The best coffee maker you can buy

Coffee keeps us happy, awake and — on those very rough mornings — alive. This is the best machine to ensure you a quality brew.


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radu_c says:

i love these series of videos but please leave the coffee stuff to the Italians 😉 and try a simple italian coffee maker… no electricity just mokka aroma 😀

chad mcdonald says:

did the apple coffee maker win?

lifesavrdwd says:

Here you are talking about how to brew a good cup of coffee and in this video then you are taking the carafe and using it to fill the water reservoir!  You simple never, never do that.  No matter how well you clean the carafe it is considered contaminated, you need to use a separate water device that is only used for water.  I am sorry if I am coming off a little strong here, but you only have to contaminate the coffee machine once with a not completely cleaned carafe, to then contaminate all your cups of coffee from then on.  To me when you are paying this kind of money for a coffee maker and also assuming a large amount on good quality beans, freshly ground, and then do that to the coffee maker, it is a sin!

Devil Dog says:

For me the Technivorm KBT-741 is the best.

sam manchester says:

stick to your strengths. if your opinion of the best coffee maker is a machine that: has one button, a ten degree margin of error on water temp, and magically doesn’t pour that water too quickly over beans that you’ve had to grind yourself, then you’re really just recommending an expensive substitute for a kettle that you pour yourself. thumbs down

jrbleau says:

I roast my beans in a hot air popcorn popper and I brew my coffee in a single-serve stainless steel restaurant-type teapot, run it through a wire mesh strainer with a basket filter in it and the coffee is cheap yet exquisite. It’s also much faster than any of these expensive contraptions.

DrewwTastic says:

Coffee <3

Everyday Products says:

No espresso machine on that list ?

therealKINDLE says:

TOP 5 Coffee I like to drink in the UK:

*5. Café Direct: Kilimanjaro [Blue; 3]*
It’s dry tangy taste really dissolves to a pleasant after-taste. If you have the money, try their Kopi Project!

*4. Taylors: Lava Java [Black Red; 6]*
For days when you need something to blow fire into your lungs! This isn’t about the taste! This is about the buzz you get afterwards!

*3. Asda Extra Special: Javan Volcanic Island [Red; 5]*
Most high numbered coffees have all the flavour notes burnt out of them, but this is the exception. It’s so chocolatey! But it has that “omg I can’t stop drinking this” balance of richness!

*2. Ikea: Bryggkaffe Morkrost [Green; 2]*
Although it says “Medium”, I believe this has a very light roast. The results of leaving the bean more intact is a very Tea like flavour! And a high caffeine content! The natural sweetness of this coffee is insane & if you put sugar in it.. it tastes like “Nice Biscuits”! Without a doubt the strangest but most identifiable coffee I’ve tried! God bless the Swedes!

*1. Bewley’s 1840: Gold Roast [Yellow/Gold; 3]*
OK! So this is Irish! But you can still buy it online from the UK! What can I say? For something that sounds so generic, this is anything BUT. Never have I found in tasting over 120 coffees something so resiliently diverse. It doesn’t matter how you brew this.. it comes out tasting phenomenal. It has a slight Banoffee undertone but is such a defined taste no matter how little of it you use!
And if you want a stronger cup, the same bean is slow roasted at extremely LOW temperatures to produce their much acclaimed 100 year perfected Espresso Coffee; which … Pffff.. fuck me. is sublime. This company doesn’t fuck around.
Their Award Winning “Kenya” [Blue] with it’s odd but exciting Bubblegum like undertones keeps you coming back for more! I’ve just started trying their Araku India bean too now & there isn’t a bitter or acidic note to them.

A few mentions go out to Pact Coffee in London for their Apple, Black Currant & Cinnamon like coffees, to Utopia’s “Muddy Duck” coffee – Southend on Sea, to the Malty La Costa bean, & Percol’s Black & Beyond.

nathan074 says:

Yeah I’ll take coffee advise from Americans hahaha funny.

Graigoree Jones says:

This is my favorite series on the verge. Hard to believe it’s been about a year since this started!

Jack Stephenson says:

Looks like a less good technivorm

OzzY - CS:GO and more! says:

Haha when I first saw the title I thought of Breaking Bad

freshramses says:

I would like to know if my boiling water has to run through Chinese made plastic pipes and nozzles in this machine.

奥村 麻子 says:

For filter coffee (which is the worst coffee of all) a $25 heat/drip machine will produce same results as this Bonavita theft machine. Brewing coffee like this largely and pretty much only depends on the coffee brand and what filters you use, the machine is the least important part in this equation – so again, paying anything above $50 for a heat & drip machine is like throwing money out the window.

Denis Lama says:

dislike cause your choices don’t run android lollipop

Aditya Salunke says:

All it needs is a kettle and a grinder

john chan says:

Last time I check, It takes me around 1 hour to completely clean my coffee machine….

get a one easier to clean guys

Leonardo 09 says:

So put a chemex under the bonavitta

Zach Groenewald says:

Because I’m mostly making coffee only for myself (we’re a very small company) I love my Aeropress. Stop kettle at about 82C (180F), pour, stir, press, drink. It also taste great. To clean, pop coffee into bin, rinse. It’s also great for experimenting with different brew styles if you’re not just looking to get your caffeine fix.

Michael Wenye Li says:

Please make a video of best fitness app!

Lukasz Pojezierski says:

Poor Americans, how could you drink drip-brewed coffee?

Freddie Slaughter says:

Its a matter of what coffee you use and its a matter of taste. I use an AeroPress and also a Cleaver coffee dripper, both make a great cup of coffee. I grind my own coffee beans and I only like Sumatra Mandheling, Kenya AA, Columbian and Ethiopian Yirgachefe coffee beans.

The Butter | الزبــــدة says:

you made a whole video and couldnt attach a ****** link??

Ricky Medrano says:

Never use the carafe to fill the water reservoir!!!  There are left over coffee oils in there that come out in the water and become burned during the brew process.  This is what gives coffee a sour/acidic kick that you speak of.  Always use a clean vessel to fill the reservoir with water.

justace123 says:

Its a shame you all didn’t test out the Behmor Brazen Plus. Consistently rated a little higher than the Bonavita 1800 and 1900ts. The Bonavitas’ are amazing machines, as I’d gladly take one, but I have a Brazen, and I must say it makes the best tasting drip I’ve had. My grandmother’s Technivorm is also stupendous, but is really too much to ask people to pay for a high quality machine (over $300). All three brands are SCAA certified, which is the best you can get. +The Verge

Daniel Duarte says:

Thank God Apple doesn’t have a coffee maker.

Smart Tech says:


Andrew Toler says:

Damn hipsters

ProTronics says:

You’re spending 350.00 on the Ottomatic so that it will perform the ‘pour-over’ function for you — not just ‘heat water’.  Otherwise you have to babysit the Chemex vessel yourself adding more and more hot water at 30 sec intervals for 3 mins.  If your time is valuable, allowing the Ottomatic to take over this function is well worth the extra 300.00.

Bryan Ramey says:

Chemex Ottomatic is way too expensive. Its a shame because I would buy it if it was $120 or even $150. I do see that you can use the Bonavita for your Chemex.

Jay P says:

Very subjective review. No case studies and the descriptions make it sound like this was a sponsored video.

John Texas says:

Even after a few centuries, every generation still comes up with people like this young man who get so damn judgmental about a beverage that has a world-wide spectrum of flavors and preferences. Is this boy a shill for Bonavita?

Fake Name says:

Very poor sound mix.

Topias Salakka says:

Doubt it’s better than my budget Moccamaster.

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