How to Use a Ninja Bar Coffee Maker Review – My FAVE!

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After my Facebook post the other day about how much I love my Ninja Coffee Bar, a lot of you reached out and said you’ve been wanting one, but were intimidated by it and that you’d love to see a video on how I use mine!

Well you asked, and I’m ready to show you! It’s so much easier than you think, and it’s now my all time favorite coffee maker!

Regular coffee, espresso, latte, iced latte, it’s all something that you can make at home, and say good-bye to expensive k-cups!
Tutorial and Instructions for the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System with Glass Carafe CF091

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Ted Davis says:

Thanks! Great video! I’m looking at this thing right now. I use a hario pour over method right now with some seriously good beans but I need a way to make more than a cup at the time. BTW….The reason it pauses is to let the water absorb into the grounds. If you let it sit (I actually stir the initial pour of water on my hario to help it mix thoroughly) you will wind up with dry areas where the water never gets into the grounds and they are wasted.

tekis0 says:

Nice review! I’m thinking about getting one.

Onitrix77 says:

Thanks for your review. I just received the Ninja cf091 from Best Buy today. It feels like I have to replace my coffee maker every couple years. I was wondering how long you have had yours now?

MiyakoOtaku * says:

Have you tried the Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde Roast yet? If not you should try it, buy a pack and ask to grind them for you. It’s the best coffee. ♥

Adybears Momma says:

I’ve been thinking about that coffee pot a lot!

Fissy Rae says:

Frothed… froth…

Kayanda Eddings says:

Since I am visually impaired, I don’t really like the new model of the ninja coffee bar. I had a chance to touch one last year in Walmart on the display. I like the older model because it stops when I turn the dial. The dial on the new machine goes around and around where it doesn’t stop like the first model when it came out. So when I buy the coffee bar, I’m getting the first model that came along. But, I will say that the buttons is very easy for me to work with from the classic brew all the way down to the specialty brew. Thanks for this video.

Quade Miller-Edwards says:

The reason it does the whole, start stop thing is because of what’s knows as the “bloom phase” or the phase in which the coffee de-gasses. So it runs off all the CO2 and other gasses that would otherwise result in bitterness

mellove85 says:

I love my Ninja coffee bar the only thing I can’t stand I don’t know if mine is defective I would buy gallon bottles of water so I can use freshwater and not faucet water and it still tells me that it needs to be cleaned every other day and I use vinegar and bottled water mixture I clean it the light shuts off and then it turned back on a day later so now I just gave up it says it needs to be cleaned I don’t even care anymore

Gusto St. Cool says:

Bought one last night at Sam’s Club…$119.99. Love it. You suck Keurig!!!!!

Megan Kirkland says:

Great video!

Oscar Valdez says:

Thats a pretty smart function it preinfuses the coffee.

John Randall says:

I just purchased the newest model. I believe it is 301. I am in love. This thing is awesome. There are separate filters for coffee or tea. Settings for tea and it will determine hot hot the kind of tea needs to be when brewing.

Abbey Good says:

Thank you for the video – I’m at a friend’s place and I’m used to K cups haha

Arnold R says:

Got it 50% off when Sam’s club was going to close down. We never regretted it! Our keurig now is gathering dust. Never going back to that. But keurig was great until you start thinking about what you’re doing to the environment. We tried using those reusable k-cups, but it’s a pain and messy to use. The minja can actually do single serve and multi cup in the carafe. It’s not hard to use at all. Just read the display and read what’s on the measuring spoon.

Marina Enciso says:

What kind of coffee grounds do you use?????

Gerri Saul says:

Have I been out of touch or have you been gone? I’ve missed you! Great to have you back! If you haven’t been gone then this is the first video of yours that has shown up on my feed in quite some time!

kelly wombles says:

Thanks! Awesome!

cprs5000 says:

Hi good afternoon does the coffee burn after it’s been on the hot plate in the carafe for prolonged amount of time that’s why I thought stainless steel was better


Excellent vid, thank you so much for this!!!

DJ Hayes says:

I’ve been struggling with this coffee maker for a few weeks now trying to get the perfect single cup, you may have just helped. What size mugs are you using? Why did you have the reservoir almost full to make a single cup? Is that the preferred method?

Gerard says:

I was a DD guy, 2 Large cups/day = $6.00 +… I had my ninja maker in a box for quite a while.. but one day I decided to try it out and well the coffee is simply put delicious and I have had no desire to buy coffee outside anymore. Not to mention I can add cinnamon and/or nutmeg any time I want a little extra flavor.

Paleo Geology says:

Just bought one and I must say when you use the specialty brew setting it makes some of the best darn coffee I have ever had!!! Well worth the money considering Im not buying coffee by the cup anymore.

Gerbara Project says:

Miss your videos!

Sean Pradia says:

Love the video, I just got the single serve one Coffee Bar

Chadwick Glass says:

Thanks for letting me know you can set the timer! I just bought a used one and I wasn’t sure!

Jason C. Rochon says:

Can you make espresso with the Over Ice setting without ice?

Diana Murillo says:

thanks!!! u are very clear ..!

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