Nanopresso Review – The Best Portable Espresso Coffee Machine IMHO

A detailed review of the Nanopresso Portable Espresso Coffee Machine including an unboxing, demonstration and tips for making the best espresso coffee.
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Pa Ya says:

I have much better crema with old minipresso 🙁

Carrot Cake says:

hi hi !! wow! you are fast in getting the product in. You made the right choice buying the nanopresso. i borrowed a minipresso GR. and it is awesome! It has this problem of strayed used grounds getting stuck inside the portafilter side. Not easy to clean. Design issue i guess which they mentioned they have all ironed out, thus the new model – the nanopresso model. I seen you get a very nice dry puck at the end of the extraction. I can’t get it from the minipresso GR model. I got a very soaking wet puck unfortunately. Been playing with the ground size. Can you show me how fine the grinds you are using? The taste is awesome like what you say in yr video. I usually do 1 espresso a day but with this product oh my!! so many a day till I cannot sleep at night. It makes addictive and very intense espresso. I am going to order the nanopresso model soon after the accessories are out. thanks for taking the lead.

Mike J says:

great video! how does it stack up against the minipresso? Is it worth upgrading?

grizdeluxe says:

Thanks for the comprehensive review. This swayed my decision to buy one and i’m getting so close to what my expensive superautomatic does I’m super happy with it. Cant wait for the double shot to be released.

Uzair Hanif says:

nice video.. can you please tell me which product you liked better.. this nanopresso or staresso SP200.. i bought staresso because i needed espresso drinks but was on a budget.. i feel like it is alot more work in making n cleaning staresso.. and it has many loose parts which keep on falling like the rubber ring in coffee basket etc.

and how would you compare this to staresso in taste of the coffee.. which one makes it better?

Leo Vera says:

Brilliant review. Did you buy yours thru Wacaco web site???

jundossantos says:

Thanks for the review. Can’t wait for this product to show up on Amazon. (I prefer using my amazon store card for the benefits)

Peggy Hill says:

I never considered of purchasing a portable Expresso machine until now. Nice to see you again. You explain the products well.

Matt Brandon says:

Fantastic review. Very helpful. You are are really upping your review quality ;-). A couple of things: it didn’t look hard to pump. Any comments on the ease of pumping? One of the reasons I like the Staresso is that it contains the glass and thus no chance of stilling while pumping.

The other thought is; I have a friend who runs a coffee business in Laos and he is always telling me not to over extract my espresso. So if you want a taller cup, don’t pump more water through it that will just give you a more bitter coffee. Better to extract into a given amount of hot water. If it’s too diluted then pump another extraction into it. Just a thought.

Any way. I am frustrated as I am putting my final touches on my travel ebook where I link your video to the staresso. 😉

Gael Garcia says:

how much is it

Road and Sky says:

Which one do you prefer between the nanopresso and the handpresso? I am struggling to decide between the two! Awesome channel by the way and great review. I like the fact that the handpresso stores the pressure so to speak. Is the quality of the coffee produced from one superior to the other. Cheers and keep up the awesome work!

btokdias2010 says:

the quality of the extracted coffee
nanopresso or home espresso machine .

Anttillo says:

you’re not supposed to tamp down the coffee, it can damage the internals.

falcidi says:

Just had my first espresso with the new nanopresso and wow. What a difference between it and the previous model. Definitely a LOT more crema so I’m just going to have to go make another one hahaha….

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