Review: Gaggia Velasca & Velasca Prestige Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Review of the Gaggia Velasca and Velasca Prestige bean to cup automatic coffee machines. Marc from takes an in-depth look at the new Velasca machines from Gaggia. These machines make espresso, coffee and milk based drinks like latte and cappuccino at the touch of a button with beans ground fresh for every cup.


bacikukac says:

which would you choose velasca prestige or anima prestige / deluxe ?

Utsav Batra says:

Hi, does this have two boilers, can we simultaneously steam milk right after brewing a shot?

Tye C says:

How does the Velasca differ from the Anima? Thanks.

Mark Mathosian says:

Interesting. Looking forward to reading feedback from users. Have owned my Anima Prestige for about 1 1/2 years and love it. Mark

Ricardo Ramos says:

can these machines make a flat white?

Jay G. says:

Does this have auto-on so it is hot when I wake up in the morning?

J De Santis says:

The new Gaggia Velasca is essentially a rebadged Saeco Intelia Focus HD8758/57 which has been around for a few years. Both machines seem to have the same build quality. They are also priced similarly on most sites in case anyone wondered 🙂

Ultrazilla Toys says:

Part of me thinks these are super cool, but part of my feels like there’s a bit of over complication for what I need from an espresso machine. I feel like just a standard espresso machine is quicker and easier to maintain.

insanekamkze86 says:

When doing a double shot do you hit the espresso button twice or how does that happen

Pito Salas says:

My titanium just died (15000 cups later!). Is the velasca a reasonable replacement? Also, big concern, how hot is the coffee produced? With the titanium I always had to microwave the coffee (with some half and half). Will this machine be the same or could it make hotter coffee? Thanks!

Pranav Trivedi says:

I am planning to buy an automatic machine and I am not an expert but in simple terms looking for an easy one touch Machine that can make expresso and Capaccino. I have looked at the videos on the internet on Melitta Barista TS, Gaggia Academia, Gaggia Valesa Prestige. Please could you help me understand the difference between these machine or also please could you suggest from your side any. Thank you for your support.

no pain no gain says:

do you mean milk carafe produce hot milk which is suitable do drink with out coffee ? not as most delonghi producing just warm not hot milk

Chhan Sovannarith says:

How much sir?

Sidanth Dayal says:

Milk should only be steamed though not frothed. I learnt this after buying the nespresso machine. I guess the standard velasca is a better choice

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