Dolce Gusto Piccolo – Exclusive Review

Dolce Gusto Piccolo – Exclusive Review by

WHERE to BUY Dolce Gusto Machines and Capsules:

– Manual with mechanical lever
– Customize your coffee’s strength and mixture (for multi-capsule drinks). It also lets you alternate between hot and cold beverages in an instant
– Height adjustable Drip Tray with stainless steel grid for any size cups and glasses (Dishwasher safe/proof)
– Dishwasher safe/proof Capsule Holder
– 15-bar maximal pressure Professional Standard Pump
– Removable water tank (21 fl.oz.) (Non-Dishwasher Safe)
– Aluminum Thermoblock, no pre-heating, no waiting
– Voltage 120V, 60Hz
– Wattage 1500W
– Machine Size 11.3(H) x 6.26(W) x 8.66(L) in

ABOUT Dolce Gusto Piccolo:
The Piccolo is the smallest in the Dolce Gusto line of coffee machines, and like the others it is a single-serve style of brewer. So the rapid brewing process lets you brew a cup right when you want it. Dolce Gusto machines heat water very quickly with their Thermoblock system, and they use a 15-bar pressurized pump to speed up the brewing. Generally, you get a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute.

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prygler says:

Are you making a manual or guide on how to use it, or an actual review of how good drinks it makes????

Mineylonghead says:

pls hellp

Zac Ang says:

how much do they sell the coffee mix? 🙂

Linda Kincaid says:

My machine has sat for about 6 mths.because my husband didn’t like the coffee from the pods…so we used his coffeemaker….so now his has went south…broke…don’t work….so i did’nt want to buy another one now so I said we still have the nestco…so I’ve worked about a hour on it trying to get it going ……and nothing….so i’m saying your machine sucks big time and i’m out of a hundred plus on a useless machine…..and i really didn’t like the pods either but i used it anyway….so product sucks the big one

Mironi Ghebregergis says:

men thanks for the tutorial

Анатолий Юскевич says:
Laurie Miller says:

Seems expensive to me for the pods.

Victor Tsai says:

Is the one behind u that has an auto stop function?

Saloni K says:

Nicely explained. 🙂
Could you please tell me if this coffee machine can dispense plain hot water if I only need some tea? I know Bosch Tassimo has that option, does this one too? Thanks x

Ong Junwei says:

My coffee machine(this model )is Very loud is that ok ?

Syafiq Jeeyeon says:

those machine costs  $39.99? shit, at my country malaysia it costs RM699 which is equivalent to $184.. damn…

Victor Tsai says:

Is the one behind u that has an auto stop function?

rymdskrotet says:

What a great review! =)

Well…are there low lactose milk-capsules, as well as non-sweetened milk capsuled to use? B. Regs, Fred

Jamie Della says:

I must be doing something wrong, I bought this machine and the coffee is undrinkable it taste really bitter, it looks like the one that the man brewed in this video but the one the he brewed would taste like crap if you actually drink it

Joris Vochten says:

Well explained!

Lee Smith says:

Okay I need your help please I’m after coffee maker but I’m stuck between Dolce Gusto Piccolo  and Nespresso CitiZ . which one would you recommend out of them two? I’m mainly going to be making Latte, Mocha and maybe Americano the odd time.

Grand Champ says:

Well, it tastes great and is freaking quick! … But one serving only? jeeze. Make it atleast two servings. Gotta switch capsule when I wanna offer a friend a coffee. lol
But the red arabica mollberg mix is really good. Very strong tasty coffee. mmmmm

bushyconn says:

Are you limited to Dolce Gusto pods? If not what alternatives are there?

Prat Bit says:

25-30 euros this xmas!

Mineylonghead says:

my coffee doesnt come out

Jo Cy says:

If i saw this before i got my Piccolo, i wouldn’t buy it.

AdIZzZ N HArEEzYz GaMeZ 786 says:

You could get refillable pods

Vali says:


Kyle Gatillo says:

Do you know what you actually miss you have missed the nose though because I was going to buy the Costa Coffee and Cadburys chocolate and my dad said does not does not does not does the room coffee so could you please make me a video of the different coffee makers know there is that alright with you ?

Ramonus says:

how ever the pads are way to expensive €4,95 for 8 cups of coffee

Don dela Cruz says:

ohh good i like

Elias Ervelä says:

Are the pod leftovers useable? I mean, you can get alot out of one pod, so I really dont want to throw away all the leftovers from one cup

GuitarGeek says:

Bought one yesterday, i love it

Juliam Medina says:

What is the average cost of the pods?

Debbie Hopwood says:

mine isn’t responding to water now and making a noise now having second thoughts about this machine

ketchup says:

When you try to get the feeling on how much water you should use, can you stop and taste and start again, or is a pod use up as soon as you stop the machine?

Justin Quiff Clarke says:

£10 for 48 pods , Amazon uk

Manny Abraham says:

Are there any reusable capsules that can be used with the Piccolo? Maybe a stainless steel one? Thanks.

RakanWD says:

What did you mean by ” Iced pod ” 7:23
Do I put the cold pods in the freezer, and use them iced directly with the machine?

Roy Achiron says:

Your video explained to me the difference between the machines with the something selector and the ones without, which really puzzled me. Lame it’s not just explained, very cool your mentioned it – made me like and subscribe. Also you look like that dude from “weeds”.

Cheryl M says:

Great review. I definitely decided to pass on this machine when I saw I had to turn the switch off for it to stop. I have a Circollo and was looking for a smaller machine, but this one won’t do. I do prefer the Dolce over a Keurig because the construction is night and day with the Dolce being so much better. Don’t they have a smaller machine that stops itself when done brewing the desired cup size.

Sawyer Fitzpatrick says:

are the San Francisco Bay cups compatible with this machine?

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