DeLonghi EC155m Espresso Machine | Crew Review

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Honeyed Kitchen says:

It might be e great machine but for price and so many parts to clean and just to make a shot of espresso is too much. I did visit Italy and tried their real espresso, a lot of Italians use the method I use at home unless you buy it at coffee shot it will be a machine. If you just need a shot of espresso in the morning you can make espresso at home without machine, only new to spent once 20-30$ and get some good espresso beans. Check video how to make a strong espresso on my channel.

X X says:

I got a Delonghi retro espresso machine from my parents. I sent in for cleaning. Its also pressurized portafilter, but it gives me no crema. Is that because of the filter or some other issue?

miald ash says:

Hi Gail, I am really new in the coffee world and I know that this may seem as a stupid question. However, in one of your review about the rancilio silvia M, you said that they made the boiler lead free. Since then I was really concern, do all the espresso machines have lead boilers? Especially, nuova simonelli oscar ii because I really want to get it? Thank your very much, and excuse my bad English.

Larry Lachmann says:

Anyone here have any experience, good or bad, descaling with this machine? I live in NYC and the water is very hard, so I imagine the build up will be pretty quick. Thanks!

ramon peralta says:

Hey Gail, I recently bought a rancilio silvia, but wanted to know what grinder would you recommend to go along with it?

Thank you

einstini15 says:

I bought a EC155 and it makes surprisingly great coffee. I’d love to upgrade to a non pressurized machine but for the price… this machine can’t be beat. I think the next best thing would be 5x more.

MAD says:

How consistent is this machine from shot to shot?

Frank Morris says:

I agree, I have the same Breville Barista machine for the last year and a half. I just added a Breville Grinder Pro BCG 800 XL that has the upgraded coffee wheel underneath, not plastic dispencing wheel, 2 weeks ago, talk about an even better tasting expresso, than the Barista grinder can put out.Gail is right when she says, to put your money into a GRINDER!!!

Magifer says:

When will Gail ever admit she has a rocket at home?? Been watching for years and I’m sure she does !! Just tell us already!

eyup26 says:

plz make a video this vs dedica deluxe

Cameron Knowles says:

I am looking toward getting a breville dual boiler is my breville dose control pro good enough

mdem says:

After having my Breville Barista Express I don’t think I could live without a 3 way solenoid valve anymore, it just makes things easy and cleaner. Not having to waste time to purge the water after steaming milk nor having to worry about having coffee drip everywhere when you are binning the puck.
Some times it really is worth adding a few extra dollars to a machine to make ones life easier in the long run. Personal thought anyway.

agbiro says:

No matter what I did, I’ve never been able to pull a decent shot using the one cup filter. Any tricks for that one?

Elliott says:

The top link gives a 404!

RollerRoy says:

Great videos Gaëlle, I’ve been watching them for years now!

Matthew Ward says:

This (sans ‘m’) was my first espresso machine! It served me well for a couple of years before I upgraded to a Delonghi ESAM3300 super-auto (purchased from SCG.) The EC155 was an inexpensive and non-intimidating introduction to espresso at home. Nice if you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on a hobby you aren’t too sure about. Only thing standing in the way of your brew quality at that point is your grinder; results with a non-burr type weren’t impressive. I used ground Lavazza, and occasionally splurged on Illy.

Being Francisco Javier says:

Hi, what is the basket size? Please

jason whitton says:

I tried using the pressurized basket on my ec Pro with pre ground coffee and it just turns out yucky. It’s so easy to dial in a grinder. I think it’s actually harder to use the pressurized baskets because it never turns out great.

jack p says:

Someone help! I’m between this machine and the Rocket Appartamento. Which is better?

WannabRockStarZ says:

Aaah, a classic

ohnenamenspieler says:

How does it compare to the dedica deluxe?

Michael Mazor says:

I normally loves your reviews but that shot, that shot looked weak……

Carl Gilbert says:

I like my EC155. My first 2 were used and I just couldn’t get good crema no matter what. Ultimately I replaced the pump and now it’s awesome. The pump is critical and can easily wear out if abused. Abuse includes running a whole tank of water through the unit at once.

علي القرني says:

I’m thinking of buying a delonghi coffee maker, but I’m baffled to know what the difference is between the ec155 /ec156.b/ec145 they all look the same

Jakeishness says:

This guy is actually great for the price AAAND there are a lot of mods out there to make this non pressurized and change out the steam wand to a standard wand! Great for beginners!

dr. Ray Leonard Judijanto says:

It really sad now the porta is fully metal.. we can’t just saw it to make it naked porta. Love the old model.. are there any different internally from the old model Gail?

Will Newcomb says:

Thank you!

Dune87 says:

Gail, why do you froth the Milk first?
You already said that the boiler is way too hot.

Sarah Wong says:

Hi! Can you steam lactose free milk? Not non dairy milk but the lactose free kind. Does it react the same or similar or differently?

doctorx0079 says:

Could I use my Baratza Virtuoso with this and get away with it?

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