The WiFi Coffee Machine – Review

Instead of going to a coffee house to use their WiFi, why not let a Coffee machine use your home WiFi …or something like that. You can see the product and look at alternative reviews on Amazon UK (CLICK SHOW MORE)
The coffee machine I’ll continue using instead is a Senseo Sarista. It may be discontinued – but still available on ebay here: It used to require pre-filled coffee bean funnels, but Philips discontinued these and sold a refillable one instead that you put your own beans into. My old video about it is here: and despite most of the comments and reviews doubting its reliability…it’s still working fine almost 3 years later.


mouad choukri says:

i really enjoye your videos
cheers from morocco

Windows98 says:

you can use a cup when you tape that button

Irmantas Irmantasd says:

thanks 🙂

bitblt says:

Capsule summary: “It’s a bit crap, innit?”

Phlop Alopagus says:

Complete halfassery. Classic case of rushing to market with little testing and the lack of a lid for the beans is two thumbs down.

Jan Christian Frodahl says:

This thing is worthless..
It doesn`t work 90% of the time, and what good is WiFI when you have to disassemble and jiggle the thing five times before it works..?
It was supposed to be metal, it is not it was supposed to have a lid, and it was supposed to work, lol..

DrunkyMcSwervencrash says:

One thing you probably _wouldn’t_ want is to have one of these machine installed at the office. Imagine you get it all going remotely and Chad from Accounting steals your coffee.

cyrosystems says:

Mine came with a plastic lid for the bean holder. says:

thanks for a great review, you save me a pile of frustrations

Andris Skullcandy says:

the time i need to join wifi than this shit is more than make an instant coffee

Ahmad Dakhlallah says:

Hey, why can’t you tast?

ALIAS says:

hey, he has the same coffe set as me (wow im boring)

Joel Weidenfeld says:

When you come home from WORK or better yet it should estimate your home arrival time so that the second you walk in, it automatically makes coffee, goes to the drug dealer in a cop infested area, buys some heroin and cocaine, prepares you lines of each, calls a hooker and has her serve it all to you as you immediately come in and jump in bed.

Trevor Dunne says:

I got the Ikettle almost as bad

northhankspin says:

My Cuisinart DGB-900BC has a cover for the beans. and its basically the same platform as your fancy wifi one


To make it work, you simply need to be more carafe-full.

drnickyp says:

This is very expensive. I’m not going to buy one.
I don’t even drink coffee.

I may be green with a blue nose 😉

hesham fouad says:

nice video was fun ,machine wasnt the best i was waiting for u to measure how hot is the coffee coming out serving temp is 82c i guess

Eric Mackrodt says:

Whoa, that’s a weird UI. The darker circle is the selected one.

dizzyandwasted says:

Great review

Serhiy Lonko says:

Good review. This swill is not coffee.

Adam Morrow says:

How does this work with Amazon Echo? Thanks

Roger Hudson says:

Not a good machine, waste of money.

DieselIab67 says:

Techmoan is finally Techmoaning!

CraftingMuff says:

6:06 “the homo”?! heeheehee

Samuel Kraus says:

i love you and the ibook guy

Mike G says:

An app to make coffee , jsut come home and make it 100% pointless

penguin44ca says:

15 bucks for a machine with a timer. Set it and go to bed. This is needless, however, a cool video.

ThePyrosirys says:

You want coffee? hold up, let me connect my machine to the internet so that a Chinese botnet gets installed on it

yourtv says:

Great video.

Raidoom says:

Well I got one of these brand new for $73(it was supposedly 70% off). Do you think it’s worth it for that price?

matt moran says:

I think I’ll just stick to my cheap but really good filter coffee machine that I got from aldi. that machine you have shown costs £160 in maplin electronics! talk about adding features for the sake of it leaves me asking why oh why over engineer a simple but proven kitchen appliance to that degree?

jmm1233 says:

not exactly suitable for wifi

microsoftafu says:


Mords 1 says:


Logan babcock says:

Since you like gadgets when it comes to coffee, consider the Aeropress. Designed in burger land, and creates one of the smoothest coffees I’ve ever had, its also is less acidic, so people with acidity problems can have coffee again. It’s a bit of work, granted, but it’s worth it.

It’s relatively cheap, too.

Beanyboy305 says:

Where is your Philips coffee machine video gone mat?

Matthew Dieck says:

Your name is Matt?

HiFiD says:

Haha this was a bit of a let down at the end, when I was hoping to get a reason why there was no lid. Nope, just a garbage coffee maker 🙂

m1lky says:

how in the hell do you bring up having no sense of taste in a video with comments disabled? So I’m commenting here

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