Cuisinart DCC-3200 Coffee Maker 1 Year Review

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! This is my review of the Cuisinart DCC-3200 after 1 year and 4 months of daily use. I go over my likes and gripes. Check this out!

Here are links to everything I mentioned:

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 Coffee Maker:

The Cuisinart DCC-1100:

The Krups F203 Blade Grinder:

Coffee used:
Kirkland Signature “Sumatran” from Costco.

That sweet-ass CRKT Knife:–CRKT-Kit-Carson-Special–6702


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Jimmy says:

I have this problem with my machine where the basket filter holder gets jammed or something. Like liquid is not coming down the hole whenever I brew coffee or wash the machine. Anyone know what gives?

xincarceratedx says:

lol the talking hand is funny

Barbara says:

Hi you are hilarious…. I just got my fathers old DCC3200. No manual but you did help me figure out how to take the top of the carafe off and answered my ? on the water filter. I am sure that is what took your 2 cups of water. Thank you for the demonstration. Going to check out the KRUP grinder also. 😉

Sigrun Hulshouser says:

Take note of the small opening available to add water to the reservoir (around 5:00 into video). At just prior to 6:00 he adds water with an extendable spigot. If you have this option and don’t mind using unfiltered water this may alleviate this issue for you. Alternatively, one could use a separate carafe with a narrow spout. I own an older model (DCC1200) and did not like this small “target” for adding water. I typically fill the carafe from the refrigerator’s filtered water dispenser and then pour the water into the coffee maker. Spillage was a common issue. Another annoyance was the carafe top. It must be removed as a two-handed operation as opposed to a one-handed, thumb actuated flip top like many other models. Consumer Reports reviewers have also mentioned excessive steam, post-brewing, which may make it unsuitable for typical under-cabinet use as the steam may damage the cabinets above. This said, I’m not sure that this would not be an issue with any such coffee maker. The end product (coffee) is perfectly fine. I would assess the machine’s reliability as above average. I only take issue with the ergonomics of the design.

Ric Tho says:

Hey rocket I have the same maker but I have an ERL code and my maker wont work at all. Any ideas that might help me?

MrX 8503 says:

Filter is to help with calcium build up. I don’t use the filters and use filtered water instead.

Unicorns and Rainbows Keeping it 100 says:

Haha, great review!

Techtropolis says:

Great review. I bought one after watching this. I posted my own review and overview of it.

littlegoobie says:

I’ve owned around 10 of their coffee makers and i can agree with a few of your comments. first, the steam/condensation across the front. Depending on the model, water can also drip down from the inside of the top cover. A few models have the lid lip on the OUTSIDE of the top edge, where any condensation run-off on the inside will flow down the OUTSIDE of the unit instead of back into the unit, if you know what i mean. that is a seriously retarded design flaw. Second, the way many cuisinarts die is the water heater (also the hotplate) corrodes through somewhere and starts dripping water on the counter. You’ll know this is your problem when the metal plate on the underside has rust and/or water mineral buildup from months of not noticing a slow leak. Third, the blue light for the clock burns out, I currently have 2 on the counter without a clock backlight and i’ve had at least 1 other do this.

yeah, i’ve had a few 12cup glass pots that drip down the front while pouring. this ends up on the hotplate and you get that corrosion and ugly look. I suppose you could fix it with high heat car engine paint or BBQ paint if you really wanted to.

Anyways, i keep buying them becuase i like them, I think they work well and they look good.

The thermal carafe models are totally worth the extra price. The beauty of them is you only need to buy one of them since most units will take the carafe from most other units. The only exceptions are the few 12cup glass makers with pot openings narrow to take a 14 cup glass carafe. the 12cup stainless carafe is the same size as a 14cup glass; the 10cup stainless is the same size as a 12cup glass. the 10 cup stainless will work in all units including the 14 cup, just make sure you adjust the amount you brew. By the same logic, the 12cup glass fits in all units so save old ones in case you break one.

Rocket Scientist says:

Please subscribe to my channel! I could use all the help I can get!

Custom Edge Works says:

Great video! Lol….more coffee maker and less of your hands.

David B. says:

Question – what is your ratio for coffee to water to make a good cup of coffee?? Just curious

5280 Street Dogs says:

Thanks I think I’m going to get it, FYI real stainless magnet won’t stick to it

J Sisk says:

Awesome review. Love the honesty. Especially towards the coffee snobs and the never-can-please negative reviewers. I can’t believe someone complained that coffee remnants end up back in the reservoir lmfao.

David B. says:

Nice review – have you ever used Brew Rite Coffee maker cleaner to clean your machine? Just curious – I read vinegar does not really remove lime and CLR is a no no in Cuisinarts. i bought this and so far love it. How often do you clean yours?

DamianArnold says:

Great video! Love your reviewing style.

Cailey Dawn says:

You cracked me up when you started calling out the coffee snobs and the complaining reviews.

MasterHomebrew says:

Love your sense of humor!

AngelElite says:

lol @ coffee snobs. I don’t even drink coffee yet (reason I’m watching reviews) and was like, “THAT’S how he’s filling his machine?” Nevertheless, great review.

Robot Zombie says:

He shows a magnet sticking as proof it’s stainless. Fyi magnets don’t stick to real stainless. So you get metal, you don’t get quality stainless.

Michael Turnipseed says:

My Cuisinart is 7 or 8 years old. Got it at Sam’s Club for about $50. Still works perfect. Bought another one last year at Sam’s club on clearance for about $50. In the box in the laundry room ready to go after the funeral for number one. Like you when I get on something that works really well for me I stick with it. I also have a Cuisinart microwave oven and can opener. HIGHLY RECOMMEND also…………………

Sylvia says:

4:11 I see that this can be warmed with a setting for up to 4 hrs. Are you saying that once this shuts off after that 4th ‘warming’ hour….one can turn it back on to keep that very same coffee warm for another 4 hours again? ..and so on and so on??

REBEL says:

Tap water? Just fooling. I grind my coffee. I use good coffee makers and bottle water. BUT, one thing I do is drinking coffee with 2 solo or Dixie cup. My excuse is ‘ I’m a 5th generation Texan. I have to grind the beans and no paper filters. I hate coffee thats ground when you buy it. It tastes just, old. Another thing, I am finishing it . I’ll stop now.

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