Nespresso VertuoLine Exclusive Review

Nespresso Vertuo Single Serve Espresso & Coffee Machine – exclusive review by

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Nespresso VertuoLine features:
– Fully automatic machine uses a revolutionary new brewing technology for traditional Italian espresso beverages and classic American coffee.
– Advanced, ultra-quiet Centrifusion™ technology relies on centrifugal force to gently and precisely brew coffee and espresso — both topped with a natural amber crema for the deepest, most complex flavor and richest aroma.
– Computerized scanning system reads the bar code on your Nespresso VertuoLine capsule, ensuring precision blend-specific brewing for your desired beverage.
– Works exclusively with Nespresso’s new premium VertuoLine capsules (12 are included — eight coffee and four espresso).
– Brews one or two cups of coffee (7.77 oz.) or espresso (1.35 oz.), all with one-touch convenience.
– Machine heats up quickly, reaching optimal brewing temperatures in 15-20 seconds.
– Adjustable tray accommodates cups of various sizes (from small cups to travel mugs).
– Used capsules are automatically ejected and collected in a built-in container.
– Removable water tank simplifies refilling.
– Energy-saving function turns the machine off automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity.
– Descaling alert lets you know when it’s time to descale your machine.

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rudysgirl says:

Just bought mine today at Target on sale for $174, tax $191. It had a sluggish start in the beginning (had to call customer service), but got it started finally. It made a pretty decent latte with the espresso pod having to use 2 of the pods for a “double shot” latte. For the price, it is a pretty decent machine. A lot better than my Keurig which I have been through 2 of them already.

Dom P says:

So nasty unbelievably disgusting espresso Cheaper Didiesse out performs this with better coffee and general everything

Alexandre Asselin says:

Is is true that the Evoluo brews hotter coffee?

Proinnsias Fox says:

There are 4g of coffee in a normal Nespresso espresso capsule and 5g in a lungo capsule

Steve ldnuk says:

Hi I just like to comment, These capsule are used for their commercial machines in offices etc. So it looks like they may be starting to move it to domestic too. As I read your comment, their patent has expired on the other type of capsules so maybe they are going to faze them out? They cant keep changing capsules just because of patents! That would be a bad move of their part and frustrating on ours.

David D. says:

OK but what’s a review without saying if the coffee is good or not? How’s the coffee and espresso? Is it as good as it looks or have you had better? If you’ve had better can you point us to the machine that made it?

Michael T says:

Unlike Nespresso Original line, these capsules are not available anywhere except Nespresso since they still hold the patent, so you will pay a good price for these capsules. Their original line capsules you can buy from almost anywhere that sells capsules and the prices are cheaper.

Stephen Rudolph says:


Khalil Ali says:

Does this machine makes cappuccino ?

Thomas Fleming says:

Hi there, thanks for this video. My wife and I just purchased this very machine. Can you please explain how to do the cleaning cycle. Something about pushing the single button 3 times in 2 seconds, which I just can’t figure out. We love the machine, and I just learned how to make a coffer or espresso so happy about it. Did not understand the included instructions.

Mounir Aswad says:

Thanks for the review, was there any complains on weird taste like “plastic”, or is it me getting used to the stronger long coffe taste?

AS41199 says:

The crema IMO is very manufactured, and is not really crema but instead like whipped foam. Kinda disappointing. Much prefer the original espresso machines from nespresso and if I want a longer drink, I’ll make an Americano.

timetraveller2020 says:

My first coffee tasted kind of watery 

Willi Kampmann says:

Nespresso knows how to design beautiful machines – this one reminds me of their gorgeous Gran Maestria – and as a tech lover, I’m amazed by the spinning capsules and reading of bar codes. But I hate that they introduced a new system. I’m glad that it is not replacing the original platform. Also, while the bar codes might have practical advantages, let’s face it: They are Nespresso’s Keurig 2.0. Their patents have expired, so they went out to create a new, even more closed system.

What I really do like are higher-capacity capsules, though.

JarrodMatthewsBand says:

it’s really neat, but I wouldn’t buy one until it is more affordable, and not until the capsules are a lot more available and cheap, the keurig capsules are just now getting more affordable and they finally have lots of competitors making capsules, when that happens to the vertuoline then I will get one

pingshakl says:

normal Nespresso never have 7g coffee in the pods, more like 5-5.5g in real case,

DJPelio says:

I saw this thing on TV and thought, “finally! A real single serve coffee machine being released in USA.” Then I saw the stupid coffee capsules. Another useless piece of junk like keurig.


I hate Nespresso coffee. It’s dry, bland and pretty poor tasting. I will never give up on my own freshly ground coffee. Keep your Nespresso and stick it up yer ass!

Cessy Meacham says:

do the old capsules work in this machine too ? thanks for your videos 🙂

Jimmy Currire says:

So I like cream and sugar in my coffee drinks, would i be wasting the cerma top if i added them? there for wasting the point behind this machine???

Adam Koblenz says:

Hi, I’m wondering how the espresso is from this.  I’m actually not that interested in regular coffee, but this was cheaper than the Pixie.  I’m trying to make sure the quality of espresso is as good as the Pixie’s, especially as I’ve read a lot of criticisms of the coffee it produces.  Also, are all the same options of espresso capsules available in the new size?  I wouldn’t want to limit my options by not choosing the Pixie.  Thanks!  Great videos!

dougfig says:

Thank you for such a thorough guide!

na says:

Bar code technology is known in the Tassimo Brewers 🙂

mikeye9 says:

Excellent review

camaro Carl says:


LegendaryGamer07 says:

I drink decaf because I am only 11

Sweence says:

These machines just dropped $100. How’s the coffee? What quality of coffee is in the capsules?

jknight378 says:

Bro, you lost me about 2 mins into the video. Get to the point and cut the bs.

Jill Dyche says:

Great overview, thanks!

Keeley Powell says:

My husband just bought this machine for me as a Christmas gift. It came in a set at Costco for $159.99 and included the frother. The frother retails for $99 alone (you can find it for $70 sometimes), so we felt this was a good deal. I made a latte with 1% milk this morning and it was professional quality. My husband thought the crema on top of his coffee was odd (he prefers a traditional brew), but he drank it. I love lattes, so I prefer this setup over our old Starbucks Verisimo (which relied on powdered milk capsules for the latte).

Stephen Rudberg says:

Great review. Just bought a Nespresso VertuoLine machine today and can’t wait to try it out.

Tyler Creavin says:

what are your favorite flavors of the Vertuoline capsules? I recently purchased an Evoluo machine and typically take my coffee black, with a bit of sugar for added sweetness.

Ashley Neal says:

Machine is good, however, it is way over priced.

William Johnson says:

Can the Vertuoline provide hot water for tea like keurig?

Charles Tsai says:

Off topic but can I ask what microphone you use? The audio quality of your videos is excellent.

Neal Zetek says:

dude nice hair

Yury Kirillov says:

Coupons option does not work

nick says:

Love the mustache tat

Seth Leidy says:

I’m confused about the temperature.. You said said the beverage was 160 degrees but in the Verutoline vs Lattissima+ review I believe you said the Verutoline was 140 degrees and the Lattissima+ was 160. Then going further, during the Lattissima+ vs Pro review, you said the plus was 140 and Pro was 160. Can you provide clarification? Thanks..

sparkyrn1 says:

I have tasted the coffee and espresso from the Nespresso Vertuoline several times now, and reserved my machine yesterday. I am SO excited to have this machine and discover which coffee and espresso blends I prefer. I also have every intention of finding the perfect means to fill my own pods. Has anyone any advice re. which refillable pods work best with the vertuoline? I’ve watched a couple youtube videos, but don’t know which direction to go yet. Thanks in Advance for any assistance!

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