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Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine Review, Unboxing and First Look.

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Lesd3 Guzman says:

Is this model the same as the Sage Barista Express bes875uk?

Maarten Mollie says:

You did pour it badly, but the way you give this lovely review makes up for it 😉

S O says:

Got the same one. Nothing comes close to it. Great value for money for the coffee drinker

N-5Gunner says:

Best walkthrough/review of this product I’ve come across so far, well done Steve! The only other things/features I would mention for anyone else watching who may be looking into buying the product:

1) there is a little nozzle close to the steam wand where you can dispense hot water straight into a cup (using the same knob used to generate the steam, there is the hot water option). This is great for anyone who likes to make coffee like an Americano where hot water is required, and I also use it to fill up and pre-warm a mug depending on the type of drink I’m making. 2) On this note, there is a cup warming tray on the top of the unit that uses the heat of the machine to keep glasses/cups warm as well! 3) And the other small thing that I like with this machine is the little “Empty Me” tab in the drip tray that will automatically pop up and make itself visible when it is getting close to full with water. This takes away any doubt about whether your drip tray is getting close to overflowing.

Great video!

CheezeLion says:

youre supposed to pull the shot when you stick the porta filter in so the flavor doesnt go away and youre not steaming the milk correctly..

pistonpilot says:

This is the first time I’ve seen a pressurized and non-pressurized filter supplied. Why would one wish to choose either one? Also, skim milk froths better, and it froths better yet if you put the milk in the freezer to get it super cold. Try it.

Matthew Snyman says:

I have been using the breville cafe Venizia for a couple of years and running perfectly…. but i seriously need to upgrade!

Anna Abramova says:

Good review thank you!!! We bought the machine today:))) so I was looking for a good review on YouTube and found one from you!

Jordan Clarke says:

Doesn’t it burn the grounds of you leave it in the machine like that without pulling a shot?

Jason Powell says:

Hi Steve, I’ve got one at home that I absolutely love. Even though it is my second machine as my first one blow up as my flat mate neglected to fill the water up and it actually did a lot of damage to the internal boiler. My question to you is. The dialler st the front, what setting to do have it at prior to grinding and brewing please. That’s the only bug bear that I have with this machine, thank you

max factor says:

best coffee machine for 500 bucks

hidayattulla ibrahim says:

Good marketing..

Raf U says:

Great video and great looking vest as well… Where can I get a vest like that? — thx!

izak hodge says:

Love the vest, Steve!

Debbie Longinetti says:

I actually like the smaller hopper because it has to fit under my counter cabinet and it does. If it was larger, I would not have been able to purchase it. Great instruction…thank you.

Robert McNellee says:

While I was at my daughters home for a week, her room mate had this machine. I was a little bit spoilt, having other people make my coffee for the whole week. I was so impressed with this machine, that I have recently purchased it. This machine works well with all sorts of milks, from cows, almond, soy, coconut or lactose free, every time it made a perfect coffee.

Jesper Carlsson says:

I have a new barista express. I heard that the express has it’s own “boiler” to the milk frother that doesn’t go through the regular boiler. So (from what I’ve heard) you can froth at the same time. Can someone confirm?

Mentocthemindtaker says:

Great video, thumbs up!
We’ve had our *Breville Barista Express* for a few years now and it’s great! The two of us use it up to three times a day and have had no problems – except to change the water filter as often as we should. The pressurised filters are for pre-ground coffee. We had a friend bring pre-ground specialty coffee back from Bali and the pressurised filters worked great.
Prior to the *Breville* we had an awful *Sunbeam* that required repairing three times over six years and didn’t self-purge after steaming. It was an awful machine.

I highly recommend the machine in the video.

Tareq Bamakram says:

Thanks for the great review just I would like to know how many gram coffee in the big basket

Gerrit Harteveld says:

I asked Santaclaus for one and he told me to go f*ck myself.

Marilyn S. Hidalgo says:

Hi I’ve just got that one but every time I try to make the espresso the pressure doesnt go up. What would you guys recommend me please 🙁

Vu Dieu says:

sao thích qua

Regina says:

Lovely video! I’m convinced and plan to purchase one soon!
Quick question: I’ve read somewhere that it’s not smart to buy an espresso machine that comes with a grinder since the whole machine won’t work if the grinder breaks down. Have you had any experience with any malfunctions? I’m sure it should last quite a while if properly maintained.

rm zeta says:

the tray was in the wrong side. 2 holes suppose to be on the right side.

Josiah Irons says:

use another basket to remove them off of your handle, almost like a tin of drinking chocolate or something.

Andy says:

Why does his vest bother me so much?

dallel assaad says:

what coffee beans suits the espresso express

Krishna Rai says:

thank you bro very nic machine and make you coffee This is best my coffee thank you again

Sherrie A says:

Love and appreciate your review Steve. Wondering do you select “espresso beans vs. coffee beans” and how do you know what the setting should be for your beans? How can I determine what is the appropriate setting what would I look for? How long should you leave the beans in the hopper?

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