Mr Coffee ECMP 1000 Espresso Cappuccino Cafe Barista maker review How To

Mr Coffee ECMP 1000 Espresso Cappuccino Cafe Barista maker review. I purchased this on Amazon Last Year and I love it. It is great to make a White Chocolate Mocha from StarBucks
This is a how to video on what I have learned over the year on how to use it.
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Predrag Šinko says:

Licking included ☺

Rudy F says:

I find it much easier to warm up the milk in a pot if you want just a latte. Forget wasting time frothing.

SuccessfullyBad says:

My dude you’re pressing the button for a capp and don’t want the foam. Press the button for the latte and your life will be so much easier.

Manish Arora says:

you keep cappuccino button pressed for 2 second then only milk week come out and you can stop any time

Stephen Hagans says:

Calorie counters, look away!

Micah Schuck says:

Coffee grounds in the sink is like throwing dirt down the drain. It collects at the bottom of the P-trap and causes clogged pipes.

brandon hawkins says:

Use the latte function.. The cappaccino function is supposed to be super frothy, just like a cappaccunio. Also if you want double shot use the double shot filter not he single shot.

admin8446 says:

What is Expresso?

Ann Cabrera says:

Am I the only one having issues trying to lock in the porta filter? I feels tight when I twist that I have to hold the machine when everyone else makes it look so easy…

Troy D says:

One thing I disagree about is the pressure for tamping the grounds. Everything I’ve read says about 30 pounds. That’s enough pressure to bend the spoon end of the plastic tamper they give you. I really think a person should invest in a metal one. It does make good coffee! I still prefer my stand alone frother, but this one works. Easier for me to clean my stand alone one as well. Storing milk in the container in the refrigerator tends to make it build up. I find it a bit of a nuisance to transfer back and forth to milk carton, so now just used a standalone frother–way easier, and uses less milk too.

Robin B. says:

Thank you for the video. I guess Amazon no longer sells a fontana white chocolate mocha syrup….

Alexis Whitehurst says:

What coffee grounds do you use

Mike m5959 says:

nice video dude…thanks

SaanChips s says:

Great video now I want a white chocolate latte

Amanda Simmons says:

I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now, but just in case, if you’re wanting a white mocha you need to be pushing the latte button. a cappuccino is mainly froth. 🙂

gum says:

How to steam just water for americano??

cyberjoe77 says:

You’re making a cappuccino, the espresso is not cappuccino. The combination of frothed milk and espresso is a cappuccino.

Richard Cranium says:

You reference Starbucks quite a bit, but their drink quality/technique/skill/knowledge leaves A LOT to be desired. If they had any skill whatsoever there is no need to use a spoon to separate the milk during the pour. If you ever had milk textured by a skilled barista you’d never bother going back to Starbucks or using a machine like that at home. To each his/her own though!

Mesica Johnson says:

Great video also my favorite Starbucks drink

Theresa Mary says:

I love the froth!

misterright ! says:

great video, so easy and informative. buttons perfectly explained, unlike in other clips

Mondo 357 says:

Sure, you pulled off making a drink but this video is pretty cringe-worthy, my friend. For me, there’s nothing worse than an inexperienced person making a coffee video. Coffee is a skill so your video is kind of like a guy who just knows how to drive but is making a video on stunt driving! Look…First off, it’s “tamp” not “stamp”. Also, it’s not EXpresso, it’s espresso no matter how fast you make it! Coffee is a culture and getting the language is crucial. Sorry man, but I’m an experienced coffee dude and you’re just butchering this process a bit too much to look away. Also, your machine should have come with instructions on the proper tamp pressure. A “light push” doesn’t seem right. By the way, if you want to make a mocha, the cappuccino button is not the way to go; not even the latte button like some guy suggested in the comments. A proper mocha is made by pulling espresso shots. Pull espresso and add the white chocolate milk and utopia with whip if whip is what you like. If not, leave out the whip. That is the right way to make a mocha! I saw this machine, brand new and in the box, at a second hand place for $6.99 and I still didn’t buy it. In fact, it’s what brought me to this video. I was curious to see how this machine performed and I think that I made the right choice in not picking it up. You seem happy with it so that’s what counts. You’re clearly not an experienced coffee guy so this works for you, I suppose. You should also know that your bean grind is very important. Not sure, but it seems like you purchased pre-ground coffee which is no good for espresso machines unless it’s specifically ground for espresso. You just can’t stick standard ground into an espresso machine. Espresso is made by pressure and the grind setting is crucial for taste and pulling proper shots. If consider these small things you’ll taste a big difference. Anyway, that’s my two cents!

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