Top 3 Budget Espresso Machines | SCG’s Top Picks

Want to start brewing espresso at home but don’t want to break the budget? You are in luck! We’ve got our Top 3 budget friendly espresso machines in this video to help you in your search.

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william sobral says:

Here are our top three grinder is what he’s said. I love the video!

Thomas D says:

can you please expand on pressurized vs non pressurized and what that means?

FP2000 says:

nice review brother( Bravo ) lol ……but for a real machine that less la very long time …i would buy the lavazza point for a real espresso ….remember u get what u pay for …i have my lavazza point for 11 yrs now and i make 3-4 espressos every single day….not a problem so far….$750 well spent….i know alot of money but im from italy and i like my espresso to be good lol….i have tryed many machine a nothing comes close to thie one i have, and trust me i am a picky person….well I hope this will help some ppl….and by the way if u guys like cars stop by my channel and take a look at my videos i hope u enjoy ….and if ur enjoy what u see please subscribe, this guy’s channel is awesome, give him a thumbs up and keep it up brother ….very good job !!

Jesus H Medrano says:

ec155 good starter machine, lets know if u want to keep going on this hobby. i got the silvia after the ec155 personally as a stepping stone i would skip the silvia and look for another more.professional single.boiler. or just go all out surrently running a profitec pro 500 beautiful.machine

2000SkyView says:

Pressurized basket?  What is that?

only4fun38 says:

Breville have very poor customer service!

Yvonne Moreno Madrid Spain says:

top 3 best buy???? I used the delonghi EC 680.M, really disappointed me.

Will Newcomb says:

We bought a Dedica a month or so ago. The first one leaked excessively from the underside. We sent it back the next day. 10 days later we were sent a replacement Dedica. That leaked excessively like the first. We sent it back next day. 10 days later a 3rd Dedica arrived. That leaked excessively like the other 2. That went back the next day and we demanded our money back.

We now have a Delonghi ECO310. It’s not as convenient or fast as the Dedica but it doesn’t leak!

Conclusion: don’t risk it. Stay away from the Dedica. I’ve checked on several review sites and many people comment about the same leaking problem!

Elizabeth McDonald says:

I have the small expreso machine but I’m not sure if this should happen but the portafilter basket falls out when I hit it to try to get out the puck. the basket falls out but the puck stays in. why is this and is it normal.

Calamity0Switch says:

“here are our top three grinders”, and that audio hiss lol, thanks for the vid tho

Very Nice Person says:

I am using Dedica with non-pressurized baskets. You can buy them on Amazon for a few dollars. Results are great. Pressurized baskets should land in the trashcan the minute Dedica has been delivered.

One note – don’t try to de-pressurize original Dedica baskets. I did it and the result was not good, there was only minor improvement.

The biggest flaw of the Dedica is the milk frothing system, you can’t make a proper, micro-foam for latte-art, even if you remove the auto-foaming add-on and use bare steam wand. Result will be much better, but still not good enough for latte-art. Unless I am using a wrong milk, which is possible.

Brad Kennett says:

What kind of watch are you wearing looks noith!

Hayley Jeffs says:

So do you have recommendations for top 3 affordable but quality grinders?

Waltski says:

Great video …I ordered the Breville, as I have other Breville appliances I use and love. Cannot wait to start experimenting (BTW…I did buy a Breville grinder as well).

Todd Soden says:

Top threes grinders? Grinders on the brain josh?

Silvertree 21 says:

I trust your research + Love your channel.

Hayden Daviau says:

The EC-155 is great and really reliable. I’ve used mine for years and it’s fantastic!

Matthew says:

the unpressurized Mr Coffee 4101 filter cups (purchased on amazon) fit in the Delonghi Dedica, they drastically improve the quality of the machine.

thart says:

why the Breville duo pro instead of the Breville Barista express? And, if you have $1,000 for your first espresso machine and grinder what doeserless grinder for the Breville duo temp pro that would allow you to “upgrade” the machine later and stick with the same grinder?

Cuban Nerd says:

I’ve had the EC-155 for a little over 1 year and it’s been a pretty good machine. I also have a budget burr grinder that is pretty decent. I want to upgrade my gear but I’m not sure if I should upgrade the machine or the grinder in this case.

Janet Ingersoll says:

Great video – very clear, concise and easy to understand for a novice – thanks. Can you tell me the size – width and height – of the breville duo temp

Mary McC. says:

Great video – this is exactly what I was looking for!  It helps to do these once in a while for beginners like me (who don’t live in Seattle surrounded by the best – haha).  Thanks!

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

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rp says:

thanks for your top3 videos. could you please also do a top3 double boilers? it would give to see your top picks for the middle of the road machines

jaayx says:

I got my delongi EC155 and it just steams from the bottom tray, tried everything minus prying it apart to fix it (shipping back is half the price of the machine).

berry more says:

Are the main differences between budget and expensive espresso machines because of steel body and programable functions?

Zach Berinstein says:

no gaggia classic?

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