Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee Machine Review – Is It Better than a Keurig?

My review of the Nespresso VertuoLine coffee machine. This machine not only brews espresso but it also makes a regular sized cup of coffee. Does it make a better cup of coffee than a Keurig? Let’s find out.



CoonShoot says:

I wonder how much hotter it may get if you pre-heated your glass?
Also…. 150F is quite hot!!!!

gladiator3543 says:

I think the issue with temperature is to do with what style of coffee is being made by Nespresso. Nespresso base their system on Italian coffe style and Italy coffee isn’t served boiling like a Starbucks mug or English cup of tea, it’s kind of supposed to be drunk quickly and not sipped like a filter coffee or tea.

Valerie Mings says:

Ok so I just bought a chrome version of this machine at Target last week and you are so right… it’s lukewarm at best!! I was so underwhelmed with the brew and the temperature. I would absolutely love it if it would make a cup at 180! So sad!

RiseUpBlue says:

can you return it and get the Evoluo or the VertuoPlus? I’ve heard that the temperature issue was fixed for the newer versions. 148 is pretty cool for coffee…. it should be 10 degrees hotter ideally. I know from brewing coffee manually that 175 F gives the best flavor as opposed to higher temperatures. But if you don’t prime your mug, milk and equipment, the coffee is quite cool to drink…

Gwen Sperbeck says:

very much appreciate your honest review – I almost purchased this before watching your YouTube!

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