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The Tassimo Bosch T20 home brewer is the ideal single-serve drink maker for small spaces, like apartment countertops or dorm rooms. With its compact modern design, this home brewing system makes coffee, tea, lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and hot chocolate in about one minute. Using T-Discs with advanced barcode technology, each drink is made using the perfect water amount, water temperature and brew time. The result is a hot beverage of coffeehouse quality made quickly and affordably at home.

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rayman2012rayman says:

thank you for the review just ordered one from amazon £60

Bora Elmas says:

thanks, that was the best coffee i’ve ever tasted.

michael noslen says:


Flash The Hyena says:

Butun WTF

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

🙂 Enjoy your cup,

Desiree Kraemer says:

I had an issue with that with my first Keurig (also a personal coffee maker), to me, it seems like a minor malfunction that probably happened when the machine was being put together.

I got the Keurig replaced with one of the same model that I already had and it worked the way it’s supposed to, so maybe, if your warranty isn’t up, you could try that?

Mind you, I don’t know for sure if any of this is true, it’s just a general assumption based off of my own experience.

ahmed Raza says:

not useful video. the other video is better than this one. this guy give to much details what makes people confused. please whats other videos for easy instruction


Can this model (t20) make also cold coffees?

SadisticFella says:

Ahhh the good old Mult EYE

DieBrous says:

thanks a lot for this review! 🙂 

steffydog1 says:

15.49 video, could have been done in 5 mins, no need to say everything 5 times.

Robert Heselwood says:

I just watched you video on how to make latte coffee with the Tassimo coffee machine and we have the T20, After the coffee has been put into the glass, we then put in the milk T disc, but nothing happens, and I found by accident I have to keep the button pressed for a while to get the milk and water to come out.
I am obviously missing something.

lu steven says:

Is the Oreo one a coffee?

mastrgen says:

has anyone had any problem with water leaking from the bottom of the tank?  It’s really frustrating considering I purchased 2 more for xmas gifts.  What can I do about this besides return??  Does the T45 water tank leak?  

Heather Durrant says:

Why does My descale light stay on after numerous times descaling?

Ashuriijorgie says:

I was wondering if it’s normal for the T20 to make loud or… “medium-loud(?)” clicking and/or clunking noises as it brews? Mine will make these fairly loud clunking noises after I hit the button, and then it will dispense the coffee. Sometimes half way through it will stop, make these noises, and then continue to finish dispensing the coffee. Is this normal or should I bring it back and exchange it?

TENOCH2012 says:

Very use full video thank you

Tammy Ruda says:

Had the Tassimo T20 for about 3 years and just got the light on that said it is time to clean it and now I cant get that light to turn off. I bought the cleaning disc and used them and the light is still on. What more can I do ?????

Yousef Noori says:

I like this machine, one of my friends has it at his house. But I’ve got to be honest, I like my De’Longhi EC220b’s coffee better. Of course an automatic machine won’t be as good as a real cappuccino machine, and also like my local coffee shop’s coffee roast.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great. Enjoy your cup,

Dominique Ménard says:

Great review!!

Lorraine Trepanier says:

so so good i love my t20 ~

TheCraftingPickaxe says:

hi my machine makes a loud noise after you press the brew button what is the problem

Marilyn Peterson says:

I just got a Tas55xxUC machine. I can not make a latte with it. Why?

Michael Muise says:

It would’ve been helpful to demonstrate putting water in the machine as well,but good video.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thank you and Enjoy your cup,

misst1078 says:

thank you SO MUCH… I’ve been reading the instructions to this and for some reason it wasn’t clear to me. Now I’m excited to use it again thanks!!!

Shelley St.Clair says:

I am wondering if I am allowed to use the taller k cups in this??? If not I have purchased a few boxes without knowing 🙁

Matt Phillips says:

Just made my first cup, it’s amazing

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