Review: Jura E8 Espresso Machine with PEP

Review of the Jura E8 super-automatic espresso machine with Pulse Extraction Process and RFID smart water filter. Marc from reviews the Jura E8 espresso machine. The E8 puts new features found on more expensive Jura machines like Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), RFID smart water filter and high volume coffee dosing in a lower cost machine. With a vibrant and easy to use color display and menu system, the E8 features Jura’s newest brewing technology at a value price point.


Mary Jo Knappich says:

Best explanation on the web, thanks!

Colin De Mello says:

AWESOME! Thanks for the video! I think I’ve made my mind…

Chuck Rubin says:

Great video! You really are a wonderful presenter. I live in Mexico and I want to get an E8. There are out of stock everywhere here. Can you help me find one that’s in Mexico or that can be shipped here . Thanks

5LAMPO7 says:

Another excellent video,, not making it any easier to decide which machine to choose though, thanks for the review.

5LAMPO7 says:

Hi,afraid am on the other side of the pond in the UK,

jake boyd says:

Does the E8 brew two 8oz coffees at the same time?

Thomas Rottler says:

Are the Z6 and E8 the only to machines available with P.E.P.? I notices that on the Jura website in Europe they have a lot more models?

Kenneth Pong says:

breville oracle or Jura E8?

Zsolt Szabo says:

Hi Mark. I’d love a review of the Jura F9. Are you planning on reviewing this model soon?

Chris Courneen says:

Does the PEP work for the espresso delivered from the milk-based side? I heard it on the coffee-only side, but I’m particularly interested what it does for americanos, etc. That might help me pick between the Z6 and the E8!

S C says:

I love your videos. Very easy to understand to someone like me, a true beginner. I am thinking about buying a super automatic machine, differences btn a E8 and a
Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine?

iOmar86 says:

How easy is it to do daily maintenance/ cleaning for the milk system?

Coffee Expert says:

Nice video!

Kristina Drinkwater says:

Just found and have been watching a bunch of your videos! Learning so much, great videos. Everything explained so thoroughly and easy to understand

Konrad G says:

I have noticed that you have dialled your grinder while not using it. Is that safe?

d1pettway says:

Hello I’m looking for a one touch super automatic low volume and mid volume for my coffee cafe truck. Any suggestiona. I love this machine

daniel02445 says:

Thanks for the video. I’m a repeat customer. Do you or the staff the notice a perceptible difference in the P.E.P models vs the non P.E.P?

Snactimus Maximus says:

Hows the milk temperature on this? I’ve noticed some people complaining about 120f or lower with the z6.

Potatoman says:

meanwhile my old espresso machine broke down :/

Mark Tarullo says:

Hi in market for super-auto coffee center in the $2K range. Was all but sold on the Jura J8, however just a little concerned about the negative reviews on Amazon . Many complaining of “not hot enough ” coffee and or milk. Can you comment on that?

Nicki Roessler says:

This machine looks great. Why would I consider the Z6 at almost double the price compared to everything I get with the E8?

Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Shareedah says:

Thank you for your videos
really enjoy watching them

but I have a few questions
1- what is the difference between Jura Z6, E8, E6??? as it seems they do the same drinks!

2- do the drinks taste any different from each other? if you made say a latte on all three machines

3-how will these differ from say using a DeLonghi 44 or 28 or Breville Oracle machines? will the taste really be that different? or is it just the convenience and the many options?

Joe Bordo says:

Jura E8 or the Miele cm 6350? they are both the same price :s

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