Breville Barista Express | Crew Review

The Breville Barista Express changed the home espresso game with it’s built in grinder and PID regulated temperature control. In this video we give this espresso machine a full review before brewing up a tasty latte!

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Andres Vallecillos says:

Hey 🙂 I have a question which number you have your grind size and the grind amount? The espresso that I have its very short and I don’t know if it’s because of the grind size, greetings 😀

MrMonochromatic says:

She’s adorable~

Max Lawrence says:

Hi Gail, about a month ago i bought the barista express. it doesn’t work properly and i wanted to know how to reset it back to the factory default. Thanks 😀

danobot says:

is the machine really noisy when its operating?

florian filip says:

My question is do I have to use the steamer on this machine or I can use my own steamer to frothing the milk , and what would that do to the coffee machine by not using the milk froth

Ellen Bahr says:

how well would this machine work if used by two people, when one wants regular and the other wants decaf? how hard would it be to switch back and forth?

Fernando Munoz says:

Amazing review! My only question is that would you recommend this as the “next level” espresso machine? I’ve been using a De’Longhi EC220 for about two years now and I plan on buying an “intermediate” type machine whenever the De’Longhi decides to give up. Thanks!

Abdulaziz Al-Mulhim says:

How is this compared to Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine? Gotta decide which one to buy. Pleas help

Dizaster199 says:

Great video! Thanks for the info. Ordering one now!

INTPenguin6214 says:

I’m thinking about buying this machine, but how is its reliability? I’ve heard some people complain that it fails after 2 years of use, others say they have no problem with it. And and if I had friends over, would it hold up well if I were to make around 8-10 cups with it? And maybe 1-4 every day? Sorry about all this, I’m very new to it all.

Colin Capelin says:

Is this a Duo Temp Pro with a grinder? I dont remember the DTP being advertised as having a 3-way-solenoid!

ricky dedos says:

can’t seem to get this question anywhere so i’ll try here: can it make two simultaneous shots, allowing me to put two cups under the drip area?

Colin Shin says:

Thanks for the video!

How does this compare to saeco intelia deluxe super automatic?
which one would you recommend?

Gordon Clare says:

what size is the portafilter on Breville Express

stephen loud says:

Wow. You are a great teacher!! Thank you

Homa Saleh says:

Great review, really helpful in understanding the features and the process. I’ve watched lots of reviews by Seattle Coffee Gear and really like their thoroughness. However, more than anything….I REALLY LIKE HER! She’s not only to the point and concise but super funny! 🙂

Raf O says:

would it be risky to get this all in one machine? my concern is that if grinder breaks or espresso machine breaks you lose it all.

Ike says:

My coffee in the portafilter is never dry like a brownie. Isnt that how it suppose to be? I thought maybe I grind fine and water doesn’t really go through. So I changed it too coarse but still the same. What amI doing wrong?

Amy L says:

Okay I just made my first latte and I’m VERY happy with the flavor!!!!! But I am having problems with the milk wand…. I started steaming my milk and it reached the appropriate temperature, but I’m not sure if it was too hot for my milk, but now there is a milk residue on the wand that seems to me stuck and doesn’t want to come off… anyone know why this happened ? :-/


Dan S says:

Great video – thank you. My friend bought this machine and loves it. I am ordering today because of your informative video!

Adrian Diluca says:

hey do you guys know whats the durability is like on this machine?

Mark curtis Johnson says:

very helpful thx scg! what grind number did you use in the video?

Marcusmiller says:

i got espresso sticks. 🙁

Emmanuel Mayores says:

Hi i just purchased this machine, when i was steaming the milk it suddenly stops resulting to not so heavy steamed milk. Can you please help me how to figure this out?

Andy Harvey says:

At 9:04, I saw more like an atomic explosion than a brain. Great review.

Michael Bonaparte says:

I am in the market for a coffee maker. The BBExpress looks good.

Keith Sanders says:

I think your art is not developed because you need to lower the milk canister (relative to the coffee cup) as you make the art designs at the end of the pour.
Very nice review and thank you!

Ahmad AlMehairi says:

Thank u for the great explanation i would like to ask what is the best grind setting for a double espresso and how many grams should it be thank u

Andy Stegner says:

Gail- Thank you so much for this review and your comparison reviews. They are very informative and ultimately led me to purchase this machine.

deansie26 says:

Hi Gail, love your reviews, people probably believe what you say compared to other reviews, much more personable and honest.
Can I ask if you will be doing a review on the Expobar Pico with inbuilt grinder anytime soon? I like the look of it but there is little info out there. A comparison between the Breville Barista would be fantastic.

Elizabeth Pollock says:

Just ordered this machine and can’t wait to use it. I don’t know what I would do without your videos… keep up the GREAT job!!!
Happy New Year from snowy (brrr) New Hampshire

Jenna Marchione says:

Eh, you coulda done phase art!

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