Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex brew 2 Way Brewer Programmable Coffee Maker Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker. LINK to Hamilton Beach FlexBrew: http://amzn.to/2heuCj8 This is a new model, I did review the old model and if you want to see that video, here is the LINK:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfIM4QKtLno&spfreload=5 This unit is 10.5 inches deep, 12 inches wide and 13.5 inches tall so this coffee maker will take up some counter space. Cord is 24 inches long. With this unit, you can make a carafe of coffee, a single serve using your own ground coffee or a k-cup. The carafe brews on this side and the single serve on this side. You can only use one side at a time. Each side has it’s own water reservoir. Use only cold water in the reservoir. Both reservoirs have a max fill line so don’t fill above that. The carafe side can make up to 12 cups of coffee. With the single side, you can brew 10 ounces with a k-cup or 14 ounces with your own ground coffee. This is the removable cup that you can use to store a k-cup or the single brew basket, the cover and drip tray. If you leave this in place, you can use a cup up to 5 inches tall when brewing. If you remove this, the maximum height is 8 inches. To use the single serve side, pour the amount of water you want to brew in this reservoir. It’s not like a Keurig, where you pour water in the reservoir and you brew a cup whenever you want. The Keurig will pull the set amount of water out of the reservoir and the rest of the water stays there for the next use. With this unit, you pour in only the amount of water you want in your cup. So if you’re using your own ground coffee, put up to 14 ounces in the reservoir, the coffee in this single serve basket, lift the lid latch, put the black funnel in and put the basket in. Put your cup here and press the single serve button and brew now to start brewing. It’ll brew all the water in the reservoir.
If you’re using k cups, pour a maximum of 10 ounces into the reservoir. Lift the lid latch and put the black funnel in. Place the gray single serve pack holder in the opening. Put your k cup pack in, don’t remove the foil. Close the lid and you’ll hear a snap which means the pack has been pierced with this needle. Press single serve and brew. With either the single serve or carafe side, you can choose the strength of your coffee, the default setting is regular strength, if you press brew strength, you’ll see a bold option. The bold option takes longer to brew so you should get a stronger cup of coffee.
The Carafe is glass with a flip up lid which is convenient. The handle feels fine and the carafe itself seems sturdy. If you pour 10 cups of water in the reservoir, it’ll brew all 10 cups. Opening for the reservoir is a good size, plenty of space to pour water in. I’ll brew 6 cups of coffee. Pour 6 cups of water in. Each cup in the unit is 5.5 ounces like most standard coffee makers. Pause feature, pull out pot when you need it. Time to brew 6 cups – 6 minutes 32 seconds. There is no dripping from the carafe as you pour.
It’s a good, hot, full bodied cup of coffee. I used 6 grams of coffee per cup and it was perfect. I really don’t think you need more than that with this unit.
You can program the carafe side only, to brew at a later time. The warming plate doesn’t get hot when using the single serve or k-cup side.
All removable parts are top rack dishwasher safe. There are instructions in the manual to clean a clogged needle.
This unit did a good job on the carafe and single serve side. It’s not the fastest machine but it makes a good tasting cup of coffee. If you want to try this unit, out please click on the link above. As always I hope you found this review useful. If you did, please like and share this video. Subscribe and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching 🙂


Maureen Mauer says:

After brewing a carafe of coffee, and it is on keep warm,I made a single k-cup. How do I get the carafe side to go back to keeping that side warm? It wants to brew another pot.

beebee says:

My kurig just went down hard yesterday after 3 years, it was the original model and lasted a while.

I put it through hell often but brewing hot water to clean pots and stuff.

I decide to not get a kurig 2.0 for 2 reasons.

The price $119 to 129 gtfoh, and having the issues of trucking it to use the reusable Kcups just because kurig felt the need to try and corner the coffee market like greedy bastards.

After this video I went to kohls and picked up the Hamilton beach coffee make as seen on this review.

I have to say I love its simplicity and is perfect for when the in-laws stay over.

If had could tweek it I would make it slightly smaller and incorporate a filtered water Reservoir.

But other than that its a beast so far and is easy to clean.

Sue Schatteman says:

Purchased this coffee maker a week ago and taking it back. K cups keep exploding and when I called the HB call center they told me not all k cups work well in this machine and suggested using green mountain for best results. They did same thing, going to look for another one.

kairosgrammy says:

Oh, btw, I love your reviews. I always check to see if you have one on any appliance I buy.

Genna Corsentino says:

I love mine but this morning when I tried to used the single cup maker, the water didn’t get warm and the coffee came out cold. Does anyone know what is causing that????

Leon Hargett says:

ur reviews are very prompt and easy for someone like me to understand I will be buying the coffee maker soon can’t wait to start using mine thanks for the excellent review I needed this

Angie Sullivan says:

Thanks for the great video! I am looking to replace old Keurig and coffee maker with one for counter space. Video was very informative and thorough

ssjmichael says:

Thanks for the review Anita. It’s an interesting idea for a machine, but I do think it can be improved by it having a shared reservoir, and the ability to choose how many cups you want on the carafe side, rather than measuring water every time.

kairosgrammy says:

Sounds interesting but I’ve had 3 hamilton beach coffee pots and each and everyone has messed up in just a couple of months. 🙁


Great review. I like that coffee maker..2 in 1 is what I need. Thanks for the video.

Gigi Dominique says:

isnt there a way to set just a reg clock on the machine?

arek84 says:

I really like your reviews! 🙂 keep up the good work! 🙂

Sally Fisher says:

I just got this machine, it didn’t come with the brew basket for the single side, maybe it is purchased seperately? When I use the k-cup size there are grounds in the coffee cup, what can I do to avoid or fix this problem, any ideas or have you experienced this

Miss AngelaRae says:

Your personal thought…which brew hotter or best tasting this model or the keurig mini? I just purchased this model last night but have not opened. Im tittering back and forth between the two. I would use my own pod vs buying them as well. Thanks

Sue Schatteman says:

Purchased a second one when I returned the one that exploded the k cups thinking I had a bought a lemon. Second one did the same thing with the k cups. Don’t waste your money on this coffee pot if you are wanting to use k cups. When you read the manual for trouble shooting and they reference exploding k cups there’s a reason for that. These should be taken off the market until they do what the claim they do. Taking no. 2 back and going to buy a different brand.

Phil Montgomery says:

very good video, thank you

Ryan Sawadichai says:

Where can I get that mug?

Karl Dahlquist says:

This is way too complicated lol

Le Garage des Chambreurs says:

That was a great review and video

mcatlow8 says:

A much better design than the older flexbrew.

Michelle T says:

Thank you for the review, had to come back to comment. I have been using this machine for 2 weeks now. Twice a day every day. It’s working well. I am buying #1 coffee filters to try in the single serve basket, hopefully it will make clean easier. Coming from a Keurig I wish the single serve side held water for multiple servings but I can live with it because having the carafe option is exactly what was missing with the my Keurig.

banlarson says:

Love this machine and the ability to adjust the size of the single serve cup I want to make. I use the single serve 95% of the time, but like the ability to make a full pot for company.

Rodrick-Travon Hawthrone says:

Mine Broke 🙁

David Malinovsky says:

Judging by the video of the previous model they have improved things. The carafe warming plate is no longer on when using the single serve side and the K-cup loading/piercing mechanism is more positive.

Wesley says:

This is a nice review! You deserve more viewers! Keep up the good work!

Country Boy says:

Very informative. You answered every question I had. Well done. Thank you

Jo-Anne Kyle says:

Perfect timing…I’m looking for a new coffee maker. Thanks.

Gregg Lamb says:

I got this for a Christmas gift.  I LOVE it.  Yes,  not the fastest, but a good reliable coffee brewer.  I recommend.

Linda Slone says:

Thank you, Great review

Rick S says:

What is the brewing time for 12 cup reg brew vs bold brew ?

Jack Bauer says:

Thanks! I have never had anything other than a basic coffee machine. So your review was extremely helpful. Straightforward and covered everything. Much thanks! I’ll be subscribing!

Chuck Carlson says:

Enjoyed watching the flexbrew coffee maker. I like using the k-cup single serve and the k-cup adaptor but when brewing coffee.I had a problem with the k-cup lid not closing all the way but with a little umf and seeing this video has corrected that problem.

Jilly InCali says:

Thanks for another wonderful and thorough review. I always look forward to your videos.

rudolphg76 says:

is the water that it makes hot enough for a tea bag if I want to make tea with it?

Kitty20113 says:

How do you set the delayed brew?

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