Ratio Eight Edition Coffee Maker | Crew Review

Automatic pour over or drip coffee maker? No matter how you cut it, this brewer with no plastic parts will certainly be a hit. Check out our Crew Review of the Ratio Eight Edition Coffee Maker!

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MyKrumlov says:

Making the coffee myself is part of the ritual. This type of machine takes that away.

maria I says:

don’t know why it would taste any different than a pour over Chemex.

Keith Rush says:

I have seen some other reviews on the Ratio Eight that show problems with condensation. They were reviews from 2015. I just wanted to make sure this wouldn’t be an issue, very interested in purchasing it.

useful0idiot says:

How does the coffee from Ratio Eight compare to the Chemex Ottomatic?

Todd Soden says:

Looks like a coffee maker that IKEA would make.

Aleksander Gustyn says:

funny 🙂

Kay Gladys says:

Was thinking of buying the Otto..until I saw this one…just put in my order for the Ratio 8!

Torbjørn Jørgensen says:

Bah. So close, but nope.
Would love to see something like this, with adjustable temperature, adjustable flow rate of some sorts and that they sent with a bottom ‘lid’ with a magnet in, so you could use other pour over methods in this. With this included i would run to the store and buy it :/

leo ll says:

will it magnetize my pee?

RyNo says:

It’s all about the package. lol

Brian Legendre says:

I’ve had a Ratio Eight since it was first released in 2014. I brew mostly Hawaiian roasters with great results. The company will be releasing a thermal carafe for separate purchase very soon (like I am thinking any month now).

Macejam says:

Why don’t you have to pre wet the filter??

Ron G says:

This thing is really nice but honestly even as someone who has spend thousands on home coffee gear (I justify it because I have a roasting business), it’s just too expensive. I don’t think it will sell well unless the price drops.

Kay Gladys says:

Tried mine out today for the first time..still trying to dial in grinder for correct grind…first try was too fine, then moved up to about 34/35 on the Rocky grinder 🙂

Ian Landesman says:

$500+ … Should definitely be over $200 since made in America, but what’s the profit margin on this thing?

Sally S says:

The price, holy moly! I could get 11 Chemex 8 cup brewers and filters for each for that price!

The Coffee Concierge says:

Totes jelly…hope to try this soon!

Loretta Joe'L Souza says:

You indicated that the Ratio Eight was designed and assembled in Portland. Does that also mean that the components were manufactured in Portland?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

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ascosta says:

$600???!?! Jeez…

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