Review: Jura S8 Touchscreen Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Review of the Jura S8 automatic bean to cup coffee machine. Marc from Whole Latte Love reviews the Jura S8. New from Jura the S8 features touchscreen control, PEP (Pulse Extraction Process) brewing and adjustable milk froth density for perfect latte, cappuccino, flat white and macchiato. Make your favorite milk-based espresso beverages, coffee, espresso and more from fresh ground whole bean coffee with a tap of the touchscreen.

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judy naruse says:

Hi marc, great video. U mentioned there are 6 settings on the grind control….finest for espresso and coarsiest for coffee. Do u have to re set the control every time u switch from making an espresso to coffee? How does the machine recognize it and at what level should u set the control?

Martin Naskovski says:

Since this is a complicated all in one machine, when parts do wear off or things break, how do I repair it without paying through the nose? Do you ship a diagnostics, repair and maintenance manual with this, or can you teach a customer to do this if there’s no service shops around?

judy naruse says:

Can the S8 make a cafe au lait?

HillbillySelectReviews says:

Just subbed your channel. I added Sunday morning coffee reviews to my wine channel. Look forward to learning from your channel.

Allan Engelhardt says:

How robust do you think the touch screen is? My last Jura lasted some 12 years — any chance this one will last as long?

Mike Wunderlich says:

Great review! Can you tell me the max temp you can get milk at? My currently Jura won’t do much more than 120

AZRiFRaF says:

What is the life expectancy of the water filter? Also is there an actual descaler option for maintenance on the screen?

Kenneth Irvin Jr says:

Marc, I am currently one of “those individuals” that waste money ($$$$) by going through the drive thru every day to purchase my low fat skinny mocha cappuccino. As I do not see my cappuccino habits ending anytime soon I am looking into purchasing a machine. I love the Jura S8 because I do not see myself learning to master the technique as you have anytime soon, so the semiautomatic machines are probably out of the question. My worries are how do the products taste in comparison to a big chain coffee shop, and how much can I tailor/modify a drink with a automatic machine once I learn what taste I enjoy?? One of the biggest complaints I have read about since I’ve starting looking into the various machines is the temperatures of the drinks is not nearly that of when a person purchases through a company that is using a $10,000 machine. Is there a noticeable difference in temperature? Is it something a person adapts to overtime? Finally, because I have only begun to research the machines I have yet to discover the best time to purchase a new machine with a savings. Can you offer any advice? Black Friday is right around the corner. Also, does your company offer any military discounts on machines. Thank you for your many videos that provide helpful information to those of us who lack knowledge.

Kaci*outwithmybootson* says:

Is this considered a commercial machine?

Leon Steyn says:

Thanks Marc, great review as always 🙂

Aldous Silva says:

Hi Marc. Great review. We have done our research and are going to purchase the S8 soon but can’t decide whether to choose the silver or chrome. I know they’re both plastic and easy to clean with the included cloth but I just wanted to know how resistant the chrome is from scratches. Do you have any insights on this? Thanks!

utopianbl says:

awesome review, not sure which idiot downvoted this. Do you have the ability to test out the bluetooth control and app?

J Luforge says:

Hiya Marc..This Machine has “EVERYTHING” I have the J9-Jura but this Model has come a long way specially with the technology and coffee dosing..Great video presentation.. 🙂

Tom Bombadil says:

*Does it come with a phone app so you can control it from an iphone/android?*

jack johnson says:

Hey Marc, awesome review….Question, I have a Jura-Capresso F9, approaching 14,000 pulls (14 years old). Looking at this S8 and have 2 questions – 1) will WLL get the chrome version; 2) Will you be doing a comparison between the S8 and the Gaggia Babila (love the thought of a removable brew group)?

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