Cuisinart 14 Cup Coffee Maker UnBoxing Review

DCC-3200 Perfect Temp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel.
Un Boxing and having my first cup of coffee with the New Cuisinart.

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Lisa E says:

Ooh, that’s a sharp lookin’ new toy ya got there, Rick. Long live the Cuisinart! Enjoy your coffee!

Mark Davich says:

We don’t need no Instructions. “DOH! You mean I needed those to see how it worked!?”

Joey Roy Philbert says:


if you enjoy coffee, then you have to try grinding whole bean coffee fresh! Consumer Reports did testing that proved it’s the best way to enjoy your coffee…

Lisa Strahan says:

Very nice coffee maker. I like the keep time feature. We’ve been losing power a lot lately, and we have to keep resetting all the clocks, which is a pain. Funny thing…the time on the click showed 9:13…my birthday lol!!! Thanks for sharing!

Alice Xu says:


Cheryl K says:

Nice new coffee maker!

Esme Cullen says:

nice coffee pot. love the fact that it doesnt drip when you pour. thats how i fix my coffee pots that quit working. the ones i get tired of i donate to our local thrift store so someone else can enjoy it for a while. i got a bunn professional so i could have 2 pots at one time reg for everyone else and flavored for me. my newest one is the i coffee da vinci single cup and i love it. i like several cups of coffee but this way i can change flavors with each cup. LOVE you stainless kitchen it looks great.

nancy kidd says:

cuisinart is the best all others suck

Hotori W says:

did you say those paper filter can be used for 60 days? If so what are those paper filter called? 4 cupfilters?

Dennis Dowd says:

Nice coffee maker with a lot of features. Now I have a quirk I never use the carafe to fill my coffee maker up. I assume the carafe is possibly dirty or contaminated with coffee oils, so I always use another type container to fill my coffee maker, that I only use water in it. So many nice features I am really impressed with all of them. The ability to unplug it like that is also nice. The older Cuisinart’s display was different and you could never see it if the room was dark, I like the newer display. Thanks!

denmo83 says:

Do you still like this coffeemaker? Thx.

buddyboy44141 says:

You need to activate your warranty. So you kinda do need the instruction manual

2000konnie says:

Hey Rick.  Don’t put no peanut butter in it.     Maybe you could create a peanut butter flavor coffee creamer. lol

Ramonito Pamintuan says:

Great review! Just one question though, how does the machine exactly work? I mean does it heat the water first before it is poured into to the grounded coffee? Will the coffee stay hot once it is in the pot? Thanks!

Corey Boase says:

Love fresh coffee!! No peanut butter and jelly this time lol . Sound good with a donut!

Flores Oscar says:

nice video, i’m looking for a coffee maker and i’m doing my search, so far so good. need coffeeeeee.

bebina says:

Glad you got your new coffeemaker!

Rose 13 Bud 13 says:

I get 2 of my cups per pot 6 cups each cup

Karen Pruden says:

Having a problem with the 1-4 cup button. When pressed the whole 14 cups brew. What am I doing wrong?

rdevous says:

Checkout Death Wish Coffee Company…They are suppose to have the World’s Strongest Coffee. I got a pound of their coffee grounds yesterday. I’ve had four cups so far and find it strong and NOT bitter. I like the coffee very much. Check Youtube for the videos on the coffee!

Isabel Elsesser says:

my brand new unit is very slow. You ran it twice while I am still brewing for the fist time go around.

Susan Reynolds says:

Nice & shiney… gotta love the stainless look. and… The blue screen matches your curtains!
It was SO FUN watching you open the box… it was Christmas in August.

Hey, your water filter looks similar to ours … you can get a bunch of them on Ebay cheaper than the store… if you haven’t looked there yet..

Jilly InCali says:

Looks like a really nice coffee maker. Had to stop mid video and grab a cup for me.

cocacola31173 says:

Just remember….no peanut butter and jelly in this one! LOL

10SecSleeper says:

Find out what 7 scoops equals. Then use a measuring cup from a cheap cupset from dollar store. That way you put exact amount every day and not having to do 7 scoops.

240 less scooping per month.

1 Dude says:

I just replaced both of my coffee makers this week. Had one of them for so long it was starting to rust out underneath, and the other one just wouldnt stay on while brewing. I felt like”fixing” mine- the way you did your old one. Hahaha I went with the basic Mr Coffee makers…My power goes out quite often and I got tired of resetting the clocks on them. Hope you enjoy your new Cuisinart.

Avery Colnite says:

Nice coffee maker, Rick. I got a Keurig 2.0. Works pretty good too.

Tina Brown says:

That’s nice !!!!!! Great brand too. Does Kathy share your love for coffee?

Dave Stutzman says:

what is the longest that the unit will stay on?

coashddjj2 says:

Great review video.  I love seeing something like this, rather than a commercial or sales-pitch video, where you have to cut through their BS.  Plus now, after seeing this video, I won’t have to read the directions when I get the thing.  That’s cool.

Gern Blanston says:

Nice. Cuisinart makes a good coffee maker. However, the previous one I owned (different model than yours) lasted about 3 years before the electrics fried after I started a brew cycle. Eww…that smell.

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