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Which automatic drip coffee maker produces the best brew? We tested 7 machines—and what we discovered was eye-opening. (To be fair, there was plenty of caffeine involved.)

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Mindspring Yahoo says:

I still miss my Braun Flavorselect that I bought in 1995, it served me well until it died in 2002 after being fried when the outlet got a surge. I just kept it on the ‘darkest’ setting. It made a good pot of coffee.

naif dodo says:

I like Bonavita but the main problem , the model witch advise us to use it don’t have 220v

kght222 says:

detail 😀

TwstedTV says:

wow, great review. too bad companies are so damn greedy for money.
I had my heart set on buying the one in the middle, but when you said the price, I almost fell off my chair. No way in hell im spending that much for a coffee maker.
I guess Ill stick to the old Native American ways of making coffee.
Grind my beans with a bowl and mallet and boil water in canteen and pour boiling water in a mesh filter by hand.

tony perez says:

Fuck She’s Hot.. I don’t know, must be the coffee or her knowledge of coffee machine 🙂 Good job..

Ramon Donestevez says:

Now I see why her husband left her, all she does is eat all day! fat is fat man!

Scott Carl says:

We really enjoy ATK, and bought their recommended coffee maker. Here is our review:

1. Expensive
2. Mechanically awkward, with loose parts
3. Slightly better coffee, but not worth the expense or the 1970 style manufacturing
4. Nice carafe

Genie K says:

“dishwater” taste.. lol

moellernr1 says:

you should just get a melitta. cheap and great

SciGuy says:

How about the others shown, such as the Bunn?

Ryan Chui says:

very professional

berry more says:

for my cup of coffee dripping is the worst method because water contact time is short. i would steep dark roast ground coffee for 4 minutes for the bold and strong taste.

Keep Lifting says:

any suggestions on single serve coffee makers?

John S says:

I,m really satisfied with my $30 Hamilton Beach automatic coffee maker.

Freddy Medina says:

is the mr coffee a good option?

MaximRecoil says:

Why is Darlene from “Rosanne” making coffee videos on YouTube?

Matthew Wright says:


Dept246 says:

Twin cheeks

Arch Passerine says:

Or you can go to Asia, get good coffee, a cheap Phin Filter and enjoy how real coffee taste like.

Matt says:

Drip coffee is garbage period! Either french or aero press is the only way to go for a quality cup with no bitters.

Roderick MacLeod says:

Have you tested the Ninja Coffeebar?

Ron Jones says:

We are returning the Bonavita due to a design flaw. The coffee is good but I don’t think it’s all that hot. The real issue is the stainless carafe. About an eighth of a cup of coffee gets trapped in it every time I brew. I have to place the lid on the carafe to pour my coffee and it takes forever to fill my cup with coffee. If I keep the lid off, it drools down the side of the carafe and spills all over the counter. When I wash it out, I have the same issue with the rinse water. About an eighth of a cup is left in the carafe even if I turn it upside down. I have to shake it vigorously to get more of the water out and even then I must sop up the remainder with a kitchen towel. That just should not be. We are trading it in for a Technivorm.
I am also extremely impressed with Tchnivorm’s warranty. A one year warranty says, “I’m gonna die and early death.” A five year warranty says, “My manufacturer believes in me.”

NorthSea0il says:


AllAmericanGuy01 says:

The way coffee taste is relative. While I disdain Starbucks coffee because of the harshness of it, others love it. All of our palates are different and what may be pleasing to some, may not be pleasing to others. Just my two cents.

z1522 says:

Percolators are totally obsolete, as most aficionados know, because re-boiling the first pass of brewed coffee ‘burns’ it, then re-passing that over already extracted grounds just over-extracts the oils and bitter acids etc. Most drip style machines can be tweaked via grind and quantity to brew acceptable coffee; it’s the little annoyances like stupid carafe lips that drip or leak as you pour, that over time makes people give up. Too many of these are obviously “counter furniture” made to impress your friends and fill up your mega-kitchen counter space, rather than offer real features normal people need, like easy fill access under a tight space. Combining multiple features like grind and brew in one machine quadruples the likelihood the whole thing will die sooner.

Mary Beth Pipes says:

how about Bunn???

The Baby Wiki says:

Best review ever!!! Thanks dear….

Walter Dunn says:

Review on the ninja coffee bar coffee maker

The Wizard says:

I have always liked ATK

Marcelo Zanuski says:

Lady, your coffee looks bad. Full of straw residue.

Rymdkakor says:

Moccamaster is the only choice. I’ve had mine for 10 years, I broke the jar 2 years ago but other than that is works just as good as it did when it was brand new. My friend has one that is probably 15-20 years old and it works just as good.
With the proper amount of coffee to water and a Moccamaster you just can’t go wrong.

Jon Baker says:

ATK is a great program, that said they don’t really know much about the gear they review. However, they got this one correct, Technivorm are the best. And for those who say that time and temp have nothing to do with the results – wrong. Everything is important, quality beans, they proper grind, proper proportions (H2O to coffee), temperature and time.

Kristin Bennett says:

What about the Breville Grind Control? Could you do a review on that machine?

Dom Trussardi says:

Brazen Plus!!

ch282 says:

these videos are so good and interesting

krazyboii967 says:

I bought a $3 coffee maker from Goodwill, just to hold me off, and the day I came to Best Buy to buy one it turns out that the coffe maker I bought it’s a $100 cuisinart, so I’m very happy about that, I saved over $90.

NSLikeableHuman says:

Moral of the story: buy from the people that researched and invented the design, not the ones that copied it over merely adequately. As a bonus: you support further improvements from those that are fascinated enough with their product or industry to try and make breakthrough changes.

This does not apply to coffee machines only.

Rick Bodick says:

Maybe you could review coffee makers that the majority of us could afford – like Mr Coffee and Norelko……

Shawn King says:

1:39 looks like the actual taste of a hot liquid would be skewed by serving the test samples in plastic. You wouldn’t serve gourmet coffee at home in Dixie cups… Otherwise great testing

Ranjit says:

Then cut ingredients in half if it doesn’t fit.


too expensive, any $17 to $50?

John Edgard says:

I think America’s Test Kitchen needs to go global. Absolutely fantastic comparative reviews. Well done!

jcarlos88 says:

Love you guys!

John S says:

It’s coffee…don’t get upset if my tastes are not as snooty as yours.

Tony T says:

What was the 3rd runner up?

Tania Mena says:

Excellent video. Thanks so much for your reviews, you guys rock! Totally great info for Us coffee lovers.

RichB says:

I am happy with my French press . Don’t need to plug it in and it doesn’t take all the space on the counter .

Iceman0113 says:

The quality of the coffee isn’t so much in the maker as it is in the beans. They all have one thing in common that is they pour hot water over the coffee. The real difference in the quality of the coffee isn’t in coffee maker but rather the quality of the bean. If you want a good pot of coffee bean quality, taste and freshness is the way to go not spending a boat load of money on a maker. Give me a $20 Mr coffee and some great quality fresh beans and I’ll roast a good pot of coffee every time.

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