Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine Review – Amazing price right now. UPDATE!!!

Its been a month since I have bought this machine here. I have not worked every coffee making device out there but I have operated and tasted many. I had just lost my Deloghni magnifca super automatic machine after seven years of use. It was a pretty good machine for being a super automatic. But I have craved to get a real espresso machine and do a proper cappuccino. I have used french presses, Vietnamese phins, drip, siphon, and single serve kuerigs. Being in the Pacific NW you would except awesome cafe’s everywhere, and you would be wrong. To get a good barrista that knows what they are doing, is slim to none. So with the exit of my super auto, I shopped for a good one. I kept coming back to the breville. Only knocks it was really getting was that breville was Australian and new to the game. I took the plunge and bought it, and I do not regret it.

So the good:
It comes with its own grinder. It not the best, but then again its no slouch. It can be taken apart and cleaned. My super never did that. What this means is that as you build up grounds on the Burr, you can pull it apart easily and clean it. It has a hopper that you can remove and place unused beans back in its container, that is just awesome, you can make decafe then switch to a new bean. A reviewer gave a good tip that when you first run it, start at the coarse then work it to fine when you start to grind, good advice. I word of caution from me, every different roast of bean will be a new setting for the machine. If you use a oily bean, then you might have to clean the burr a lot in order to get that fine grind. Also be prepared to go through a lot of coffee to figure out the right setting to get that perfect cup.

Temperature control. You can decrease or increase the temperature by 4 degree’s, in 2 degree increments. Doesn’t sound like much, but it can change the taste of your espresso.
Easy to program grind amount, and shot times.

It has a gauge to measure the pressure as it goes through the port a filter. It is a nice touch to be able to tell how things are working, several high price machine you have to feel it out and guess, this you can tell right away if something went wrong and you can adjust.

The steam wand is easy to use, the switch on the side is okay, my super did have a better control knob that you could control the amount of steam that came out, but this one is slow enough that its not that bad to operate.

Parts. Breville has all the parts you can buy to fix your machine if they go out or need replaced. I am talking about new port a filters, rings, hoppers, water reservoirs, ect.
It is pretty, looks really good, makes you want to drink coffee.
The things that are not so nice:
You will go through a lot of coffee. This is most true when you first get the machine and try to figure out how to run it. There is a couple of way things can go down. 1) you drink every cup you make, I suggest you do this alone. Anyone around you will worry you are on something because you will be running at a 1000 mph on that much caffeine, no matter what your tolerance is. You will be wondering why everyone around you is moving so slow. 2) invite people over and watch there reaction to find out well you are doing on making that espresso.

Overall, for the price (especially now) and the quality of espresso I am getting, its the top choice. Is it the best machine out there, no. But if you can afford those then I am not sure why you are reading things on amazon. Try different beans, they will taste different from what you are used to, each type will need different techniques to get the right pull. The Seattle best coffee bean, I only need to lightly tamp, the Vietnamese Civet I have to really press hard to get to the right tamp. I will trying several others as I go along, but I think that’s the best part of this machine. And to the few people ( there is other things I would call you) about the California restrictions, in the manual it does say that the parts on the machine that does come in contact with coffee or water is BPA Free and there is no parts that will make you grow a third limb, unless you already have one. If you read the blasted bill you might figure out what it actually is saying, Anything with a grinder or power cord falls in this warning. I don’t know about you, but I am not grinding bits of plastic in my coffee, and I am not sucking on the power cord, but if that’s what you want to do, go for it.

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b says:

This right here is called an ad, not a review. Why do people post this garbage?

Kaye Williams says:

what do I replace if I’ve left machine on and burnt it out

Josh Kravitt says:

Our flow doesn’t start until 10-11 seconds in (which means over extraction) and the entire extraction process takes about 22 seconds (which means under extraction). Anyone have any ideas how to troubleshoot?

materijal men says:

is it possible to order only basket spout for this machine?

Andre O says:

I bought this machine 2 days ago and noticed that it goes into sleep mode after 10 minutes and then switches off after 25 minutes. I read somewhere that it should go into sleep mode after 1 hour and switch off after 3 hours like the BES860. Something else I noticed is that the steam has short bursts of water in it and that continues all the time. I returned the machine and was handed a replacement which is no different to the one I retuned. Is this suppose to be like this or is this from a faulty batch?

Randall Schoverling says:

Just got this machine last night, and I can’t figure out the proper setting for grind. The pressure gauge is telling me that I’m missing peak extraction (too low).

Seth Garrett says:

Why would you pull the shots before steaming the milk? in this case the shots would be dead before the milk was done steaming.

Tamer Bekir says:

Way too much pressure!

linda begue says:

Love it. Thanks.

Kaiser68 says:

I bought this machine, waiting for it to arrive hopefully in the next week or so! Can’t wait to make amazing latte!

jacky ridley says:

Had this machine about 2 weeks now I can not seem to get the pressure gauge to go a above 5 to 11 is this ok or Iam I doing something wrong

Pfill Morgan says:

Hei guys. – Breville BES980XL Only 2 left in stock right now.UPDATE!!!

1pwNz0mb13Z says:

Why did he grind beans for two cups of coffee in a two shot basket but only brew for one cup of espresso?

Mustafa Kemal says:

I am a big espresso enthusiast that have been studying the art of preparing coffee for the last decade or so. I also own a Rancilio Silvia (bought in November, 2013) and have owned previous Breville models. The barista is an outstanding machine. The grinder provides the right particle distribution to extract an amazing espresso. The machine has a temperature PID controller that is a big plus over the Rancilio. The Barista is easier to operate than the Rancilio Silvia, but both provide excellent espressos.As musician i would say that every musician should have this machine near the studio setup.

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