Top 3 Espresso Machines of 2017

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TheSexikiwi says:

Love my breville infuser.


Do not buy a breville!!! I have had soo many problems.

SuperDave21 says:

Hey Josh….. I get my notifications that you’ve put up a new video, click the link and the page loads up then I spend quite a while trying to figure out where the video is…..  Is there anyway to put the videos in order of uploading?  Sure would save time and confusion…..  Thanks.

Oscar Martinez says:

Did he forget the prices? Or did I miss it…

Jandre F says:

Hi. What is your comment on the Crossland cc1. The infuser seems nice but i have heard many complaints on quality. Any comment on that as well?

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

I’m very sorry to say but las 1 year or so you are just pretty much repeating yourself and for someone who’s been watching since 2008 it’s not too much fun anymore.
Please bring some coffee experiment,taste tasting and just something more creative than this.
You’ve talked about these 3 machines for example many times before.

John Gilman says:

Be nice if he just mentioned prices.

EpicMarshm4llow says:

Linea mini? Guess it wasn’t released in 2017

Antoine Thisdale says:

That Rocket is so dope.

Edgar Hernandez says:

Why does the Breville Infuser looks exactly like the Solis Caffespresso Type 117? is it just a rebranding for europe?

Chris P says:

I have an entry level VESUVIUS espresso machine and COMPAK E10 grinder and I absolutely love them…! Oh yeah, there are not exactly cheap, only a $6K set up but can’t put up with some crappy machines anymore

Daniel Nguyen says:

Do you find it difficult to dial in shots with a pressurized portafilter? To me it seems like pressurized portafilters are designed to use with preground espresso.

Maxim Mee says:

all Breville have teflon tubing/hose from boiler out.
if you are okay with plastic leaching….

Trevor Kurzhal says:

He’s come a LONG WAY as far as product presentation goes. Well done, Josh! Very professional.

Peter Kramsu says:

I would love to see a team review rather than just the opinion of one person. Keep up the good work!

Jason Baskerville says:

That mirror chrome finish is going to get scratches and scruffs. There’s a reason why a lot of machine have a brushed finish to them.

Andrew Z says:

700 dollars for an espresso machine?! Are you insane? Lmao.

Jeannette Arc says:

Oh for crying out loud ! I was SO willing to put in the extra bucks for the Rocket ! That is, UNTIL I heard about the copper boiler. ARE YOU SERIOUS !??? Copper in direct contact with the water ? Pleeeeeease tell me I’ve got it wrong !
I mean, why on earth would they produce such an amazing machine, with TOXIC materials ?
The exteriour design in itself, is that awesome, that I’m ALMOST willing to buy it, in spite of the toxicity risks. However, with an already lousy immune system, I just can’t.
Coffee is one of very few joys in my life, and I’m actually bummed out for saving over $2000.
Go figure. Thx for the review though.

Alex M says:

You ruined any credibility by choosing the Infuser. Poor reliability, horrible pump and aluminum heater. Gaggia Classic makes more sense than that paper weight. I know cause I bought an Infuser. First made it 11 months and it died – it’s warrantied unit made it 8 months. It was so poorly made I chose not to spend $200 on a factory replacement and spent $1600 on a Profitec Pro 500. All my years of struggles with the Breville garbage paid off. I appreciate the Profitec’s build, quality, taste, and outstanding espresso and milk texturing. Stop steering people toward this Breville garbage so many better options especially the Silvia for $150 more or so.

Alan S says:

I bought a Rocky Rancilio about a month ago. I made a mistake and bought the doser model. No problem. I ordered the non doser model from them and they gave me authorization to return the doser model. It was a flawless transaction. Refund was very fast. They are honorable people. You should buy from them.

Marek Zelbert says:

I have Rocket Giotto 2 years now. what a joy !!!!

dika ary says:


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