DeLonghi Dedica | Crew Review

Big things come in small packages! We are talking about the DeLonghi Dedica espresso machine. It may be small but it sure stands out from the crowd! Watch as Gail gives this new guy a full Crew Review!

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Domenico Parise says:

Love that I’m getting one looks good the coffee and machine

mukkaar says:

Nice, I think I found my new coffee machine. Threw away my drip coffee machine long ago because I wasn’t using it. Tea just beats normal drip coffee, never really liked it. But I do enjoy my espresso coffees, I think this would suit just fine as I’m total noob at making espresso and this seems really simple. And fully automatics seem to cost bit more and and harder to clean, plus this looks more fun.

Jakeishness says:

love your channel guys! but! i was wondering if you guys knew that the delonghi uk site sells unpressurized baskets for these things now. ever consider selling some considering seeing if you can snag some up! i know it would help the modding community out a lot by helping them alleviate a step! especially since these handles have a spring lock instead of that stupid thumb holder! anyway thanks guys!

Blank Reg says:

I just ordered this. It’ll be my first espresso machine. The big selling point was, where this unit is going, there’s not much real estate left in terms of counter space. Hopefully this unit is a hit and I’ll think about upgrading to something else down the road.

John Perez says:

Awesome info thank you
I just bought one great machine

Miguelon De Leon says:

As a beginner I’m seriously thinking about buying one of these, I don’t want to go fully automatic, so this will be half way and make me feel like I’m really making a good cup of espresso or even a late.

nutmegct says:

You mention not having to be over careful about the coffee, as it’s pressurized. I’ve been trying different coffees, grinds, and tamping techniques for three years – and still don’t have more than a thin circle of “crema” in the cup. The espresso is delicious! But I’d sure like to know how to get a good crema from this machine. Maybe show the grind of the coffee, and how it’s tamped in? Thanks.

Joanne Nolen says:

Why doesn’t my coffee come out fast anymore? It only trickles and doesn’t fill my coffee cup.

Paolo Dibello says:

With my Dedica, I simply take the panarello cover off and use the single holed nipple as a conventional steam arm. I can develop great latte art and have full control over my texture.

Geraldo Martinez says:

sorry about my last comment guys! or was i? haha but i am planning to get this machine for my girlfriend as a starter. she is a barista but my only question is: Do i have to cool it down after every drink? what if i was to make like 10 drinks back to back, should i be concerned about melting something? how often should i have to descale? i think that is all my Q’s! someone please tell Gail that her popular garlic art is Picasso worthy! you guys are the best! i love your channel and YOU ALREADY KNOW I SUBSCRIBED & MY GIRLFRIEND DID ALSO ! WOOOW SEATTLE COFFEE GEAR ROCKS! (Reno, Nevada loves you guys!) the best latte i ever had was at Mishka’s Cafe, located in beautiful Davis California! Thanks guys.

Janet Ingersoll says:

love your – and Josh’s videos – thank you. am trying to decide between the Dedica and Breville duo temp. I think I have all the info – just have to decide!

Pandabearmadness says:

I just got this for Christmas and is it normal to have a vibrating buzzing sound.

phillip beharall says:

Many Many thanks for the review. Yes I have just subscribed. I have been looking to purchase a coffee Machine, being a Brit LOSSE LEAF TEA lover thought it was time to try real Coffe. I loved your review as it is aimed at the man in the street, tell it as it is. I am off to your web page to learn moreKind Regards from the UK

Kellye West says:

My question is about shot strength. What kind of bean will make the strongest shot? Or what are some tips to making the double shot stronger? I am using Starbucks espresso roast (gifted to me with machine) and I’m finding the “double” tastes more like a single. Thank you!

Blake says:

I am considering this product, but I know that it will never produce a top of the line shot. Would I be better off just making very high quality black coffee with a bonavita kettle and aeropress?

Enes sönmez says:

Hi Seattle Coffee, im undecided on two espresso machines. The first one is the dedica(DELONGİ ec680) and the second is DELONGİ esam 2600. My propose is drinking coffee of good quality. İ’ll happy when you share your opinon. Thanks in advance.

Neena Brostowski says:

Can the steam wand be upgraded to a traditional wand rather than a panarello?

Robert G says:

Question, This is my first machine so excuse the ignorance. When programming for a double shot, should I do it for:
1- However long it takes to produce 2 ounces?
2- I read it should be for 25-30 seconds. Is that from when you hit the button and hear the machine going or
3- from when you first begin to see the coffee come out?
Thank you.

Geraldo Martinez says:

For some strange reason I want to throw this machine at my mother In laws head lol

Hayley Jeffs says:

Hello Gail and everyone at Seattle Coffee Gear!

What machine is behind you, over by the sink?

What is your favourite so far in terms of quality results regardless of price?

Taco says:

garlic latte art 🙂 really nice presentation

Alexis Verdejo Colil says:

Will you do a Delonghi Scultura review?

Pe Peroni says:

wait…so with pressurized portafilters you need pre-ground coffee, and non pressurized filters you need to ground it yourself? can you use pre-ground coffee with non pressurized filters?

Mas says:

Hi, Gail. Can you suggest a grinder to pair with this machine?

Leo Choudhary says:

Thanks for the review, really helped me know more about my Dedica… cheers

DCUPtoejuice says:

Are you going to assess using a non pressurized basket? And is this still missing the puck drying stage at the end?

J. M. Gerraughty says:

Hey guys, I’m a coffee novice, trying to wrangle my DeLonghi Dedica. No matter what I do to the controls, all my shots of espresso come out thin with absolutely no crema. I have a little Cuisinart grinder that can’t seem to grind fine enough for real espresso (I’m trading up come Christmas, fingers crossed!), but even when I buy pre-ground coffee, it comes out thin. I’ve tried tamping as hard as I can (with the aforementioned “deluxe” presser/scoop provided), up to barely any pressure, and aside from a couple explosions when I remove the filter holder, the end product is always the same. Am I just not using good beans? Where do I even get coffee fresh enough if not from a grocery store? I’d appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks!

Allan Watson says:

Really good video.. I’m having a bit of trouble getting the milk creamy like yours.. mine gets TOO frothy and bubbly!

Leroy Kisling says:

Thank you so much for the clarity and simplicity of your presentation! Made our purchase enjoyable and the “how to” understandable.

Daniel Ponikvar says:

Just picked one of these up today. Got a super good deal that I just couldn’t pass up! Gave it a quick test and I’m already impressed. All I need to pick up now is one of those little metal cups for steaming the milk! Great video and thank you!

Sheila Harvey says:

Thank you for the helpful video. I purchased this machine recently and have yet to have success. The water pours out over the top of the filter holder and I really think I have done the set up correctly. I have seen videos demonstrating this but no solution. Anyone have any ideas?

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