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Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

If I wanted a superautomatic machine this would be something for me as I don’t want milk in my coffee and this machine is super simple and quiet.
cons for me are only 1 scoop not 2 of pre-ground and I would have to do 2 smaller shots as 7-10 g are too litle for me plus superautos do not go near as fine as espresso grinders do.

noviceprepper53 says:

thanks for the video. nice machine. how much does it cost?

TheAndyinSeattle says:

Gail is great but whatever happened to Joe?

helpfulnatural says:

A machine that purrs like a kitten but doesn’t do milk..hmmmm…. :/

Tony Featherstone says:

Gail is great but that shot doest look like it would pack a punch.

MaxinTheRelaxin says:

What’s happened to the production quality of the videos? No music, a cold opening for the most part. Did you lose music rights? No more Coffee Collaboration or Good Morning Gail? Why?

Joe Ciliberto says:

I have had Saeco Royals throughout most of my adult my life, from the first one I bough in Seoul, in the late 80s to the one I had for at least ten years that I gave to my nephew-in-law (he is a sushi chef after all). before that I had taken one of my Royals to my 200 person office, sat it next to the office drip- coffee tanks, where many people used and abused it. I gave that one away when it started to leak. I had all my units serviced (which involved a trip from Northern Virginia to Pottsville PA). My latest Royal got services in nearby Gaithersbug.

When I bought that one in Seoul ($770) , my friend who made a lot more money that me bough the cheaper Saeco Vienna ($440). Unsurprisingly he continued to move onward and upward and ended up living buying a $750K 22nd floor condo overlooking Honolulu Harbor. In it he has this Jura (I don’t know the model). It cost him more that $3K. I admired its sleek minimalist (almost Danish) styling compared to my rumorosso e corpulento superautomatica. A month later, and approximately six months of irregular use, the Jura expired. Addio tremila dolari! Ciao!

Both repair persons commented on the differences between the machines. They both said, ten years apart, not knowing one another, one with 40 years of repair the other 15 years of experience, having repaired systems from bare metal up. Saeco, particularly pre-Philips, uses better materials.

Jesse Chen says:

hey there, i really enjoy your video with all the coffee stuff and gear.
I work for Jura Taiwan, this is really good to introduce Jura A1. I would love to share this video to customers and just add Chinese version subtitle on that.
is that okay for you!?

MasZakrY says:

PEP sounds a lot like the nespreso machine pumps. Is this essentially an Nespresso machine but with a built in grinder?

Andrew Holcomb says:

It would be very interesting to make a video on modding the ec-155, there are many forums online, and I just think it would make for fresh new content!

Jeffery Dewberry says:

I watch every video because Gail is awesome!!!!

Ken Richardson says:

We have been using the ENA Micro 1 for about 3 years now and really like it. We mainly use it to make a cup of coffee with a nice layer of crema on top. We aren’t interested in coffee drinks that have foamed milk and so appreciate the fact that it doesn’t include any unecessary functionality. Curious to know if, in your opinion, the A1 produces a markedly better coffee/shot? Are there other superautos out there that also make decent shots/coffee without the milk accessories?

aficionado says:

i think super automatics are dead after breville oracle

James Murphy says:

Great review and video very interesting and informative as well as entertaining. Thanks

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