Miele CM 6310 | Crew Review

We’ve got a new machine from a new manufacture! Say hello to the Miele CM 6310 superautomatic espresso machine! In this Crew Review Gail goes over all the features before brewing up a tasty drink!

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Sam El-Sabagh says:

why do lots of machines the drink is warm not hot I have tried some capsule machines like Caffitaly & Automatic from DeLonghi

Sam El-Sabagh says:

nice options and features that you do not see on most automatic machines I would of liked this machine more if it has steam arm so I guess this machine is more for home use is it possible for me to set the foam if I want more or less

Abed Kaleel says:


Major REX says:

This seems much much slower then DeLonghi.

Jon Sauve Theberge says:

Hi, I bough the machine 3 months ago and I love it. It’s a very good performing system, cappuccino taste so good, better than some restaurant. Trust me, you will be picky on other coffee they serve you if you own the Miele. Also, love the Profile mode. Me and my wife can program our own everything, we don’t have to reprogram the machine like other do. I like it strong, she prefer mild, fine just program the way you want in your profile and hit SAVE. The only negative, it’s loud. The Jura we have at our office is more quiet.

Kees de Groot says:

“Mêlee”. Lol

svergie2 says:


Kay Gladys says:

Did you say it has a coffee strength setting?

jak p says:

Machine looks very good, where is it made?

Angry Gay Conservative says:

Miele (Mee-la)make the absolute best appliances on Earth…As a Canadian expat in Australia, we have some of the best coffee on Earth. We have ONE Starbucks, as their coffee is horrible. After being in Oz for the last 5 years, when I go to the States, the coffee is WAY too hot. The extreme temps ruin the taste. Automatic high end machines will not make a boiling hot coffee, especially European made ones! This is a great review though, minus the mis-pronunciation of Miele.

NortHeed says:

I have had this machine for 2 years now. And it works perfect, the thing I really like is the simplicity of operation, where you only push a button and that’s it. It is also very easy to maintain and clean. It supplies hot water on the tap on the left, in this case you only heat the water you actually need, which is more economical.

Todd Soden says:

That machine is quite slow….I feel I could have produced a drink fast on my semi…..just saying

ascosta says:

$2000?!?! Jeez… Much rather buy a Breville Oracle with that kind of money. The “convenience” of the superauto goes out the window in a machine like that, where you have to clean up the messy milk system. Much easier to just clean the portafilter and wipe the steam wand in an Oracle. And you get MUCH better drinks.

william says:

is this machine better or the rocket cellini in terms of reliability and maintenance?

Caio Lemos says:

I’d really wish these machines were less expensive in Brazil =/
To bad we have to be rich here to adquire one of these.

mirus says:

nice overpriced machine

Kally Wong says:

very cool.

Bill Rowen says:

Great review! For the record, it’s Meelah, like tequila, and Sheila. Not Maylay.

Bob Mitchell says:

I bought a 220v Miele BIWBCM from A&A appliance in Sacramento quite a few years ago. It worked well so I bought another 110v for my house in Mendocino. Single guy, morning use. After a while my Sacto machine stopped working so I went back to the coffee pot. I started to spend more time in Sac. so I brought the Mendo unit home…. before long it broke too… defaulted to the German language and would not do anything. I decided it was time to do something about this over 6K$ worth of coffee machines that were in my shop. Miele repair looked at the 220v machine and said”it’s outdated and no parts are available for it”… that one went to the dump and I thought I at least had one machine that was fixable. Long story short… it was at the Miele repair shop for over 2 months. It just came back today… ($550.00) ..makes bad coffee… the hot water spout leaks constantly and the steamer just barely sputters… I wish my coffee pot fit well in the hole that the Miele makes in my cabinetry.. Bob@surfandskate.com

alekzz is rec says:

hmm interesting … 🙂 it’s all build on Saeco brew unit ??

atlgator says:

Wow, 2+ minutes for a cappucino on a superauto. That seemed like awfully long cycle time. These reviews would also benefit from the pulling of an espresso, too – what that shot looks like. Do customers like this machine?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

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