Review: Starbucks Verismo 580 Single Serve Espresso and Coffee machine

WHERE to BUY Starbucks Verismo

Starbucks Verismo 580 Espresso machine review by In this video you will learn:
– Starbucks Verismo 580 features
– How to use Starbucks Verismo 580
– How to make Coffee, Latte and Espresso with Starbucks Verismo

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Enjoy your cup,


Nadia Herod says:

I got mine for Christmas from baby and onky used it twice and loved it!

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Yes is does :). Enjoy your cup,

justhamer17 says:

Starbucks VIA® is much better for me..!!


James W Dorsett says:

Very good explanation! Thanks

Carmen Morales says:

This what I want for my birthday

John Schultz says:

Hey Brian, how many ounces does an espresso pod make and how many ounces for a normal coffee pod? Also how good is the crema on the espresso shot? Thanks!

Thomas Rojas says:

Hello! I had a simple question, I was wondering if you could press the coffee button while the coffee is brewing in order to make it stop in order to just get the amount you need or you just get the same amount every time you make coffee? Thanks! 

BiboSpice81 says:


Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thanks :). Enjoy your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thank you. Verismo 580 makes great coffee. The main issue we came with is price. Pods cost around $1 each. So if you are have coffee drinker this might not be a best option. Although you can use CBTL capsules instead of Verismo’s :). Enjoy your cup,

7531monkey says:

oh girl the dirty nails and spray paint fingers, ew

stansarproductionz says:

whats the model name mate?

Jennie Coulter says:

Hey, I was wondering- do you guys know all the distributors that have the k-fee pods? I know we have Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, Starbucks, and CaffiItaly… Are there anymore? 


Phillips Senso HD Latte machine + coffee duck filter OR perfect pod machine = Game Over! Say FU to lucrative pod business. You can make your own pods now save money.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

They just released Verismo 583 and 600. We’ll publish reviews & comparison soon. Stay tuned. Enjoy your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thanks. Enjoy your cup,


Just buy it online and use an adapter plug.

doris castewood says:

I want to ask you whats the best coffee machine to purchase I was interest on this one but is single & I want one so I can brew for 4 person at a time my mother and law is very impatient so I want one that she don’t have to wait..!!

Hilary Jean-Baptiste says:

it’s $40 @staples

shelley olsen says:

What size coffee cups are the ones that you used in the video?

Monica Nicole says:

your wrong, you can make hot chocolate, iced coffee ext with this machine
you can buy the Starbucks syrups, and make almost everything they have in store.. they even have holiday pods and new flavors coming out all the time..

Célia says:

Thank you for the very nice explanation.I just bought my machine today.And i found your video.Now i can make a great coffee.Thanks a lot!!!

FroggieRogerRibbit says:

Had way to many problems with the pumps going out on these machines! I wont buy again.

emily hughs says:

I am currently using the keurig platinum to create a shot of coffee then using an aerolatte to foam my milk to create a latte (I am very dedicated to having a good cup of coffee!!!). I’ve noticed my latte is a bit watery. Do you think I will have a better latte if I buy the verismo? Or will I not notice a huge difference in the quality of the coffee.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thank you for comment. Unfortunately Senseo HD not available in US some reason :(. Enjoy your cup,

Jesus Garnica says:

Hi! Just some random youtube advice! I have this machine and love it dearly, I recommend greatly to froth your own milk using a milk frother or even just using a microwave and small little milk frother from ikea or aerolatte. The using of your own milk makes it taste amazing and you get to save money. Also, you are allowed to double shot an espresso and still yield great results but with stronger flavor. Two good shots topped by your own fresh frothed milk makes a fantastic latte.

Dustin Lindsey says:

I’m lovin’ how this guy is saying button!  LOL

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