ROK Manual Espresso Maker – REVIEW

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The ROK Espresso Maker is a fully manual, non-electric espresso maker. Made with durable engine-grade metal backed by a 10 year warranty, this is made to last! We found the ROK makes a fantastic Espresso or Caffè Americano. The included stainless steel milk frothier is a little weak, but without electricity, it does what you’d expect from a simple bubble maker. As a great bonus, the ROK is shipped with a reusable storage tin, perfect for carrying around and portability.

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Matt Kalisky says:

You should have a lot more subs. You’re one of the best tech reviewers.

Tony Giusto says:

I would only buy that thing for camping or cottaging.

Other than that it looks like a gimmicky piece of crap a Hipster would buy cause it looks cool on a kitchen counter.

Christian Monte says:

good vid may buy one

BonesTheCat says:

This with the Bialetti Milk Frother.

Sameer Elnabawy says:

I like it

Neil harshil says:

Ben ur my favorite tech reviewer so plz keep up the great work

Docprepper says:

Not a chance I’d pay that much for it. But I’d love to have one for traveling

Stiffcross Tech h says:

first one to comment.

Official ESK8FR & UNIKBOARDS Founder says:

get a jura instead !

Avesta says:

more videos on transport or drones or im moving to the verge no threat intended ill stay subbing because sometimes u hav cool vids! XD

sukhjeet Singh says:


lulzmoney99 says:

oh my god I love how they have a clip of that frother when they say “no one will be winning any barista competitions with this”… yep… you got that right lmfao… that frother looks so awful… The actual ROK unit looks really nice… that frother and that tamper tho, my god… they really dropped the ball on those lol.

Craig D'Amico says:

I got 3 of these at Marshalls 10 years ago for $5 each. That’s when they were made by All-Clad (All-Clad originally sold them for $99, but then stopped and gave all their inventory to Marshalls) Seriously. They are Awesome, and I feel lucky I got them basically for Free.

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