Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee & Espresso Maker | Full Review

Full review of the Nespresso VertuoLine coffee machine and espresso maker. We gave our Keurig the boot! Our Nespresso review includes machine & frother demo, our thoughts on the coffee capsules, the pros and cons of the machine, and why we feel it’s better than Keurig. /// Watch More Helpful Videos:

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twopennymilk 8908 says:

sub you back

alice SMITH says:

Was not sure if you knew but you do not use the lid the magnet on top of the lid if to make just hot milk for lattes Hope this helps

Basia Today says:

Awesome review! Makes me want to go check it out!

Sofia Neves says:

Great video guys! I just bought the machine!!!! So excited!!!

Jaime Ricafrente says:

Awesome review and awesome people! Thank you for this.

Evie Tvie says:

That coffee looked so good! I have never had an expresso lol I will have to look at this Nespresso next time I’m at Target

InnovationYGO says:

If you guys ever travel to Chicago check out the nespesso boutique in Bloomingdale’s. The workers are very helpful and they have every type of capsule you would need.

rAPHAEL g says:

I really like you two. I just watched this video cause I’m thinking of upgrading my nespresso to the virtualine. I watched it all, left and came back found you again in history just to say great video. I want this machine as I am a coffee addict myself lol or a Caffeine crackhead haha. maybe you can subscribe to me as well and check out my nespresso machine video review when I get the new one. thank again guys. awesome!

Rich Vecchio says:

great review guys thanks.:-)

Peacelover .O says:

Awesome review! Thanks!

Michael Utley says:

Good looking plaid shirt..

I bought the nespresso based on your review and love it!!!

Oshun says:

My Next Purchase. Turning a Corner of my Dining Room into a Cafe spa. Your Review Helped with my decision. ty

MokenchiTV says:

Nice coffee maker. Wish I could have a cup. tfs. I enjoyed this video. I subscribed and liked this video. Checkout my channel when you get a chance!

Geezart says:

You had me with the editing 2 seconds in LOL great video you guys, thumbs way up, Superb upload.

DeAnn's World says:

omg yessss lord. that looked tooooo good. i would try it. i need some of that right now. something hot! because its coldddddd in here! lol thanks for sharing you guys. great video as always… love yall!

Flex Formation Total Body Fitness says:

Good review but too bad I’m not a coffee drinker lol.

Daisy Christina says:

Love it! Where did you get the capsule draw?

Carli Hopf says:

y’all are adorable!

Sifoutv Pottery says:

Great video my friend.I enjoy it very much!!! Sifoutv Pottery

Beth MacDonald says:

Ten seconds in and I subscribed. You guys are so fun.

FehYee Siow says:

You guys are so cute. Is a very good review!

Michael T says:

VertuoLine isn’t “true” espresso since it doesn’t use pressure to brew, it uses a spinning motion to get the crema while their OriginalLine uses actual pressure (19 bar) to brew which gives you the crema. I’ve tried this system but find the coffee weaker than their OriginalLine and true espresso and found the brewed coffee not as warm as Inissia which rates higher in temperature.


Best and fun review video on YouTube! I just bought mine today and this video really helped in making my decision to purchase it. Thank You!

k meyer says:

Hi! your review is so cute! 🙂 we’re looking into possibly purchasing this machine but was wondering about the capsules. Could you tell me the height and circumference (bottom and top) of the capsules, both in the espresso size and the regular coffee size? thanks so much

FitForceFX says:

I love those things and I’m not even a coffee drinker! A hotel I recently stayed at had one of those in our room and it was awesome! Green tea for me and hot chocolate for the kids. It was amazingly quick too! If I drank coffee I’d be getting one! Great review! You guys are so funny.

Dave Rino says:

Nice review.

Collin Romero says:

There are also Nespresso stores that sell capsules.

gcbwoods says:

Love the video. I totally agree. I drank a cup with no sugar and didnt miss it at all. Not so with Keurig. The noise didnt bother me. It made me think there was a personal Barista inside whipping up my drink.

LK says:

great review!! nice machine and all, but i still prefer an Nespresso Pixie

nikki radway says:

This was a really helpful tutorial on the machine I’m looking at. Thanks!
Ps. You guys are adorable!

WonderBricks says:

Great review!!! The coffee looks really good!! Liked 😀

Occams Razor says:

If you’re going to do an espresso coffee maker review, the least you can do is pronounce it right. It’s called espresso
( pressed-out coffee) – not expresso as you say @3:17.

Relentless Jake says:

Decaffeinated Espresso shot? Really? LOL. I love the review! I’ll still probably wait until it becomes more mainstream and I can just get a bunch of those capsules in the store. Matthew, do they have other coffee companies that are making the discs as well, or is it just the Nespresso brand?

Ranju N says:

Omg that looks so good!!! Love coffee fit for a king! haha I get Mathew…. I am pretty possessive about my coffee too lol.

Rap Sheet Hollywood says:

That’s one dope machine. Love you guys I’m subscribing,

Zorro in Hell says:

This was a cool review! I want to get one just because of how both of you presented this!

Pippie5555 says:

Don’t get a Nespresso Machine, it breaks down all the time. Mine is only 2 months old and what a waste of money.

ibrookelicious says:

Esssssspresso not exxxxxxpresso lol.

Zorro in Hell says:

Mathew it looks and sounds like you have a great family, Thanks again!!

Shesbeen Remixed says:

I want one of these so bad but I’m going to wait to I see a sale

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