and an awesome shot!

caveman_period says:

Very informative. I like it how concentrated info capsule you delivered about each machine..

Jonathan Mondejar says:

How about Breville Oracle? why is it not on the list?

Beat Chemist says:

You guys are crazy for not including any of the offerings from Breville. They have some of the best features and reliability at the entry level.

Yiannis Archontides says:

I want to get your opinion on a good value for money buy on a non pressurized filtered basket espresso machine please.
Thank you !

Audio Fella says:

Just happened upon this video, then looked at the prices… Holy shit!!!!!! Who the F would spend that much money on a coffee machine LOL yall are insane!!!

nick brice says:

I bought my 1st expresso machine last year,I went for the Rancillio Silvia, i”m really happy with it. It took a lot of experimenting with my grinder to get a shot I was happy with and create micro foam with the wand.

Eugene Dela Cuesta says:

cosa ne pensate della Lelit pl042lem?
avevo intenzione di comprarlo ma non riesco a trovarci nessun viedeo

Christopher Moss says:

Oh dear, I bought so many machines. Much as I love them all for one reason or another (mostly cool art deco design, but not a ‘”vibrant touchscreen” ever!) my old Saeco Vienna Plus still makes better coffee than the replacements I tried. I shall keep it going as long as I can with O-rings from eBay and a soldering iron. Someone should tell Philips there is a fortune to be made from an old design that still beats anything else and doesn’t involve anything that looks like a smartphone app! I’m guilty of falling prey to coffee-machine-coolness, but the Vienna still makes better coffee than I can with manual or semiautomatic machines, and any cup I have ever bought anywhere. Roasting your own beans is more important than buying the latest machine, and if my Vienna ever dies beyond my recalling it back to life, I’ll keep roasting my own beans and use a napoletana/cuccumella for the simple pleasure of great coffee.

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