Ninja Coffee Bar System Review

In this review we take a look at the ninja coffee bar system. This system is very versatile and can do so much. We make an iced coffee and a specialty caramel drink from the Ninja Coffee Bar recipe book that comes included with the unit. If you have any questions, please be sure to post them below.

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angellique Clarke says:

I like how brief this video was although I’d have liked to see part of the brewing process

KL S says:

Whats the model number on this specific one?

KPOP Lover says:

I got this coffee maker but I didn’t come with a travel cup

christine ealy says:

Why didn’t you choose the over ice option for the first drink?

Yvonne Jenkins says:

Can you set a timer for it to come on before I wake up?

Michael Davis says:

Dude, wtf? Mine didn’t come with a permanent filter.

Angel Scott says:

What about tea

Allen Sandusky says:

Just bought one. Great unit. Where did you get that coffee container? I have been looking for one just like it.

Zubi Khan says:

can this make espresso?

العُـنقود says:

This system is very versatile, like me

Sarah Rodriguez says:

How does this taste over the keurig

Thomas Smyth says:

im getting the 1st version of this swapped out because its got many flaws, does this current version have a way of detecting the water level and not let you make a coffee with insufficient water in the resevoir? that was my biggest issue with v1, when your tired and just want a coffee and it only makes a quarter cup…pretty frustrating!

SteelGage says:

I’m waiting for an Ovaltine Station!

The Gamers Crib says:

Did I miss it, or did you not use the frother?

Berlosabido Pronto says:

Very cool demo, now I know I want to get this machine

JimboHD2005 says:

Thanks for all the info! You might want to try and reduce the “go ahead” though in future vids but thanks for the detail.

Kristen Almonte says:

I read a review that said the coffee didn’t come out warm. How could that be when others say they like it?

Miranda Dominguez says:

Can you tell me the model of the ninja

Sayra Castillo says:

I have one exactly like this but the clock on mine is on the top right under the water reservoir… anyone know if there’s a difference between the two?

Rebeka Perez says:

Just scored one today for $53!! Can’t wait to try it out

whoseeswho says:

can you use espresso?

Lauren Wilkinson says:

Does the ninja coffee bar make espressos??

Ed Young says:

Great Video thanks!!

Glenn Abbuehl says:

I’m going to go ahead and give you a review

lovenewhair35 says:

Thank you ❤️

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